The Very Best Gifts You Can Text For Fathers Day!

March 31, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s the time to celebrate the one that is always there for you. There’s been many years of Father’s Day gifts already on the table and if you’re going to be away from home this holiday and still want to do something special- we’ve got the gifts for you!

These are the best gifts you can text for Father's Day and all of them are courtesy of the GiftYa!

GiftYa is an online “warehouse” full of digital gift cards to thousands of locations all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, local favorites, and more! You can purchase up to a $100 gift card to your dad’s favorite places and send it to him via one simple text message. All you have to do is go onto the GiftYa website, type in the spot, select an amount, and then send it over instantly! GiftYa makes gift giving easier than ever, so let’s give you a few ideas that’ll make your dad’s day!

1 - REI

Does your dad love the outdoors? This well-loved store has just about everything he could need!

Buy A REI Gift Card

Recreational Equipment Inc. aka REI is the place to go to for any activities regarding the outdoors. If your dad has a big trip planned and needs some gear, or is famously an “outdoorsy guy” then a gift card to REI will be a huge get. This American retailer has products for any kind of sport and adventure and for any kind of season:

  • Camping & hiking equipment like backpacks, tents of any kind, sleeping bags, hammocks, hiking wear, on the go camping kitchen utensils & cookers, chairs, tables, headlamps and more.
  • Climbing equipment like special shoes, harnesses, ropes, hardware, clothing and essentials. 
  • Cycling gear like bikes, helmets, clothing, bike components, racks and tools.
  • For in the water, they have kayaking equipment, paddle boards, canoes, rafts & tubes, beach gear, accessories & more.
  • Running shoes, clothing, and gear.
  • Fitness clothing, accessories, and yoga equipment.
  • Snow clothing, skiing & snowboarding equipment, and accessories.
  • And all the essentials you’ll need for traveling like luggage, backpacks, and car racks.

Lot’s of options, lots of fun to be had in the great outdoors!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to REI here!

2 - Amazon

A place where you can get almost anything, really really quickly!

Text An Amazon Gift Card

Not sure what exactly your dad is looking for? Need somewhere where he can pursue through virtual “aisles” and check out in minutes? Amazon is that place. If you haven’t used Amazon before, you’ve at least heard of this mega store. They are one of the leading members in all things online shopping, they have furniture, decor, tools, clothes, electronics, toys, games, food, and more!

Your dad can take a look through Amazon’s many tabs or search directly for what he wants on the website, and with just a few clicks of a button he can have his item ordered and ready to be shipped right to his home. (Plus if he or the family has Amazon Prime, you can sometimes get that delivery as quick as the next day, along with movies, tv shows, and music). A little gift that can lead to big things!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

3 - Barnes & Noble

If your dad is a big reader and is waiting for the new release of his favorite series, then this is for you!

Buy A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Books allow anyone to jump into a new world, whether that world is fantastical, a mystery to follow along, an influential person’s life story, the latest part in your guilty pleasure Young Adult series, or a self help guide that’ll leave you wanting to improve your best self- books are an important part of life and where better than to get those books then Barnes & Noble!

Barnes & Noble is a well known retailer that has a wide selection of books of many different genres, TV & movie box sets, memorabilia from your favorite stories, board games, magazines, writing utensils, journals, and more. 

Your dad can order a book online or go into the store, sit down in one of those comfy chairs, and read for a while.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

4 - AMC Theatres

Go with him or tell him to take himself out on a date to the latest movie releases!

Text An AMC Theatres Gift Card

Driving to the movie theater, going through the till, getting your ticket, standing in line to get your too-buttery popcorn & soda, walking to your theater, picking your seat, and sitting down to finally watch the movie you’ve been looking forward to for months is a delightful feeling- especially if it’s with your loved ones or friends who are just as excited as you are.

That’s what AMC Theatres is and has been here to do for you.

They have the latest releases in beautiful quality, from 2D to 3D, and the seats are comfy for your viewing experience. Having a gift card to AMC Theatres is great not just for buying a ticket, but getting your favorite treats to enjoy while you’re watching the latest laugh or gasp the movie elicits out of you.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to AMC Theatres here!

5 - Panera

Coffee, tea, bagels, cookies, soups, and more are all hot & ready to serve!

Buy A Panera Gift Card

If your dad likes to work on the go or simply enjoy sitting in a cafe where they can enjoy a good meal, then a Panera gift card might just be the way to go! Panera Bread aka Panera is a well known fast-casual food chain that has locations all over the country selling a variety of baked goods, sandwiches, and other cafe-like foods. 

