The Perfect Guide on Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls

Shopping for Teenage Girls can be Hard, we hope that these ideas help you!

The teenage years… we all went through them and remember what was of utter importance at the time. These are some of the most awkward yet fun years of our young lives.The time period is full of firsts and when we make some of those mistakes that make us look back and shake our heads wondering why. Some of the most important things in our lives during this time include impressing our friends and keeping up with the latest trends that are circulating the internet, as well as the media culture around us. 

With that being said, unless you have a teenage daughter or niece or perhaps even a friend's kid that you have watched grow up, then there is the high chance that you may not know where to begin when it comes to finding that “right” gift for their birthdays. 

As you read through this piece you will learn more about some of the popular gifts that any teenage girl would be happy to receive. We hope that these ideas help to not only inspire you, but help if you find yourself in a pinch when it comes to getting the teenage girl in your life a last minute gift.

GiftYa is the perfect place to find a giftcard for her! What is a GiftYa you ask? Let us tell you, it is a unique site that allows you to choose from thousands of local and national brands to send an e-gift card to the recipient through text message or via email. 

1.Text a Sephora Gift Card!

What teenage girl doesn’t like makeup? Text a Sophora Gift Card

Text a Sephora gift card

No matter what age she is turning, it is hard to go wrong with a gift card to Sephora. Now we know that there are a number of makeup brands that you can choose from, but as a teen girl, most want nothing more than to be treated and act like a grown up. 

By visiting GiftYa, you can go ahead and text a Sephora gift card as a birthday gift. Now what makes a gift card over text so special? The top reason that you should choose to text a gift card such as this to her is because it not only permits for the recipient to use the gift card in person, but also online. An added advantage that many are just beginning to realize is that by having a gift card sent to them via text or via email it is that much harder to lose it!

Text a Sophora Gift Card

2. Custom Neon Light Sign

Light it up!

The beauty of these is that you can keep them as simple as your teenage girls name, or choose an inspirational phrase. Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

Are you looking for a unique birthday gift idea for the teenage girl in your life? If you are then this is a great gift to consider! We have all seen the neon lights that decorate the signs of restaurants or that outline the names of movies, but did you know that you can get them for room decor as well? 

This is the perfect gift if you are looking for something different and special for your teenage daughter or a friend’s. All you have to do is hop online and find a shop that makes these lights and then the fun begins! You can keep things simple and get your teenage girl's name made into one of these neon lights or pick a phrase or word that you know she likes. These not only make for a great gift but also for great decoration for her room as well.

3. Printing Pen

For the artistic hand.

Flowers, animals and the list of possibilities go on. With this magical pen you will be able to watch your art go from being an idea into a 3d masterpiece! Image courtesy of Amazon.

If the birthday girl is an artist or into new projects then we highly recommend that you consider this gift for her! The MyNT3D Printing Pen brings art to a new level. With the work of a steady hand she will be able to watch different creations come to life. All she will need is the pen and a few different cartridges of color and a creative idea to begin. We recommend this for those who are artistic and patient as it does take time to learn to do as any other skill.

4. Birthday Candle

Perfect for the Zodiac Sign fanatic!

Horoscope candles come in all shapes, sizes as well as colors. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Is she into star signs? Reading what her horoscope sign reads everyday? Or perhaps likes to check to see what her month's sign will bring? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this is a great gift to get her. 

One of the best parts about these zodiac sign candles is that you can get them as either just the zodiac sign for the time she was born, or go even deeper and find the date of the month.

As can be seen in the example above, the candles come in various sizes and the labels that they have may differ. You can get her something detailed as shown, or even a candle that has a label that is as simple as her birth month. Gifting her with a candle like this shows that you have paid attention to something that is important to her and that you wanted to gift her something that you know she will appreciate.

5. Lounge Set

Perfect for being comfortable and cozy

Whether long sleeved or short lounge sets make for a comfortable go to for hanging out around the house or while at close friends homes.Image courtesy of Walmart.

Now this gift may be hit or miss. You may get the response of an eye roll from our younger teenage girls when they initially open this, being at the age where they would prefer money or gift cards. However, the older age group of teenage girls tend to be a fan of these. 

