Our 10 Favorite Valentine Gift Ideas for Mom

From A Special Night Out to Heartfelt Presents, All the Gifts That Will Keep Her Smiling All Day Long

When you think about it, your mom was probably your first valentine! She was there to help you make valentines when you were small, and perhaps she even went out of her way to make sure you had a special dessert or a little sweet treat on February 14th. Even if your mom didn’t do anything overtly associated with Valentine’s Day, chances are she still made you feel good on that day.

Now is the perfect time to return the favor and help your mom feel all the love on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to do anything big, but even just a little memento that lets her know you were thinking about her can go a long way. While Valentine’s Day is usually directed towards romantic love, there are all kinds of other ways (Pal-entine’s Day, Gal-entine’s Day) you can show your loved ones that you care, including for your mom!

Not sure what to get? We have all kinds of great valentine gift ideas for your mom, including:

  • Gift cards to help her feel pampered
  • DIY gift ideas
  • Valentine’s Day gifts she’s sure to love

GiftYa is your go-to for Valentine’s Day gifts 💝

If you’re struggling to find a gift, consider sending a digital GiftYa gift card to your mom! It’s super easy to do, and because they’re all digital, you won’t have to worry about her losing it and never having the chance to spend it. Just choose the vendor, the amount, and include a personalized photo, video, or message. Then just send it to your recipient, and that’s it! You’ll get notice when they open it and use it, so you can remind them they still have funds to use.

1. Bath and Body Works

Let your mom choose all her favorite products in wonderful scents 

Buy a Bath and Body Works gift card

If you’re looking for a great gift card that is sure to make your mom smile on Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with Bath and Body Works. This store has everything she needs from lotions, bath bombs, shower gel, candles, and all kinds of soaps in their signature fragrances. With amazing choices like Strawberry Poundcake, White Tea and Sage, and Japanese Cherry Blossom, there’s a little something for everyone. So whether she’s looking to add to her collection of self-care items, or she wants to check out their new candle collection, she will definitely appreciate a gift card to this store.

Buy a Bath and Body Works gift card

2. Macy’s

What mom doesn’t love the chance to add to her wardrobe?

Text a Macy’s gift card to your mom!

When it comes to picking up something new to add to your wardrobe, you just can’t seem to go wrong with Macy’s. This department store staple has been around for years, and it has remained popular as an in-person store at malls, as well as for online shopping. Your mom can use this gift card to give her wardrobe a little refresh, or put it towards a higher priced item she’s had her eye on for a while. 

In addition to clothes, you can find quite an extensive jewelry selection as well as all kinds of popular perfumes and fragrances, if that’s what she needs right now. Don’t forget she can also find appliances, stemware, and dishware at Macy’s too!

Text a Macy’s gift card to your mom!

3. Kendra Scott

Because your mom deserves the chance to pick out jewelry that speaks to her

Send a Kendra Scott gift card

Another great gift idea for your mom on Valentine's Day, is to give her a gift card to one of her favorite jewelry stores, Kendra Scott. Here she can take her time and pick out a pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet that really speaks to her sense of style. Your mom might not splurge too often on herself, and a gift card to a jewelry store like this will give her the excuse she needs to do so!

Kendra Scott has collections and price ranges that are sure to catch her eye for special occasions, but they also carry styles that your mom can wear everyday. Whether it’s the perfect heart necklace, a pair of gold hoops, or a bangle she can add to her collection, there are options for your mom to peruse, no matter what she likes to wear.

Send a Kendra Scott gift card

4. Spa Gift Card

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to have themselves pampered, especially for Valentine’s Day?

Pick up a Hand & Stone, Modern Day Spa, or a Relaxology Spa gift card

Chances are your mom is a busy person. Whether she’s going to and from work, taking care of others, or heading to one of her many social or community engagements, she may seem like she’s always on the go. While it’s great to get things done, sometimes we need to step back and slow down so our bodies and minds have a chance to recharge.

What better gift to give your mom than a spa day where she can choose what procedures she wants at a spa that’s near her? Giving her the chance to slow down and allow someone to pamper her is a great way to show your appreciation for all that she does. She can choose from facials, waxes, hair styling, nail treatments, or massages, and even add on extra services if she wants. 

Pick up a Hand & Stone, Modern Day Spa, or a Relaxology Spa gift card

5. Cheesecake Factory

Give your mom the gift of a wonderful meal, or one of her favorite desserts for Valentine’s Day!

