We Absolutely Love These Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Parents!

Your parents’ special day is coming up and you want to do something a little extra for them, we’ve got the ideas for you!

It’s your parent’s anniversary coming up and you want to do something for them on their special day. Whether it’s the day of their first date, the day they officially became partners, or their wedding-- all of that is the cause for a celebration! 

If you’re looking for the perfect last minute anniversary gifts for your parents then you’ve come to the right place because not only are these gifts great, but they’re also super easy to send with GiftYa.

GiftYa is a website that has thousands of digital gift cards to many different places all over the country like fast food places, local venues, online shops, well known retailers, and more. All of these anniversary gifts can be bought through GiftYa and can be sent to your parents almost instantly. Plus you can add a fun picture and gift message to go with the card so that when they receive it either through text or email, it’ll come with a nice surprise. 

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1 - Olive Garden

Go out and celebrate with some good food while you’re out on the town!

Buy An Olive Garden Gift Card

When your anniversary is coming up, there’s probably a discussion of where to go to eat-- because dinner is a key staple in most people’s special day, so where better to go then everyone’s favorite: Olive Garden! You might have been to or heard of Olive Garden before, it’s a famous chain restaurant that specializes in Italian-American cuisine. They are known as a “semi-classy” place where you can dress up a bit to celebrate fun occasions, enjoying eachothers’ company over good food.

Speaking of good food, you’ll probably want to know what to expect from the menu…so how about a sneak peek?

At Olive Garden they have classic entrees like Chicken Aldredo, Ravioli Carbonara, and Shrimp Scampi, appetizers like Fried Mozzarella, Meatballs Parmigiana, and the famous never ending breadsticks. Lunch favorites like Spaghetti & Meatballs and Five Cheese Ziti al Forno, plus the Chocolate Brownie Lasagna and Tiramisu for dessert!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Olive Garden here!

2 - Airbnb

Nothing says anniversary like a vacation to somewhere you’ve never been!

Text An Airbnb Gift Card

Want something a little more than just a nice dinner at a restaurant? Why not try going somewhere you both haven't been before to start a new adventure? With Airbnb, the famous home rental service, your traveling dreams are about to become a reality. If you haven’t used Airbnb, you probably know the general gist of how it all works… 

You go onto the website (or app) and look up where you’d like to go, along with the number of guests and dates. Then you’ll get a list of available spots from vetted people who have their homes up for “rent” for your stay. This way with Airbnb you can get the privacy you want and the ability to have a whole place to use, instead of a one-bedroom hotel room. Airbnb makes traveling easy.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

3 - Lowe’s

Want to finally start that home project you both have been thinking about? Lowe’s has got your back!

Email A Lowe’s Gift Card

We don’t know if you know this but if you’re looking to refresh your house and make it look…new, or different, then a fresh coat of paint is what you need. And the best place to get that fresh coat of paint, or something to help make your house feel more like a home is Lowe’s! 

Lowe’s is a famous retailer that is all about home improvement, and an anniversary is a great time to look around the house and finally take that step into doing that home project you both have been talking about doing for years.

You can get a bunch of products to help make your DIY dreams a reality at Lowe’s. They have gardening tools, outside furniture, building materials for a new porch, lawn mowers, power tools, state of the art appliances, paint, tiles, plumbing equipment, new lighting, and other bits and bobs you might not have known you needed when you first set out to work on your home. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Lowe’s here!

4 - StitchFix

Want to get a little creative with your anniversary and have a fun clothing haul? Try StitchFix!

Buy A StitchFix Gift Card

So this last minute anniversary gift is a bit of a date idea along with a present. Sometimes the same old routine can get boring, especially with the same old clothes, and if you both are people who like to do something a little bit different then you have to try StitchFix. StitchFix is a service that pairs you with designers who will send you a box of new clothing that fits your style.

How do they know your style you may ask? Simple, with an easy quiz that’ll take you no time at all. There you will answer a few questions about your style and size preferences, then their team will take your info and send you clothes they think you might like.

If you do enjoy them, you keep them, and if you aren’t feeling it, send it back. It’s that easy. You can make this a fun date idea too, both of you getting the packages at the same time and trying them on with each other, then hitting the town in your new fits. What a fun anniversary! 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to StitchFix here!

5 - Cold Stone Creamery

Can’t have a celebration without a fun sweet and delicious treat!

