Western Gift Ideas for A Man Who Loves the West

It's not hard to satisfy a man who loves everything about the old west with the right gift.

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The old west has been memorialized as a time and region filled with outlaws, mayhem, and booze, and it was filled with all that but also so much more. If you know a man who is fascinated by this time in history, he would likely appreciate a gift that reminds him of the era, or one that lets him show off remnants of the era in his home or on the go. You can find Western memorabilia to show off in many places, as well as many modern creations fashioned after the style of the times. There are clothing, pictures, hats, and so much more a man who loves the west would appreciate. So scroll on down and let us help you choose! 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that will give him options. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to his phone. 

A gift card from GiftYa will always be a great choice for a gift. With a gift card, a friend who loves the old west can buy a related gift for himself or something else entirely. With GiftYa, you can choose the store he can shop at, and there are many options for you to find something he will like, and he also gets the option to change the store if he is in the mood for something different.

GiftYa will let you choose your gift card, pick a design to add to it, and send it over with a simple text message or an email. You will get to choose between gift cards for restaurants, department stores, and more. Get a gift card from Buffalo Wild Wings, ACE, or BBQ Guys, and he can work towards living his best cowboy life. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Cowboy Wallet

A wallet that celebrates the wild west. 

This wallet can hold a western image and his name. Image courtesy of Etsy

One thing everyone in the Western world and every world needs is a wallet, and for a man who loves the wild west, a cowboy themed one will be perfect. With a cowboy themed wallet, a man can carry a piece of the wild west with him everywhere he goes. He can be reminded of his favorite Western era each time he has to pull out his wallet. 

A rodeo cowboy wallet can be personalized and handmade just for him. It is convenient for everyday use, and is made of high quality cowhide leather. This is a wallet that you will not regret buying. 

Consider getting this Western cowboy credit card holder if he prefers to carry cards over money. This card holder is compact, durable, and made of leather. It can stand up well against prolonged use and is incredibly lightweight. 

3. Cowboy Boots

A boot with some character. 

These boots can take him from work to the saloon. Image courtesy of Durango

Cowboy boots are a staple of Western culture, and the perfect gift for a man who loves the aesthetic. A good pair of cowboy boots can be worn casually or dressed up, and when they are a neutral color, can be worn with anything. And though cowboy boots are a distinct style, many have their own unique flair. 

If you want a brown pair of cowboy boots that provide all day comfort, go with the trail brown Western boot from Durango. These boots are flexible, filled with soft, mesh lining, and made with a blend of real or faux leather. They will take a man anywhere. 

These square toe casual boots come in two colors and good quality faux leather. 

4. Whiskey Glass

A glass with superior craftsmanship. 

This glass shows off a really cool symbol. Image courtesy of Amazon

Whiskey was really popular out in the West, and is heavily associated with the time, so whiskey glasses will make a great gift for him. Whiskey glasses with Western designs will be even better than plain ones, so he can think about the west while he sips on his favorite drink after a long day of work. 

A cowboy whiskey glass from Zazzle can be his drinking buddy when he wants a glass. There is a cowboy in a hat riding a horse painted into the side, and it can be personalized with his name or a phrase.  

This old fashioned cowboy double glass is the ultimate whiskey glass for a cowboy lover. It has an amazing cowboy hat detail in a pewter casting, and will make every drink of whiskey aesthetically pleasing. 

This lazer etched rocks glass turns having a drink into more of a party. The cowboy on the glass is having as much fun as he will be once he fills his glass. 

5. Wild West Cologne 

Cologne with an edge to it. 

This cologne will make him smell great and feel on brand. Image courtesy of Wild West.  

A Western culture loving man could use some cologne just like any other man, but you should get him one that is western themed. A cologne with a strong fragrance and on-theme image will remind him of the wild west and make him feel like a cowboy each time he reaches for it. 

This Western men’s cowboy cologne spray is emblazoned with the word ‘cowboy’ on the front for true lovers of the wild west. This cologne gives off a tough vibe, and will make him smell like a freshly showered cowboy. 