Text a Cheesecake Factory gift card

If your mom has a special place in her heart for cheesecake (and who doesn’t?) then consider picking her up a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. She can choose to spend it on one of their large cheesecakes, or go multiple times and pick up different flavors of her favorite dessert. Additionally, the Cheesecake Factory also has quite an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so she could also choose to get a delicious meal, or pick up food while she’s out and about.

The Cheesecake Factory has locations all across the U.S., and their menu items are always updating, so whether she wants to treat herself to steak and potatoes, or opt for their SkinnyLicious Soft Tacos, there’s always something she can choose at this popular restaurant. 

Text a Cheesecake Factory gift card

6. Bake (or cook) for your mom

One of the nicest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your mom would be to bake a little something for her

Cookies are easy to make and even easier to enjoy with a glass of milk. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

While getting your mom something from a store is a nice option, we’re pretty sure she’d also just love a Valentine’s Day gift that was homemade, just like when you were small! One of the best ways to do that is when you bake something for her, like cookies, brownies, or even her favorite cake. And you don’t have to be a gourmet pastry chef to do this, there are all kinds of recipes available that have minimal ingredients and that you can throw together quickly and easily. Some of our top ideas that you can bake your mom are:

  • Chocolate chip cookies (there’s cookie dough in your grocer’s freezer or refrigerator section!)
  • Sugar cookies 
  • No bake peanut butter cookies
  • Cake mix with either homemade or canned frosting
  • Brownies
  • Oatmeal cookies

While we think anyone can show up with a fresh batch of easy to make cookies, if you’d prefer to cook something for your mom, that’s a great idea too. You can whip up her favorite stir fry, or try your hand at a meatloaf recipe, and maybe even put together her favorite pasta dish knock off from an Italian restaurant, whatever you think she’ll love.

Just make sure to wrap up whatever you decide to make for her into a nice box or container, and add a little card to go with it. You could even include a gift card to go along with your homemade creation as the extra cherry on top.

7. Have fresh flowers delivered

Your mom would love to recipe a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a wonderful way to add color to any room of the house. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Another gift that your mom would love (and might not buy for herself) is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Everyone loves flowers because they really bring the room to life, and they can easily brighten up a space. Flowers are sure fire ways to bring a smile to anyone, especially if you know your mom loves to have beautiful bouquets in her home. You can choose from all kinds of pretty arrangements that are either in her favorite color, or contain some of her favorite plants. Take a trip to your local florist and they can help create a beautiful bouquet that’s personalized to your mom’s taste.

No time to head to the florist? Then order them online from a national florist! Alternatively, you could also consider grabbing her a gift card to 1-800-Flowers and allow her to pick them out.

8. Take her out to eat

Moms everywhere love to go out to eat, especially for Valentine’s Day

Head over to her favorite restaurant and pick up the tab. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

One of the best ways to show your mom how much you care for her is to take her out (and treat her!) to dinner at a great restaurant. You can ask her where she’d like to go, or you can try and decipher what restaurants she would really like to try, or revisit, and make it a surprise. You can’t go wrong taking someone out to dinner, especially when you know it’s their favorite cuisine. We recommend doing dinner with your mom, but if she just loves to do brunch or would prefer a place that serves breakfast, that works too! This is all about her getting to do something she loves with someone she cares for. 

In addition to the meal, consider picking up a gift card to that same place so she can treat herself to another meal at the restaurant! This is a great option if you know that the restaurant is one of her top favorites, because she can always make an excuse to return. 

9. Create a Valentine’s Day care package

Who says care packages are just for college kids?

Your mom would love to receive a DIY care package with all her favorites. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Care packages are a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea because they can be totally customized to contain exactly what your mom wants. If you choose to go the traditional route, you can center it around Valentine’s Day, and include items like:

  • A special Valentine’s Day card
  • Candy hearts
  • Her favorite chocolate
  • Hot cocoa/tea/coffee
  • Warm fuzzy socks
  • Her favorite romantic movie

Or you can choose to make it one that includes her favorite snacks, some spa day items, or something that corresponds to one of her hobbies. 

10. Customized Visa gift card

A gift card she can spend anywhere!

Text a custom Visa gift card

Customized Visa gift

And finally, you can always create a customized Visa gift card at Gift Card Granny and send it over to your mom. Make sure to include a cute photo of you two and a Valentine’s Day message to really make it stand out. While this can be a gift you send on its own, it would also work great with any of the other DIY gifts we have on this list!

Text a custom Visa gift card

Those are our top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for mom! 💌

Show your mom you care this Valentine’s Day and pick up any of these gift ideas, or mix and match them for a personalized gift!

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