On the menu right now there’s Chicken Tikka Masala Soup, Mac & Cheese, Cinnamon Crunch Bagels, Asiago Bagels, Brownies, Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza, Mediterranean Bowl, Smoky Buffalo Chicken Melt - Toasted Baguette, an array of coffee, tea, breakfast before 10:30, and more is what makes Panera a great place to go. You get all that delicious food either in-store or to take home with you!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Panera here!

6 - Lowe’s

If a home project needs done- come to this famous American retailer!

Text A Lowe’s Gift Card

If there’s something your dad has talked about recently, there’s a good chance in one of your many conversations it was about the house, or more specifically a home project that he wants to start/work on. If so, then a Lowe’s gift card is going to be super helpful in his planning stages. 

Lowe’s has almost anything you could need when it comes to home renovation. They have a variety of products like shiny new appliances, mulch & plants for your garden, tiles, paint cans, countertops, flooring, paneling, tools, plumping, hardware, decor, and more. 

Lowe’s is the best gateway to finally start that project your dad has been going on about.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Lowe’s here!

7 - Old Navy

Give that old wardrobe something new, shirts, pants, or shoes, you can’t go wrong here!

Buy An Old Navy Gift Card

Sometimes those old dad jeans just won’t cut it anymore, they’re fraying and the closet is in need of an upgrade- that’s where Old Navy comes in handy! Old Navy is an American retail chain focusing on all things clothes and accessories. They have over one thousand locations selling the latest in comfy cozy fashion.

They keep up to date with the changing seasons so as the weather gets warmer, the clothes in store and online will reflect that. Need a new bathing suit for the upcoming family holiday? No worries, Old Navy had plenty of suits in a variety of fun colors to choose from. 

Old Navy can fit you with an entirely new outfit for a date night or to finally add a new collared shirt to the closet, whatever they decide to choose, it’ll be perfect.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Old Navy here!

8 - PetSmart

Calling all pet dads, here’s a place to splurge on your favorite furry friend!

Text A PetSmart Gift Card

Calling all pet dads! This one is gonna be for them! PetSmart is a chain of pet stores known for their wide range of products for many different kinds of pets. They have accessories, toys, homes, food, and other goodies for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, and mice! So many things for so many animals!

PetSmart has helpful guides and employees that can help you find the right products for your favorite little guy or girl. And some PetSmarts even offer Pet Services like grooming and training. So check out your local PetSmart and see what they have to offer!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to PetSmart here!

9 - Jersey Mike’s

Need a bite to eat that quick, easy, and delicious to get? Try out this famous fast food spot!

Buy A Jersey Mike’s Gift Card

If your dad is on the go all the time and forgets to grab lunch sometimes, they won’t have to worry anymore with a Jersey Mike’s gift card! Jersey Mike’s is an American sub shop that, well, is all about subs! Subs aka submarine sandwiches are this restaurant's area of expertise. Freshly sliced right in front of you as you're ordering it, this beloved chain makes “authentic Northeast-American style sub sandwiches on freshly baked bread”- they want the customer to know that they have some of the best sandwiches you can get at any fast food chain.

On the menu you can expect to see cold subs like Ham & Provolone, The Veggie, The Original Italian, and the BLT, while their hot subs consist of the Portabella Cheese Steak, Chipotle Cheese Steak, Mike’s Chicken Philly, and more. They also have kid’s meals, drinks, and sides of chips if you’re looking for a little more to add to your lunch.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Jersey Mike’s here!

10 - Foot Locker

New shoes! New shoes! It’s time for a pair of sweet new shoes from the best brands!

Text A Foot Locker Gift Card

A new pair of shoes are always a delightful gift to get, especially if the ones you have could be traded out for new ones with better support. You wear shoes all the time and your dad deserves to have ones that’ll be comfy for him for the years to come, and Foot Locker has just the shoes for him!

At Foot Locker you can expect to see many famous brands of shoes from Air Jordans, Nike, New Balance, and more. Getting a gift card to Foot Locker is great because it can be used for multiple pairs of shoes if the sales are good.This way you can get some of the best shoes for one of the best people in your life.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Foot Locker here!

Whether you decide to get a gift that’s as simple as a coffee drink in the morning or a new fridge for the home, these are some of the best gifts you can text for fathers day! All of these can be sent right to your dad’s phone, it’s that easy!


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