Say “I Do” to the Top Wedding Gifts for the Groom from the Bride

If you’re stumped about what to give the groom as the bride, we have 10 options right here!

Are you stumped about what to get your future husband? Well you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a wedding gift for your groom from his bride. There’s no wrong way to go about exchanging gifts before (or on) the big day, as long as you agree that you both want to give the other a little something before you walk down the aisle.

You may be at a loss about what to get him, but we suggest sitting down and thinking about something he’d like that would match his personality. Not every groom will want cufflinks, and not every groom would like whiskey glasses, so we suggest taking a look at this list of 10 options and see what would suit him best. Ultimately, he’s going to be floored that you wanted to go out of your way to give him something on your wedding day, and he’ll cherish the gift for years to come. 

So if you need a little inspo about what to consider as a gift, our list includes:

  • Gift cards that will appeal to any groom
  • Wedding gifts for grooms that will tug on their heartstrings
  • Practical wedding gifts they can use the day-of

1. Eddie Bauer gift card

Get your groom-to-be a gift card to one of his favorite stores!

Text an Eddie Bauer gift card

Eddie Bauer gift card

If your groom is someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoys trying new things, then why not grab him a gift card to Eddie Bauer? This store has been providing the gear and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts for over 100 years. They offer plenty of options for him to stock up on clothing that will make his time spent outside even more enjoyable. Whether he needs new tees, a fleece, shorts, quick drying pants, or hiking boots, he’ll find an incredible selection online. They also offer items like backpacks, duffel bags, tents, sleeping bags, and even sunglasses and coolers should he need either of those.

Pro tip: If he prefers to shop in-store or try something on, did you know there are over 250 Eddie Bauer stores throughout the country? And GiftYa’s Eddie Bauer gift cards are accepted there or online as well!

Text an Eddie Bauer gift card

2. Personalized whiskey decanter

Personalize a decanter for his favorite beverage to memorialize the day

Personalized whiskey decanter
A beautiful glass decanter that can be personalized so he will always remember the big day. Image courtesy of Swanky Badger.

A great wedding day gift idea for the groom from the bride is a personalized whiskey decanter. Although it’s labeled a whiskey decanter, he can actually put any one of his favorite spirits into it! Giving this to your groom before the ceremony is a lovely gesture, and he’s sure to treasure it and show it off for years to come. Each set comes with a heavy, 3 pound lead-free glass decanter that you can add his name to on the front (or any other message like the date of your wedding) and include a special message on the back. The decanter holds 850ml and it is topped with an all-glass topper. Did you know that each bottle also comes with two whiskey glasses that can also be engraved with his name? That’s right, you’ll also get two 8 ounce glasses to go along with the decanter. 

This set is sure to have a prized place on his bar at home!

3. Engraved compass

A gift of a functioning compass will always help lead him back to you!

Engraved compass
This compass would make a great gift for a groom from the bride and can be engraved to mark the special day. Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

Your wedding day is the day you choose to embark on a lifetime of adventure together, so what better way to memorialize the day than with a personalized compass! This fully functioning compass is made out of brass and is 2.75 inches in diameter to comfortably fit in his pocket or bag no matter where he goes. You can choose to engrave the outside lid with a pre-engraved design or quote, and then add something personal to the inside lid. Choose to mark the date, say something special, or even include a photo of yourself or the two of you together. That way each time he opens the compass he’s reminded that you’d be lost without him!

4. Urban map whiskey glasses

Get him a glass that showcases his home city

Urban map whiskey glasses
These glasses are a great way to show a little hometown pride and would make a great gift for a groom. Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

If your groom likes to enjoy his favorite spirit after work, why not gift him a glass that helps him remember his hometown? Even if he still lives in the city he grew up in, these special glasses are a great way to showcase the city that he loves. Each glass is engraved with an intricate city map that sprawls over the entire glass, featuring areas and streets of the metropolis of your choice. 

This might be especially nice for a groom that had to leave his hometown for another city, as it always gives him a way to remember where he came from, and all the memories that are attached to his home city.

Each glass measures 3.5 inches high, is 3.25 inches in diameter, and holds 11 ounces. 

5. Dave & Buster’s gift card

Give your groom the gift of a fun night out with you, or with his friends!

Email a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Dave & Buster’s gift card

There’s a lot of moving pieces that need to come together in order to have the wedding day go smoothly. You need to arrange a lot, including catering, flowers, photos, and special attire, not to mention organize all the guests! That’s why the lead up to a wedding can be hectic and even stressful for both the bride and groom. After the festivities are over, it’s time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, and what better place to do just that than Dave & Buster’s? Here you can have fun like kids again, and enjoy all the cool video games and interactive games they offer. At the end you can even turn in your winnings for a prize!