Text A Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

Ice cream isn’t just for kids, it’s for everyone, especially for special occasions like an anniversary, and that’s why Cold Stone Creamery, a well loved ice cream bakery, is on our list today as one of the best gifts you can get your parents. With locations all over the country, you can head to your nearest one or order online and skip the line! 

They have their “Cold Stone Creations” section where you can make an ice cream sundae exactly to your liking, or if you fancy getting yourselves a cake-- (as that’s a common celebratory treat) you can get something custom made tailored to your preferences. A Cold Stone Creamery gift card would make for a great gift for those who adore their sweets.

You can Purchase a Cold Stone Creamery GiftYa Gift Card here!

6 - Southwest Airlines

Do something big like get a plane ticket to their favorite place in the country!

Email A Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Southwest Airlines is a popular airline known for their fair prices and good customer service as you take to the skies going to wherever you need, or want to go to—so a gift card for Southwest Airlines! What an amazing idea. If your parents have been looking to go back to a place that’s special to them and you’ve overheard them talk about it, why not look into helping pay for a portion of their flight, it’ll definitely make for a delightful surprise. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Southwest Airlines here!

7 - AMC Theatres

Looking for a low-key anniversary celebration? What about popcorn and a movie?

Buy An AMC Theatres Gift Card

Sometimes you both just aren’t feeling something big for your anniversary and that’s okay! There’s something special about doing something like going to the movies with your favorite person and having a few laughs over some greasy food-- and that’s exactly what AMC Theatres is here to provide. 

Going to the movies has been a classic date night choice for a reason, you both can simply enjoy eachothers’ company while looking over at each other when something magnificent happens on the screen and you want to see the other’s reaction. Then after, you can talk about it with each other and go explore the town. 

AMC Theatres is the best place for a movie date because they have the best concessions, seats, and screens to see your movies at, meaning this gift is perfect for those who love going to see a good movie with their loved ones.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to AMC Theatres here!

8 - Sunoco

Fill up the tank with no worries for an adventure or simply just a quick trip into the city!

Text A Sunoco Gift Card

A Sunoco gift card can be both a practical and fun choice of a gift because it’s super useful no matter how you use it. Gas prices fluctuate all the time and if your parents are looking to go somewhere for their anniversary then a Sunoco gift card  to fill up their tank might not be a bad idea. 

And if they don’t plan on going anywhere does this gift still pique your interest as something they can use? Perfect! They can have this for their everyday lives, either going to work, picking the kids up from somewhere, or going out exploring the town on the weekends. A way to get gas that doesn’t take away money from their bank account? Pretty good if we do say so ourselves.

You can Purchase a Sunoco Gift Card here!

9 - PetSmart

Products for their furry friend or, their potential new house mate…

Email A PetSmart Gift Card

So with this gift there are two things to consider:

  • One: if your parents already have a pet, then great! PetSmart has a ton of great supplies for so many different pets, even ones you might not even realize people have as pets, so this would make for a great gift to get so they can spoil their favorite furry friend.
  • Two: If they don’t have a pet, but you think they might appreciate one and you decide: what’s a good gift to get them that goes great with their new friend? Well a PetSmart gift card of course!

PetSmart, the famous American chain of pet stores, has food, toys, beds, and guides to make sure their pet is well taken care of. Plus, who doesn’t love to spoil their pets, especially when they are so darn cute!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to PetSmart here!

10 - A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Don’t know where your parents like to spend their money? No problem!

Buy A Custom Visa Gift Card

If you aren’t exactly sure where your parents want to go for their anniversary or what they would like but you still want to get them something extra special, why not make a custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny?

At Gift Card Granny you can choose to make your gift an eGift that’s sent digitally to your parents like a GiftYa gift card or you can make it a plastic card that’s sent by mail. You can choose any amount from $10 to $500, and add a custom picture and message with the card saying how much you appreciate them.

They can use this Visa gift card almost anywhere in the country on anything they’d like. It’s the perfect gift for your parents because they can splurge on something you might not even know they’ve been wanting to get.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

All of these last minute anniversary gifts for your parents will make for great gifts, especially when it might be a gift they aren’t necessarily expecting from you. And who knows? Maybe you can make this a yearly tradition, there’s plenty of ideas out there like the ones we talked about today.

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