Travel Gift Ideas Perfect For Men

Get any man you care about a gift that supports his passion for travel with the thoughtful gift ideas featured in this list!

A good portion of the population loves to travel, there is no denying that. Whether it be to new cities bustling with diverse life to picturesque countrysides abundant with natural beauty, travel comes in so many forms and can vary quite a bit from person to person. Where one individual wants a sunset on the shore of a warm island in the Caribbean, another wants to immerse themselves in the rich history of ancient European towns. No matter what your reason is, there is no wrong way to travel. 

Do you have any men in your life who have an affinity for traveling? Be the travels work-related or simply for pleasure, it only makes sense that you would want to ensure they are well taken care of during their time away. Though you may not be able to accompany them during their journeys, you can absolutely send out good vibes and help them prepare for their trips with thoughtful gifts they can use to make traveling a little less hectic. 

This article will feature a diverse array of gifts suited for men of all different backgrounds. Some of these gift ideas include:

  • Luggage and travel accessories 
  • Hotels and homestays 
  • Airlines and cruises 

Keep reading to learn all about the perfect travel gift ideas for men. 

1. Visa

Travelers can get everything the need with this handy gift card

Buy a Visa gift card here

Visa gift card here

Whether it’s booking hotel rooms, paying for a rental car, dining out at local restaurants, or purchasing plane tickets, travel is no cheap affair. Costs can pile up quick, which is why financial relief of any kind is probably one of the kindest and most appreciated gifts for men preparing to travel out there. For a convenient and secure way of gifting funds to anyone you know, a Visa gift card will do the trick. 

Never used a Visa gift card before? Not to worry, as it’s just as simple and straightforward as paying with any other type of gift card. The only big difference between traditional retail gift cards and Visa gift cards is that funds on a Visa card aren’t locked to one retailer or brand; you can use a Visa gift card to make purchases at any merchant of your choice!

With no shopping restraints in place, Visa gift card recipients will be able to use their gift cards to buy pretty much anything they want from any store they want. It’s an awesome asset to have while traveling since it can be used in place of cash for food, gas, airfare, and other travel-related expenses.

Get a guy you know a Visa gift card and make his day!

2. Airbnb

Step outside of the hotel room for a unique homestay experience

Click to buy an Airbnb gift card

Airbnb gift card

Any seasoned traveler is well-acquainted with popular national hotel chains and resorts since they can be found it almost any area, wherever leisure or work life takes you. But staying in the same type of environment for all of your travels can grow stale quite fast, and the sterile nature of hotels is definitely not for everyone. A gift card for Airbnb can change the way you approach accommodations during your travels and enhance the experience. 

When you book a rental through Airbnb, you get to explore tons of local options available during the time of your stay. From cute cottages and quaint little bungalows to stately residencies and historic castles that make you feel like stepping back in time, Airbnb has all kinds of rentals available to you to craft the perfect travel experience. Work directly with hosts to ensure all of your needs are taken care of and you do not run into any unexpected issues during your stay away from home. 

Pick up an Airbnb gift card with the link!

3. Best Western

Get unbeatable rates on hotel rooms and amenities during your trip

Purchase a Best Western gift card

Best Western gift card

Know a man who plans on reserving a hotel during his next trip? If so, helping out with the cost of the room is certainly a nice gesture that has direct practical benefits with no unnecessary flare like so many other gifts tend to have. Consider if a gift card for Best Western works for his hotel needs. 

With affordable rates on rooms and a family-oriented business model, Best Western is a fantastic hotel chain for men who tend to frequently travel with their families. With value and comfort as Best Western’s top priorities, customers receive exceptional accommodations and hospitality services at a reasonable price point. Best Western owns a well-rouned selection of hotels and resorts all offering different services and amenities to drive revenue, so be sure to choose a Best Western destination that is suitable for you. 

You can get a Best Western gift card when you check out the link!

4. Spirit Airlines

Flying is always more fun when you can spend less

Get a Spirit Airlines gift card

Spirit Airlines gift card

Any guy who has spent his fair share of time on board airplanes, flying from place to place on both domestic and international flights, is well-aware that frequent plane trips drain the bank fast. That’s why it behooves any traveler to be smart about which airlines they fly with and when they fly. For one of the most affordable carriers in the nation, check out Spirit Airlines. 

As far as low cost carriers go throughout the country, Spirit Airlines comes out on top as the leading ultra low cost airline in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. If your flying happens to take place in these regions and you want to book with a carrier that doesn’t surprise you with hidden nonsense fees, getting your tickets through Spirit Airlines will be cheapest, most satisfactory option. 

You can grab a Spirit Airlines gift card from GiftYa when you follow the link!