Let your groom take a load off and enjoy a night out with you (or his buds!) to play some games, enjoy some good pub food like burgers, wings, and fries, and enjoy a beverage from their extensive beer and cocktail list.

Email a Dave & Buster’s gift card

6. Personalized collar stays

Give him a secret message to wear throughout the special day

Personalized collar stays
These personal gifts offer little messages of encouragement and love. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

It’s safe to say your groom has already picked out an outfit for the big day that makes him look good and feel confident. No matter if he’s wearing a suit or a tux, chances are he has a nice dress shirt to go under the jacket. And that dress shirt probably has room for collar stays in order to keep the collar down and looking great. While there aren’t slots for collar stays in all dress shirts, if you know there are in the one your groom is wearing, why not go the extra mile and get him a pair of personalized stays?

These silver-plated brass collar stays can be personalized with any message, and they are each 2.5 inches long. Choose to say something encouraging, cheeky, or just add yours and his names to them. He’ll smile when it puts them in, and they’ll be close to him for the entire day!

7. Visa gift card

The gift a groom can spend literally anywhere

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

If you need a gift for your groom that is sure to be a hit, you can’t go wrong with a Visa gift card. These gift cards can be used at almost any store, giving him the chance to choose exactly what he wants to spend it on. Does he want to pick up tickets to see his favorite team after the wedding? Or does he want to purchase an extra excursion for the honeymoon? He can do it all with ease with a Visa gift card. 

One of the many advantages of choosing to go with a Visa gift card is that it can be used online as well, so you’re not limited to just one place. If he needs a new pair of shoes, a new case for his phone, or even if he wants to stop at the local coffee shop and support a small business, he can do it with this card. 

Pro tip: GiftYa Visa gift cards make fantastic last minute gifts too! You’ve got a lot going on in the lead up to your wedding, so it’s understandable if you forget a gift. Text him a Visa gift card and you’ll look like you had it planned out the entire time. 😉

Text a Visa gift card

8. A pair of personalized cufflinks

A customized gift for him in your own handwriting

A pair of personalized cufflinks
A pair of cufflinks with a message in your own handwriting is a great sentimental gift to your groom! Image courtesy of Etsy

Cufflinks are a great way to elevate a regular suit ensemble, which is why lots of grooms decide to go with shirts that support them. Does your groom have a shirt that requires cufflinks for the big day? If so, personalized cufflinks will definitely make him smile when it puts them on! You can choose from either a round or square shape, and four metals: steel, yellow gold, rose gold, and gunmetal. But what really makes these the cufflinks of choice is that you can include a personalized message in your own handwriting! That’s what will make this a gift to remember.

It’s easy to have the shop do this as well. All you need to do is write the personalized message you want engraved, take a photo of it, and then send it to them with your order. He’ll smile each time he puts them on!

9. Pre-ceremony letter exchange

A gift to your groom that he will cherish

Pre-ceremony letter exchange
Write a heartfelt letter to your groom on your wedding day. Image courtesy of Etsy

There’s nothing quite like speaking from the heart, especially on your wedding day. And while it can get hectic and there’s lots to do, taking a moment to write out a special note to your husband before the ceremony will be something he always cherishes. Sometimes it’s hard to say exactly what we’re feeling, and wedding days tend to be full of a lot of nerves and lots to do. That’s why writing something down ahead of time and giving it to him is a great way to make sure he knows exactly how you feel.

These cards are made of 100% cotton paper, and include a chiffon bow in the color of your choice, as well as an envelope that is labeled “To My Husband.”

10. Texas RoadHouse gift card

He’ll definitely look forward to a nice steak dinner after the wedding!

Email a Texas RoadHouse gift card

Texas RoadHouse gift card

Weddings can be whirlwinds, and it always seems that the day goes by too quickly—thankfully you’ll have lots of pictures! When everything has settled down and the two of you are back to normal, why not treat him to a great steak meal at Texas RoadHouse? This casual steakhouse would make a great date night occasion and he can choose from all his favorite steaks! Whether he’s in the mood for a sirloin, NY strip, filet, or a T-Bone, he can find all these and more, along with amazing sides like fries, baked potato, or a salad to go with it.

Come for the amazing steak, but make sure you stay for the cheesecake or apple pie!

Email a Texas RoadHouse gift card

Those are our favorite wedding gifts for the groom from the bride! 

Whatever you decide to get your future groom we are sure he’s going to love it, after all you’re the one who picked it out! Remember, you don’t have to get anything big, and sometimes the smaller, sentimental gifts are the ones he will remember most.

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