The Most Fun Ways to Enjoy Sons and Daughters Day With Your Kids

Surprise your kids with a gift on this special day devoted to them.

When you have children, they become a priority in your life, but you don’t always get to spend a lot of time with them. You’re often busy doing other important things when your kids want you to play with them, or you’re just tired after a long day. On Sons and Daughters Day though, you should let the day be all about them! Treat them to the kind of fun that you can’t on an everyday basis. 

There are a number of things that kids love that you can give to yours on this day. You can go with one or even more gifts, but if you need any ideas, we have them here for you. From food to adventure related gifts, your kids are sure to appreciate just about any of the gifts on this list. It is sure to make their day and have them feeling excited for the next Sons and Daughters Day. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card lets someone choose their perfect gift. 

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GiftYa Gift Card
This is the easiest way to make a gift card purchase. 

A gift card is always one of the best gifts that you can get someone because it lets them pick out their own gift. One of the best places you can get a friend a gift card from is GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes purchasing gift cards a quick and simple process. You can choose what the gift card will look like and where the gift recipient can go shopping with it. And even if they’re not a fan of the store you chose, GiftYa will allow them to switch it up and pick out a new location themselves. 

With GiftYa, you can purchase a gift card online and text or email it to a friend. This is all done digitally, so there is no chance of this card ever getting lost. This method simplifies everything for everyone involved. GiftYa offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments so it won’t be difficult to find the right gift for the right person. 

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2. Spend the Day At Home

Not much can top a lazy day at home. 

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Family sitting on sofa watching tv

There is nothing the average kid loves more than getting to spend the day with their parents. Most of the time, you are at work while they are at school. And even on some weekends everyone has separate things to do. Make this day all about spending time with the kids! From morning till night, you can spend the day at home doing anything you would like. 

Having a fun lazy day at home can involve watching lots of movies and ordering plenty of takeout. It’s pretty much the ideal way for a kid to spend time when they’re at home. Watch some of the kids favorite movies back to back with their favorite snacks in hand, and order their favorite foods. And try skipping the dreaded chores for just this one day. 

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3. Make Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is a great way to start a day. 

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This breakfast was served with love. Image courtesy of Berries

Making breakfast for your kids won’t be something different from the usual, but it will be different if you serve it to them in bed! Having the chance to do something you might not usually allow, like eating in bed, will have the kids feeling extra excited to be doing it. Bring the breakfast to your kids while they’re in their own beds, or invite them to have a breakfast feast with you in yours! 

Pleasing kids with breakfast foods is a really easy job. Breakfast foods are often a favorite among kids, even those who are picky eaters. If you make a mix of savory and especially sweet breakfasts, your kids will have an amazing start to son and daughter’s day. Just make sure to serve breakfast to them with plenty of napkins and be ready to do some laundry soon afterwards. 

Order breakfast in bed with a Dunkin’ gift card

4. Bake a Dessert Together

Dessert is always a kid favorite. 

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family is cooking in the kitchen
A family that bakes together has a great time. 

There is not much that kids look forward to more than dessert. Dessert is a kid favorite that they don’t get to enjoy as often as they would like. Many kids would choose to have dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they could, but since you’re the one who often puts a stop to that, let them indulge on their special day! 

Baking a dessert with the family will make having dessert into a fun process. You all get to have some fun in the kitchen putting the dessert together, tasting it, and anticipating the finished product. A process that can often feel like a tiring job will feel more like a bonding experience. The fact that the kids took part in making it themselves will probably make this dessert even more enjoyable for them. 

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5. Play Games

Make having fun a priority on Sons and Daughters Day. 

family playing carrom
Your kids will be really excited if they manage to beat you. 

Kids love playing games! Instead of being the boring adult as usual, join in with the kids on their games for today. Don’t let the pull of being a normal adult keep you from indulging in childish games on Sons and Daughters Day. There are some games your kids play that you probably wouldn’t want to join in on a regular day, but go ahead and get on the ground and act like a walrus if that’s the game they want to play. 