Dusk, by Urban Cowboy is the right signature scent for a guy who loves Western movies, clothes, and decorations. It is strong and sustainable, so he can smell good without harming the environment 

6. Western Painting

A painting of the great outdoors.  

A painting to remind him of something he could be doing himself. Image courtesy of Etsy

You can add an image of the wild west to a western loving guy’s home with a painting. Looking at a painting can make you feel as if you have been transported to a whole different world, and a painting of the Western atmospheres a guy loves so much can transport him there from his living room, or wherever he chooses to hang it up. 

A wall painting that features cowboys on horses in the Grand Canyon would make a great addition to a Western fan’s home. One of the most famous Western monuments is depicted in a detailed way, and the small frame it comes in is lightweight and easy to hang up. 

This retro skeleton cowboy art will add a cool and unique touch to any room in a guy’s house. It captures the dark allure of the old west and is at the same time a bright and captivating image. If you know a guy who likes Westerns and skull art, this art print will be right for his space.  

7. Cowboy Hat

A hat with character.

This hat will make him stand out. Image courtesy of American Hat Makers

What’s more emblematic of the west than anything else you could get? A cowboy hat. A cowboy hat is a cool buy for anyone, but especially for those who would love to stand out from the crowd and look like they belong in the latest Western film. It can also be added to any outfit and look great. 

This straw cowboy hat is a unique version of this classic style that is perfect to wear through the summer. It is lightweight and firm, can adjust to anyone’s head size with a sewn in sweat band, and comes with adhesive size reducers for an even more snug fit. This is the perfect hat to wear on the beach or any time he wants to wear a hat and still feel a bit of the breeze outside. 

A leather cowboy hat from American Hat Makers will make him stand out and look great in an iconic look. Some of the most famous figures have worn this kind of hat, including the brave people in the American west in a past era, and with this hat, he can wear it just as proudly. 

8. Leather Jacket

A jacket with unique details. 

This jacket was made to turn heads. Image courtesy of David Outwear

Another staple of the cowboy from the west is a leather jacket, which is what makes it such a great gift. A leather jacket is a statement piece that can keep you warm in chilly air and make you look super cool at the same time. You can’t go wrong with getting him a neutral jacket that can be worn anywhere. 

The kingdom leather jacket from David Outwear is an eye-catching one of a kind jacket that any guy you get it for would be happy to wear. It is made of premium leather, crafted for durability, and has unique details all over the arms.

This ‘maverick’ leather jacket is sleek and sophisticated, and will suit someone with a timeless style. It is designed to be long lasting, durable, and is the epitome of high quality style. And it looks even better with time!

9. Whiskey

A bottle of high quality liquor. 

This whiskey will stimulate your senses. Image courtesy of Pendleton Whiskey

Western boys are known for their cowboy hats, their leather jackets, and their hard whiskey, and the Western fan in your life could appreciate a drink. A good bottle of whiskey can last for a long time and accompany him for celebrations, stressful moments, or just while relaxing at home. You also have a great range of options to choose from!

A bottle of Pendleton whiskey has a complex taste and a smooth finish from being aged in American brandy barrels. It has a full-bodied authentic flavor that is balanced out by warm spices, and is made from Western spring water from Oregon. This whiskey will add a lot of great flavors to a guy’s special moments. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that can be used anywhere to buy Western gear. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card makes another great option for a gift. A man who loves Western themes will love having his pick of anything with a custom Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will let you build a custom gift card that can be used at any store. You can customize the gift card however you want, and add images, messages, and videos to it. This gift card will end up feeling more personal than the average gift card.

Visit Gift Card Granny’s website and decide whether you want to use a Visa or a Mastercard, add a Western themed photograph, a thoughtful message, and then you will be done and ready to text it over to him. He can choose to get a physical version after that, but the gift card is really convenient either way. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

The old west has been a fascination for people ever since it’s inspired cool styles and common tropes, and any gift on this list can satisfy someone’s curiosity for those times. Pick out your favorite one and be ready for a Wild West enthusiast to be more than happy to receive it.

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