Lounge sets are not only comfy but there are a number of colors as well as themes to choose from. Before deciding on a set to gift your teenage girl, we recommend that you take a moment to consider the types of colors she likes or the themes of things in her room or the school supplies she may have chosen. 

By taking these into consideration it can help you further determine what direction to go when picking out a set for her. Whatever set you choose, it is essential that you get a receipt just in case she needs to exchange sizes or wants to choose a different color set. And yes, there will be those times as well that she might just choose something different all together from the store for herself. The long and short being that it is better to be prepared for any of the given scenarios.

GiftYa Recommends: Text a Lululemon gift card or Third Love gift card to add some luxury to her loungewear

6. Infmetry Capsule Notes

A reminder of love, encouragement, as well as compliments.

Cute notes to gift a friend, sibling or cousin. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Looks like a bottle of pills right? Or like those capsules that you would stick into water and would become sponge shapes, animals or perhaps cars? 

Now these Infmetry capsule notes are a great way to show the teenage girl in your life that you are there and just how much you care. Not only do they come in cute packaging but each capsule has a small piece of paper that allows for you to write a note of encouragement, love or perhaps even a compliment. The simplest message can make her day. 

If you are feeling creative you can write specific types of messages to coordinate with the different colors. For example the yellow capsules could contain a message reminding the recipient how amazing they are, while the red ones are to be opened if they are having a bad day and need some words of encouragement to cheer them up, etc. 

If you do decide to go that sort of route we recommend that you add a note with a key that tells them what each of the colors represent. This is a great gift for your teenage girls and is something that is personal as well.

7. Bedshelfie

The new bedside table alternative

Want a bedside table that takes up little space? Then we have you covered. Introducing the bedshelfie. Image courtesy of Bedshelfie.

Does the teenage girl in your life complain that her bedside table is too big or too far away? If she does, then we have a new alternative for you. We introduce to you the bedshelfie. 

Now what is so great about these? There is little to no assembly required and they can just be attached to most bed frames. With the bedshelfie, your teenage girl can set out her phone to charge, leave her drink and still have space for a book or journal that she may keep. Now not only is some space being saved in her room, but she now has the ability to simply reach next to her to grab anything she may keep on the little shelf.

8.  Hidden Pocket Scrunchie

A great way to store a couple bucks or some keys without having to bring a wallet.

A great alternative for the times that you don't want to take a purse out with you. Image courtesy of Alexander Jane.

Do you have a teenage daughter, or girl in your life who likes to go out with friends but is always losing her wallet or doesn’t want to carry a purse? If so then this is a great gift to consider. We don’t know if you knew, but hidden pocket scrunchies are one of the new greatest hits. 

They have just the right amount of space for you to be able to throw a few bucks, a house key and perhaps some chapstick in. Depending what she decides to put into her scrunchie it can be easily used one of two ways. The first being that she could wear it on her wrist as a bracelet, the second being that she can wear it in her hair. 

Now she has the ability to go out and not worry about carrying or losing things. This is a great gift for teenage girls who are simplistic and don’t carry a ton of extra things such as wipes, sunglasses or packs of gum/tins of mints.

9. Bagsmarter Electronics Organizer Case

Makes traveling with chargers more efficient.

The perfect space to keep wires from becoming tied up while traveling from one location to the next. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Whether the teenage girl in your life travels a lot, or if she has a number of chargers for her electronic devices, this is a great gift for a teenage girl no matter what age she is turning. 

As we all know, now it's not uncommon to find that teenagers have a number of electronic devices all with their own specific form of power sources or charges. Makes keeping everything organized especially when it comes to traveling a hassle. 

If this is the case for the teenage girls in your life, we recommend gifting her a bagsmart electronic organizers case. This case is perfect for no matter where she may be and will help keep from having to constantly untangle the chords that always manage to become a twisted knot within minutes.

10. Personalized Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

Makes it both special and more fit for the recipient, text a gift card

Text a Gift Card

Did you know that you could personalize a Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny for your teenager? You really can’t go wrong with one of these. With a personalized Visa you can choose a picture from your camera roll and upload it online to be processed. The possibilities of what you upload are endless, from choosing a cute picture from vacation to a funny one the sky's the limit.

Text a Gift Card

We hope that the gifts in the list above are able to aid in choosing that last minute gift for the teenage girl in your life!

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