And when you’re done playing their games, you can introduce them to some of your favorite childhood games. Try board games like Candyland, Monopoly, or the Game of Life. Your kids are sure to love some of the board games you grew up with if they don’t already. And you all can even try some brand new games together. Learning the game as you all go along can be part of the fun. 

6. Make Art

Work everyone’s creative side. 

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children are making art
Get in touch with your inner child. 

Arts and crafts are a child’s domain. Many kids like to make art at any chance they get, and as you may know, that sometimes means having “art” drawn on your living room walls when you aren’t looking. You might sometimes give your kids some art supplies to distract them while getting important things done, but this Sons and Daughters Day, sit and do some art with your kids. 

You can choose to color, paint, draw, and even make somewhat more complicated DIY art projects. Whatever you choose to do, it will be a fun time with the kids doing something that they love to do. You can even make it a really serious affair and carve out an art space in your home. Try clearing out a space on the ground so that you all can really spread out and get to work without having to worry about messes. 

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7. Have A Picnic

Lunch tastes even better when you have it outdoors. 

You can pack any food your kids want for a picnic. 

Something we all don’t do enough is enjoy outdoor picnics. Having a picnic is a really fun way to spend time with your family. You will get to enjoy lots of time outdoors as you eat finger foods that you prepared before heading out. You can even get the kids involved in the prep process. Depending on what you plan to bring, they can help put together sandwiches or pack away fruit. 

When preparing for a picnic, choose the best park that comes to mind for lounging, and make sure to have all the supplies you need. You can find some high tech picnic baskets to take on your trip. Some of them have cooling or heating capabilities so that your food can stay as fresh as possible. Eating outside in the grass, bathed in sunlight makes eating lunch a more exciting affair. 

8. Visit the Zoo

Roam around together in a wildlife museum. 

little girl standing at giant aquarium
Seeing these sea creatures in person is a whole different experience. 

On the next Sons and Daughters Day, take your kids on a trip to the zoo! The zoo is one of the best places you can take your kids for a celebration. From jungle animals to sea creatures, your kids will see some of their favorite sights at the zoo. Kids are often fascinated by animals, and will be really excited for the rare chance to see the types of animals they usually can’t see in person. 

At the zoo, a family can walk around and have a good time for hours. Most zoos have different sections for animals who belong in different habitats, so it will feel like you’re in a new place with each habitat you enter. This trip will not only be fun, but educational as well. Your kids will end up learning a lot about animals from visiting the zoo. You can help out by reading the information written about the animals and their habitats aloud to them!

9. Visit An Amusement Park

Non-stop fun on all kinds of rides. 

Amusement Park at night
Day or night, the amusement park is always a good time. 

There are few things more exciting to a kid than visiting an amusement park. An amusement park is an exciting place to visit for kids and adults. So the whole family can be just as happy to spend the day going on fun rides and enjoying sweet treats during breaks. At an amusement park, you will never run out of things to do. There will usually be more rides than you can even ride in a single day available to you. The worst thing about an amusement park trip is usually the lines, but the ride at the end is definitely worth it! 

Your kids might be roller coaster lovers or they might prefer the less intense rides, but either way, there are plenty of options for both. Simply being in the amusement park atmosphere will make you feel more upbeat than usual. Just make sure to go while the weather is good so that you can all fully enjoy basking in your time at the amusement park. 

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom made gift card for the special people in your life. 

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Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for any of your kids. One of kid’s favorite things is having options, and this gift card will certainly give that to them. With Gift Card Granny, you can create a custom gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card allows you to add whatever you want to it. It can be delivered within minutes so your kids can get to doing some online shopping right away. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy when you visit their website. It takes just a few steps to end up with a great looking card with a personalized message and image on it. What you will need to do is add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it. You can even add a video message to it to make your kids feel extra special!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Your children are the most special people you know, and now it's time to make sure they know that. This Sons and Daughters Day, give your kids a gift that they will want to talk about for weeks!

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