We’re Finding The Best Gift Cards For Women, So Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy!

Need some power tools for your next home project? Or maybe you’re browsing for something fun, these gift cards are the ones for you!

Gift cards. Some of the best gifts to get someone and receive, as it’s in a sense, “free money.” It’s money you can spend without having to worry about using your credit/debit card or the cash in your wallet, it has a set amount and almost every business has the option of them. Whether you like a new outfit, house utensils, new tools for a project, a great meal at a restaurant, or something fun just for you, gift cards are perfect for anything you’d like! Today we’re here to break down the very best gift cards for women you can get right now, but really it’s a list for anyone looking for great gift cards!

What’s even better about gift cards is the growing ability to get them in new and exciting ways, and that’s exactly what GiftYa is here to do! GiftYa is a digital “hub” of thousands of gift cards to many locations like local businesses, online stores, well known chains, restaurants, and more! With GiftYa it makes getting gift cards easier than ever before, all you have to do is go onto the website or download the mobile app, search up your desired location, then purchase up to 100 dollars of a gift card and you’re ready to go! It’s all online so you can make purchases through your computer or phone and never have to worry about having a physical copy again!

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‍1. Amazon

An online “warehouse” with quite literally almost any product you can think of!

Text an Amazon gift card

You know it, you’ve probably used it before or know someone who has used it before, that’s right it’s Amazon! It’s the mega online shopping hub that has changed the way we shop and has literally almost anything you could want. So for instance if you don’t wanna mess up your busy schedule, Amazon can provide all your “end of the week groceries” for you! Or maybe you’re shopping for a gift and don’t know what to get, Amazon has a lot of “category” tabs with themed products all in a few clicks. 

They also have other fun things like Amazon Prime where you can access 2 day shipping on supporting products, so there’s no need to wait for your package, and a great deal of Amazon Original award winning TV shows and movies for your next binge. With all these options, you’re sure to find something exciting to buy for yourself or a loved one!

Text an Amazon gift card

2. Sephora

All things make-up, beauty, and self care…cause it’s important!

Text a Sephora gift card

Beauty and self-care, two things that are important to a lot of people in the way they live their lives. And with Sephora, one of the most popular retailers in the world on our list, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy here! Whether you’re new to the world of beauty or an experienced “player,” Sephora has products for all! 

Convenience is also a BIG part of Sephora, as they have pick up in store, pick up curbside, same-day delivery, and free shipping options for all customers, so you can go either go to the store and talk to the beauty experts or stay in the comfort of your own home and wait for your products to arrive quickly! With helpful guides, quizzes, and experts ready to provide you a stellar experience shopping at Sephora, you can’t go wrong with finding your future self-care beauties here!

Text a Sephora gift card

3. H&M

Get ready to up your fashion game and add to your wardrobe with H&M!

Buy an H&M gift card

With nearly 5,000 locations all around the world, H&M has become a growing force in the fashion world with their great selection of trendy clothing for everyone. The best part? They’re creating quality clothes at prices you won’t bat an eye at, especially with a shiny new gift card. And it’s not just clothing, they also have accessories for you to pair your new fit with an extra piece of something special. Mix and match unique colors, find a new jacket to complete a look that’s already in your closet, or get something simple that fits your already poppin style. H&M has all your clothing desires right in one place ready for your specific eyes to find something you love!

Buy an H&M gift card

4. Starbucks

Coffee, sweet treats, sandwiches, and more all in this delicious smelling shop!

Starbucks Coffee Company, arguably the most popular coffee shop in the world. With over 33,000 stores all around the world, this coffee chain is for all those looking for their morning caffeine or a treat at the end of a long hard week. They have everything from a regular cup of black coffee, to the fanciest brews that are so full of sugar you can’t help but want another, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, k-cups, ground coffee, and more!

And with fun new items for every season/holiday, you can expect something exciting to be on the menu regularly. In case you need a sneak peek of what they have, here’s some of their most popular items with things like the Pumpkin Spice Latte during the fall, Caramel Frappacuino® Blended Beverage, Java Chip Frappacuino® Blended Beverage, Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refreshers® Beverage, Bacon Sausage & Egg Wrap, Cake Pops, and more! Starbucks is perfect for either a drive through for a quick bite, or meeting up with your friends at the shop!

Although this store doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

5. Steam

The place for all things gaming, from streams, to PC games, and meeting new friends!

Welcome to Steam
Games upon games upon games to try and discover for yourself! Image courtesy of the Steam Official Website.

Fantasy lands filled with adventure, open world MMORPGs’, multiplayers, classics, trending titles, and new games that fill players with anticipation counting down the days till its release, Steam has all of this and more. It’s also for connecting with your friends, playing games together, or streaming your fun while sharing laughs and “OMG” moments from the story in the game! Steam is for all those who love gaming, are new to gaming, or simply ready to continue to add to their growing collection of titles. 

Your Steam Wallet is ready to have numbers added to it by grabbing a Steam gift card, so you can enjoy spending money on games while not having to worry about the hassle of other payment methods. Steam gift cards are the way to go for all those who love video games and the experiences they bring!

Although this store doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

6. Visa

A gift card you can use in almost any store around the country!

Text a Visa gift card

Not sure exactly what to buy? Or maybe you’re just looking to go on a shopping spree and like to spend money without having to worry about using your debit/credit card or cash from your wallet, well you won’t have to worry about that for too long cause Visa gift cards have got you covered! Visa gift cards can be used almost anywhere, from retail stores, restaurants, online shops, your favorite local spots, fast food chains, and more! It’s easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to enjoy. Visa gift cards are for your convenience!

Text a Visa gift card

7. Lowe’s

From a simple new coat of paint in your bedroom to building a new addition to your house, this place has got it all!

Text a Lowe's gift card

Your next big home improvement awaits at Lowe’s! With experts ready to help answer any question or simply just provide you with an aisle number to where you can pick exactly what you know you need, the people at Lowe’s are here to make your project as fast and easy as it can be! Anything from building additions to your deck/porch, adding plants to your garden, or brightening up your space with patio furniture, this popular retailer has got it. 

And they don’t just cover outdoor needs, you can also add a bit of flare to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any room! With decor, lighting fixtures, new appliances, paint, or new door knobs, Lowe’s has it all and is ready for your house to become a home.

Text a Lowe's gift card

8. Etsy

From crafts, to art, or to that niche thing you love but can’t find anywhere else!

“Etsy is an online global marketplace” that is full of items that are handmade, collected, or found that are sold by regular people who make, create, and acquire for fun or their livelihood. It’s for all those looking for unique items that are perfect for things like your home decor, personal style, or a great gift for a loved one. 

Etsy has no “warehouses” or “mass-produced products,” it’s all from people, and they’re here to just highlight the ambitions and passions of those who want their creations out in the world for others to admire.

With items like coffee mugs, pins, posters, art pieces, to hand-made furniture, jewelry, clothing, and plenty more, Etsy has something for everyone. It’s for those curious minds who are looking for something you can’t quite find in any old department store.

Although this store doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

In a world with plenty of stores to shop at with a multitude of things to buy, finding the perfect places to go can be a bit overwhelming, so luckily we’ve given you a list of some of the best places to grab the very best gift cards for women! Whether you’re treating yourself with this gift card or finding it for someone in your life you care about, these places are sure to fit right in with you!

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