These Last Minute Closing Gifts For Buyers Make For A Great Housewarming Party!

Building rapport during your house hunting time and showing your appreciation is important, so here’s a few ideas for you…

You’ve just closed on a deal with a couple that’s been in the market for a house for a little while now and it’s exciting, they finally got their dream home and you’ve helped them find it. Now that the paperwork is done and they are getting ready to start their lives in their new space, you’re getting ready to say goodbye, but you don’t want to go without getting them something to show your appreciation after all this time spent together. We’ve compiled a list of last minute gifts for buyers that will be a great first addition to their new home.

An easy and efficient last minute gift is a GiftYa digital gift card. If you’re unfamiliar with GiftYa, then here’s a mini breakdown:

  • GiftYa is a website/mobile app that has thousands of virtual gift cards to places you know and love like retailers, restaurants, fast food places, hardware stores, online shops, subscription services, and more!
  • You can search a place, see if it’s available, choose a value up to $100, add a custom gift message and image, then send it to the recipient via text or email almost instantly!

GiftYa makes all of your future gift card buying simple with just a few clicks of a button!

1. An Amazon Gift Card

Any new home additions they need will ship to them fast with this online superstore!

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card would make for a great last minute gift for buyers, or even a bonus gift if you have something else in mind/see something on our list today that piques your interest. Amazon is the online marketplace for, well…everything! 

They’ve got a wide selection of products and a lot that could make for nice starting additions for a new home like furniture, wall decorations, faux and real plants, paint/painting supplies, appliances, bed sets, bathroom products, and more. 

And the most convenient thing about Amazon? They ship to you fast, especially if you have Amazon Prime, sometimes you can get your orders as soon as the very next day! Your clients can start creating their dream home ASAP, and isn’t that just the best feeling?

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

Custom Goodies For The New Homeowners

Doormats, keychains, pet collars, signs, and more- all customized!

Free Happy Family Sitting on the Couch Covered with Plastic  Stock Photo
High fives all around for starting the unpacking process, time to start putting together the dream home!

There’s a lot of little things that you can add to a house to make it feel more…homey. And a few of those are custom products that will be super cool additions to the new space that’ll add that personal touch. You’ve spent a fair amount of time with clients and have learned a few things about them, so you can decide what would work best for them, but here are a few ideas that could work for anyone:

  1. A Personalized Doormat
  • Personalization Mall is the place to go to for custom home products and their array of doormats with different designs on them would be a great gift. They have a bunch of different styles ranging from about $20 to $30. You can add your client’s last name to the mat and some come with cool designs like this Laurel Wreath Personalized Monogram Doormat- 18x27 on sale for $19.99 or the New Home, New Memories Personalized Doormat- 18x27 also on sale for $19.99.
  • Or support smaller artists and get a custom doormat from Etsy, you can find really cute ones like these Custom Doormats on sale for $14.95+.
  1. A New Pet Collar

Now obviously the pet collar gift won’t work if your buyers don’t have a pet, but if they do, then you can get their little furry friend a new collar or tag with their new address on it. A small way for them to welcome them to the neighborhood and take their little guy or gal out and about…

  • If It Barks has a ton of cool and colorful dog collars that come in a ton of different designs like stripes, webbed, swirled, embroidered, reflective, fabric patterned, waterproof, and hemp all for around $30.
  • Made by Cleo is all about cats, they have ID tags, bow-ties, themed collars for the holidays, collars with fun designs, bandanas, and more! Their prices range from $11 to $30.
  1. Keychains And Welcome Signs
  • Hand over the keys with style and add a personalized keychain with their name or fun inside joke you came up with during your time together. There’s this Stainless Steel Keychain on sale for $2.40+ and the Personalized Photo Keyring for $6.58+ is great because you can add a photo to make it that little more special.
  • This Custom Wood Sign is a rustic piece that’ll be perfect for any home and it’s on sale for $38.50+.
  • And this Personalized Family Name Metal Sign on sale for $33.50+ is a really sleek matte black design that’ll look good in any home.
  1. A Drawing And/Or Picture Of Their New Place
  • Buying a house is a HUGE deal, especially nowadays and having the moment captured to look back on would make for a really great gift. You can have a commission drawing of the house done and then get it framed. 
  • You can also get a still of their house from Google Images, then print it out and frame it for them. Or if you have a really good camera, take a picture of the house, it’ll be fun to look back on decades from now to see how much love and change they’ve put into it.

