10 Great Wedding Gift Ideas for Son

A Variety of Options to Help Make Sure HIs Special Day Is As Amazing As Possible

If your little boy is all grown up and has become a man that is about to get married to the love of his life, and you are scrambling to try to figure out what kind of gift to get him for his wedding then today’s post is going to be just the thing for you. Because today I have a list of 10 great wedding gift ideas for your son. And I made sure to get a variety in on this list so that way you can go really over the top and extravagant with it if you want to spoil him, but I also made sure there were some options on the list that were affordable no matter what kind of budget you are on. I’m not trying to tack a bunch of crazy expenses on top of a wedding. Afterall. Weddings are incredibly expensive to throw and they seem to be getting more expensive all the time. So I wanted to make sure there were some more laidback options on the list as well. And any time you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to get one of these awesome wedding gifts I’ll be sure to supply you with an easy to use link.

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But that’s enough about *the brand* right? I’ll get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for your son that brought you here today. And as I always make sure to say, thank you so much for reading!

1 - A Custom Gift From Etsy

A Personalized Gift Is Always Great When You Want It to Be Extra Special

a light up heart with a flower in a vase
A personalized gift is always a safe bet for a wedding gift! Image courtesy of Etsy.com

You can find all sorts of personalized wedding gifts that would be great for your son at Etsy! And getting him a wedding gift that’s personalized will give it that extra little touch that takes an amazing gift to an extraordinary gift. Shop around and find something you think would be meaningful for your son and then have his and the bride's name engraved on it. Or maybe you get the date of the wedding engraved on it. There’s all kinds of neat ways you can personalize things in a way you think your son would really appreciate. And since you're the parents giving your son a gift there’s a little bit of extra pressure so I always think the personalized touch is nice, especially when it comes from your parents.

2 - Omaha Steaks

Hook HIm Up With World Class Ingredients to Make Meals In His New Home

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Omaha Steaks gift card

Another great gift you can get for your son for his wedding is a big fat gift card to Omaha Steaks. A lot of couples will be moving into their home together right after they get married. So make sure those first home cooked meals they share are as delicious as possible. With a gift card to Omaha Steaks they can get the highest-quality cuts of meat delivered right to their doorstep. And they offer a whole lot more than just steak. You can also get hot-dogs, hamburgers, chicken, pork,seafood, side dishes, and even bottles of wine delivered right to your home. So make sure their meals are amazing by hooking them up with the highest-quality ingredients possible!

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3 - Barnes & Noble

A Book About How to Be Successful In His Marriage Makes A Great Wedding Gift for Your Son

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Barnes & Noble gift card

One great gift that you can get for your son for his wedding is a book about how to have a successful marriage. It’s not like having a healthy marriage is taught in high schools or colleges so everybody is just going into the most serious commitment they’ll ever make totally blind. Make sure your son isn’t going into his marriage blind by getting him some books about how to have a successful marriage. Everything from relationship books to financial planning books can make a great wedding gift for your son!

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4 - Best Buy

Help Him Upgrade HIs Home Electronics If They Are Moving Into A House After the Wedding

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Best Buy gift card

If your son and his bride-to-be are moving into a new house after they tie the knot then you can hook them up with a nice fat gift card to Best Buy. And they can use that to upgrade their home entertainment system at home. Maybe they get a bigger tv, or maybe they use it to get surround sound speakers set up, or maybe they use it to finally get a nice 4K player. Best Buy is the leading retailer for home electronics and they even sell essential home accessories like fridges, stoves, and washers and dryers. So no matter what your newly weds need to upgrade in their home a gift card to Best Buy will really cover a lot of their bases for them!

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5 - Shutterfly

Get Him Some Amazing Memories of HIm and His Bride Memorialized

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Shutterfly gift card

Shutterfly is a business that prints your photos for you. And they print all the standard 3x5s and 5x7s that any photo place will print for you. But what they really excel in is getting your memories printed on all kinds of great products. You can get everything from calendar and wall prints to stationary and throw blankets. So you can pick out some photos that are really meaningful or sentimental to the happy couple to be and pick out the perfect thing to get them printed on. And then this gift is always a reminder of their love for each other which really makes it the kind of gift that keeps on giving!

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6 - Airbnb

Help Him Cover Some of the Cost of the Honeymoon

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Airbnb gift card

Honeymoons can be crazy expensive, but at least in the modern economy you have a bit more choice when you are booking your lodgings. AirBnb has over 600,000 locations in the US alone and over 7 million locations around the globe. And in my personal experience for the price you pay at an Airbnb versus what you pay at a hotel, you get a much more comfortable stay at the Airbnb than you would at the hotel. That and they come in all kinds of varieties and different layouts so the couple will be able to find the perfect lodgings for their honeymoon with all the choices they’ll have to choose from.

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7 - Calm

Help Him Deal With the Stress of Being A Newlywed With This Relaxation App

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Calm is an app/service that specializes in helping you relieve stress and anxiety. And I think most married people out there would agree that there is a lot of extra stress and anxiety in the first year of marriage especially. So help your son manage the new stressors of married life by hooking him up with an account with Calm.

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8 - Treat Him and HIs Bride to Dinner At One of Their Favorite Restaurants

A Great Meal Out Is An Appropriate Gift for Any Scenario

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couple dinner

If you really can’t think of a great wedding gift for your son then you can always take him and his bride- to-be out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. There’s never really a situation where a person doesn’t love being taken out for a great meal. But more than that it also offers you a chance to talk to the bride and groom in an intimate way before their big day. Which gives you an excellent opportunity to make some heartfelt statements and offer them any advice you have.

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9 - HomeGoods

Help Him Furnish HIs New Home Together With His Bride

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HomeGoods gift card

If they are moving into a new house together, or even if they are just staying in their current home, you can find your son a great wedding gift at HomeGoods. Like the name suggests HomeGoods has basically everything you need to furnish your house and turn it into a home. THey have furnishings, carpets, kitchenware, decor, and everything else you need to decorate your home.

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10 - A Custom Visa Gift Card

Help Him Cover Any Unforeseen Expenses After the Wedding

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Visa gift card

If you really don’t know what to get your son for his wedding you can always go with one of the prepaid Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these cards is that since they are Visa brand they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa. Which basically makes it a gift card that you can use anywhere. Which could really come in handy early on in the marriage. You never know what unforeseen kind of expenses might pop up early in a marriage and having a little bit of an extra safety net is a wedding present I am sure your son will appreciate!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Wedding Gifts for Your Son!

I hope something on the list looked like the perfect gift to help your son celebrate his big day. I tried to make sure there was some variety on the list so that there were some gifts that were more extravagant and impressive, as well as plenty of gifts that are more affordable and heartfelt. I want there to be something for everybody on any type of budget and I think I managed that with this list. But no matter what gift you decide to get your son for his wedding I am sure he will just be overjoyed to be spending the most important day of his life with his loving parent(s)!

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