5. Groupon

Your ticket to deals on fun events and live entertainment 

Buy a Groupon gift card here

Groupon gift card here

Part of the fun of travel is the journey and what you go through while making your way to your destination; the other part is all the stuff you get to do once you’re actually at your destination. You can guarantee any of the men in your life a fantastic time on their next trip when you surprise them with a Groupon gift card. 

With Groupon, you can plan out all kinds of fun stops and attend exciting events near wherever you’re staying. Groupon works to connect folks with some of the best deals out there for entertainment, hospitality services, and much more. Whether it’s getting a two for one deal on cones at a neighborhood ice cream shop or scoring a massive discount on tickets for a music festival, Groupon has something for every guy out there. 

You can purchase a Groupon gift card when you click the link!

6. Away Luggage 

Keep your belongings secure with luggage designed for modern travelers 

Most of us probably know a guy or two with well-worn luggage that has long since seen better days. While it’s certainly nice to get your money’s worth, and then some, out of anything you buy, there comes a time when parting ways is inevitable. For those moments, new luggage and travel accessories from Away make for excellent gifts. 

This contemporary brand is curated for the modern traveler. Primarily based online, Away offers an assortment of premium luggage that is thoughtfully designed for optimum travel efficiency and comfort. Away has luggage options like carry-on and checked suitcases, backpacks, totes, duffels, crossbodies, toiletry bags, tech organizers, luggage tags, and additional in-flight essentials no travel would want to be without. 

You can check out luggage and travel accessories at Away today. 

7. Carnival Cruises

The open seas and all the onboard entertainment you could ever need

Get a Carnival Cruises gift card

Carnival Cruises gift card

For some folks, travel is all about feeling that briney ocean breeze and soaking in the revitalizing rays of the sun. You can give any man the chance to bask in his version of nautical paradise with a generous gift card for Carnival Cruises. 

When you travel with Carnival Cruise Line, you get the chance to experience one of the leading brands in contemporary cruising with nonstop fun and entertainment options onboard. Get great deals, discounts, and specials on cruise packages to destinations all over the globe, from the tropical waters of the Bahamas and the Caribbean to breathtaking sights in Alaska, Asia, New Zealand, and more. You won’t find more affordable rates for cruises around, which is why Carnival Cruises is a smart option for anyone watching their budget. 

Pick up a Carnival Cruises gift card from GiftYa!

8. Mandarin Oriental

Walk into an extravagant world of luxury hospitality 

Buy a Mandarin Oriental gift card

Mandarin Oriental gift card

If you have a special man in your life to whom you want to provide the best travel accommodations possible during his time away, then not just any sort of gift will do. You want to go the extra mile and give him an exquisite experience in supreme luxury with a gift card for Mandarin Oriental. 

While you’ve probably been impressed by premium hotel chains and resorts, Mandarin Oriental truly elevates any travel experience with their opulent five star hotels that feature world-class accommodations, in-house spas, and fine dining. This luxurious hospitality chain has several locations across the globe, including notable destinations like New York, Boston, Madrid, Istanbul, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Bangkok. Whether the man you care about finds himself in the world, Mandarin Oriental will be there to give him a home fit for a king. 

You can text a Mandarin Oriental gift card to anyone in moments when you follow the link!

9. Camping World

Any journey is possible with dependable gear from this camping retailer

Purchase a Camping World gift card

Camping World gift card

Travel doesn’t always mean airplanes and hotel rooms. For many, travel has a lot more to do with experiencing all that nature has to offer, long roadtrips, and staying stocked up on survival necessities. If you know a man committed to the RV or camping lifestyle, go ahead and pick him up a Camping World gift card. 

In case you aren’t familiar with Camping World, all you need to know about this retailer is that they offer everything in terms of RV, camping equipment, and outdoor gear and accessories. No destination is too far when you have Camping World to ensure both you and your vehicle are stocked up and in good condition before your big trip. Whether it is repair service on your RV, a portable generator, or a new tent, Camping World has all that and then some. 

Grab a Camping World gift card when you click the link today!

10. Southwest Airlines

A solid airline that anyone can depend on during their travels

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

Southwest Airlines gift card

Our last gift idea for this list may be at the bottom, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. A gift card for Southwest Airlines is a simple and straightforward gift that does exactly what it is meant to – help any traveler afford airplane tickets to their destination. 

Flying can be a hassle for even the most seasoned traveler, but traveling with Southwest Airlines makes for as smooth an experience as possible. Get to the airport, get boarded onto your plane promptly, and waste no time in getting to the place you need to go. It’s not much, and that is what makes Southwest Airlines stick out above the rest. 

Send a Southwest Airlines gift card to any man you know with the link!

That about wraps up our list of travel gift ideas that are perfect for men. Do you see any gift ideas you particularly love? Any that we did not include? Let us know your thoughts!

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