Can’t Go Wrong With A Gift Basket And Good Wine

A gift basket is always full of fun goodies and you don’t have to stick with just fruit…

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We love a good housewarming party, and what better than to have some fun gifts to celebrate with!

Everyone loves a good gift basket, even if it’s the cliche fruit basket, we still love a good basket, so yes we’ve got a few of those to recommend but we also have a few options that’ll be fun for the years ahead…

  1. Gift Basket Galore
  1. Wine, Whiskey, And Glasses

If the house enjoys a good bottle of red and/or that smooth comforting warmth of liquor, then give them a few bottles of something to toast to the new house by themselves and when the friends and family come over.

  • Get them a few bottles of delicious wine from Winc. Winc is the Internet’s #1 Wine Club and for good reason, you can get 4 bottles designed to the tasters palate. It’s a great way to try out new wine and get a new favorite. (Plus if they like the wine, you can get them a subscription for a few months).
  • Drizly has bottles of whiskey from all over, and they also got beer, wine, and other liquors too! They even got a “gift” tab you can search through to find the perfect fit for your clients.
  • Add to their new cupboards with a set of drinking glasses, there are a ton of great Drink Glass Sets on Amazon you can browse through, add those with a nice bottle and you’re set!
  1. Welcome Them To The Neighborhood With A Gift Certificate

Moving to a new neighborhood can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re moving to a place you’ve never been to before and don’t know where all the good spots to eat, shop, and socialize are. That’s why getting the family a gift card or certificate to the best places in the area will be a great step for them to find their way around their new neighborhood.

The Not-So-Boring Home Essentials

Get gifts that’ll be useful for the years to come in their new space!

Free Cheerful laughing couple in casual clothes having fun and dancing together while unpacking carton boxes after moving into new contemporary apartment Stock Photo
Moving in is exciting and a special moment for the whole family, and for you to give a last minute gift to the buyers makes it that much more special.

Practical gifts as we get older get more and more appealing, especially when you’re doing a very adult thing like buying and moving into a new house! That’s why giving a useful gift might just be the most appreciated thing they’ll get.

  1. Stamps, Tools, And Smart Vacs!
  • One thing that can get overlooked as you’re moving? Return stamps. You’ll need to have those so you can send out mail and receive it. It’s a small gift that might just alleviate any future moments of panic when they realize they don’t have stamps!
  • Another practical yet necessary item for a new home is a tool kit. Tool Kits are important to have, you never know when you’ll need a screwdriver or hammer to put up that new art piece or when you need to fix something that’s fallen apart.
  • Packing styrofoam, bits of paper, broken glass, crumbs from snacks, and dirt is no more with the eufy by Anker Robot Vacuum Cleaner on sale for $159.99. A great way to clean the house without having to get up from the couch!
  1. Security To Protect Their New Home

Hooking up your clients with home security to protect their new investment would be an amazing gift to get them. Making them feel safe in their new home can be a really helpful thing to do when everything is so…new.

  • Google Nest has door locks, cameras, doorbells, and smoke & CO alarms all available to bring a little more comfort to the home when you’re getting used to being in a new space.
  • And Ring home security systems are super popular because they have state of the art technology here to protect your home both while you’re home and away.
  1. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Pick up whatever you need from the store and pay with a gift card you can use almost anywhere!

Buy A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

New home owners will tell you that the first few weeks is a lot of: “oh we need to go to the store and buy this.” And as a realtor you are probably very familiar with that song and dance, so how about a gift card that instead of only being able to use at one specific store, you can use at almost any store in the country?

That’s right, Gift Card Granny sells custom Visa gift cards that can be used at any participating store in the entire country! Plus, they’re customizable, meaning you can add a picture- (maybe of the new house they just bought), add a gift message like “congratulations”, and pick the amount that goes on the card. You can put anywhere from $10 to $500 on the card, so it can definitely be a helpful gift when they need to run to the store for their most recent need.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card to Gift Card Granny here!

Purchasing a house is a big step and with your teamwork, you were able to set these people up for a lifetime of memories in a place they can now call home. All of these last minute gifts for buyers will just be a small addition to this big moment.

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