Wedding Gifts For Groom From Bride That Will Surprise Him

Your big day is coming up and you want to do something special for your soon-to-be husband, we’ve got you covered.

Weddings are a joyous occasion, you’re celebrating your love with your partner and committing to each other through all your future ups, downs, and in-betweens. You and your favorite person are taking a big, important step in your relationship and also, who doesn’t like to throw a big party??

With your big day coming up and lots of things to do you might be looking forward to stealing away a few smaller, more intimate moments with your partner as things ramp up. And if you or your partner loves showing your love through the language of gift giving then you’ve come to the right place as today we’re going to list out wedding gifts for a groom from the bride. These can be small or large gifts that hold meaning to your relationship or something you think he would be delightfully surprised by.

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In no particular order or category we have the list of wedding gifts for your groom to be from the bride to be. These will definitely surprise your soon-to-be hubbie in the best way and you can give it to him on the day of, before, or on your honeymoon- there’s no wrong answer!

Flowers and an Engraved Base

Boys, men, don’t get enough flowers. It’s a well known cliche that the boy gets the girl flowers but boys deserve some too! Especially on their big day. A day full of romance and heart, flowers will make for a dazzling gift, especially from the bride to the groom. Get him his favorite flowers or find a service that can put together a beautiful bouquet if you are a bit unsure about your flower arranging skills haha.

There are a couple flower companies that are great for celebrations we recommend:

  • 1-800-Flowers is a service that creates stunning bouquets for an occasion or celebration- including weddings! They’ve got a wide range of premade ones, flowers that reflect the current season you’re getting married in, and gift baskets to go with said flowers.
  • Farmgirl Flowers is another flower service that has a range of garden flowers that deliver from coast to coast. They are a women-led business that helps handcraft beautiful bouquets that reflect so much meaning.

And you can’t have a bouquet of flowers without a proper vase to put them in! You can get your groom a customized vase with your names on it, along with the date of your anniversary, how cute!

  • Or if you’re looking for something immortal, The Forever Rose has their Forever Rose Bloom Box & Phantom CaseTM Combo (Silver) on sale for $139.95 which features “a real rose selected at peak bloom and preserved in a durable lacquer shell to capture its detail and natural beauty.” It’s then dipped and plated in real silver, so you can have it displayed in your acrylic phantom vase that comes with it forever. 

The Forever Rose Bloom Box & Phantom CaseTM Combo (Silver).

Wedding Cufflinks

Cufflinks are often the smallest piece of the wedding fit that ties the entire ensemble together. Sometimes they can be overlooked, but not for you wedding, because we’re recommending these custom wedding cufflinks that’ll add that personal touch to his suit really pop:

  • From mint&lily, their Monogrammed Cufflinks with Initials are on sale for $39 which come in four finishes: 18k Gold Vermeil, 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plated, and Surgical Grade Stainless. Choose up to three initials to put on the cuffs.

  • From Etsy user MonogramNeckace2014 we have these Personalized Wedding Cufflinks on sale for $39.75+ and also come in four metal types: 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plated, White Gold Plated, and Rose Gold Plated. You can add a name, date, initials, symbol, or roman numerals that are special to you both.

  • Cufflinks Depot is the place for all things cufflinks- (as you can probably tell from their business name). They have a wide catalog of cufflinks ranging from ones with initials only or small little pictures of the couple. Their entire “For the Groom” section is worth a look, but here’s an idea of the picture ones they offer:

These Custom Wedding Photo Cufflinks retail for $65.00. You can add another picture or keep the same one for each cufflink.

A Wedding Star Map

As your wedding date approaches, you’ll have that date to look forward to not just for the actual wedding itself but for the many anniversaries to come. One really cool thing you can do is make a star map of your wedding date and then hang it up in your house. It’s a “map” of the stars that are up in the sky in that location on the day of your wedding, now obviously you won’t be able to have this gift made until after your wedding but it’s still a nice wedding gift. If you want to get your groom something on the actual day you can get the star map made from the day of your engagement and then get one made for the day of your wedding to hand up right next to it.

  • The Night Sky is a service that makes not only custom star maps, but also custom star jewelry. But for now we are looking at just their maps and you can get their Night Sky Classic Star Map Print in four colors: Midnight Blue, Black, Grey Blue, and Aquamarine, along with four print types: Classic, Foil, Glow In The Dark, and Canvas. A super meaningful wedding gift for the groom from the bride. Here’s an example of what they look like:

An example of the Night Sky Classic Star Map Print.

  • And this Personalized Star Map Print by LdotA on Etsy on sale for $9.60+ takes your classic star map and adds some flare to it. See the colors of the galaxy along with a mapping of the stars, the couple's name, location, coordinates, and the date.

The Personalised Star Map Print by LdotA adds a lovely bit of personality to your home decor.

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Free Shallow Focus Photography of Groom and Bride Stock Photo

These meaningful wedding gifts for the groom from the bride will surely delight!

Picture Frames and Albums

Nothing quite captures a memory like a picture does. And with an engagement and wedding there are so many pictures to be taken, so having an album or custom frames to display all those photos in would make for a great present. Think of the surprise on his face when he sees a custom made album with pictures of your whole journey on the day of your wedding? That’s a whole new picture in itself!

  • This gift goes in line with our “Star Map” gift previously as Etsy user cupidcartographer makes these really cute Where She Said Yes Picture Frames that feature a picture of the couple and a map of the place they got engaged in. You can see the date, location, and coordinates. And again if you want to wait till after the wedding to make these a wedding gift that’s a great idea too!

The Where She Said Yes Picture Frame by cupidcartographer is on sale for $12.06+.

  • Shutterfly is an American photography business that makes your pictures come to life on various different products like photo albums, frames, posters, wall art, pillows, mugs, accessories, and more. They have custom Wedding Photo Books & Albums template books already available on their website or you can create your own from scratch- adding those personal touches you think your partner might like throughout. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Shutterfly here!

A Custom Made Book of Your Love Story

  • This gift idea is just too cute for words. Wonderbly makes these “Partner, I Love You” illustrated books for $39.99 that you can personalize to look like you and sound exactly like your story. As they say on their website, “you can type, tweak and tailor the text until the story is truly your own.” It’s 28 pages long which you can preview before you buy so you know exactly what you’re getting. There are four designs and you can choose avatars along with adding a dedication in the book written completely by you. This wedding gift will surely make him cry of happiness on the day.

Four examples of the ‘Partner, I Love You’ books from Wonderbly.

A Hand-Written Note by You

  • Rounding out our list is a gift suggestion that you won’t need to buy. Getting married is a big deal and there are so many emotions on the day that will fill both of your hearts. There can be a lot of hecticness on the day depending on the size of your wedding so having a moment to reflect and remember that it’s about the two of you can be really meaningful. Write a handwritten note telling him whatever you want, maybe an inside joke, how excited you are to marry him, or all the reasons why you love him. Have it in his room where he’s getting ready. He will love it!

And there you go! Those are some meaningful wedding gifts for the groom from the bride that we’re sure he’s going to absolutely adore. You both are going on an incredible journey together and these gifts are just a small part of it.

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