The Best Gifts You Can Get For the Loving Dog Owners In Your Life

Anyone who owns a dog is likely to love any gifts that involve them.

Dog owners are very lucky people who tend to be really proud of their dogs. Each day they live with a pet that is super happy when they are around and sad whenever they go. They get an excited greeting whenever they get home because their dog was mostly just waiting for them to get back so they can enjoy their company again. Having a dog is a gift itself, but every dog owner can sometimes use a gift that reminds them of how lucky they are to share their home with such a loving pet. 

There are so many great gifts you can get for dog owners that they will appreciate. Some of the best things you can give to a dog owner is something that also benefits their dog. When a dog owner’s pet is happy, they are also happy. Another great thing that works well as a gift are things that remind them of their pet when they are out and about or even just relaxing at home. So if you don’t know what to get the dog owner in your life, don’t worry about it, we know what you can get! Any one of the options on this list, from dog themed socks to pet carrying backpacks, can make the dog lover in your life very happy. 

1. A GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card gives a person a bunch of options. 

This is the easiest way to make a gift card purchase. 

A gift card is always one of the best gifts that you can choose for someone, and that is because they give a gift recipient options, which is something that the average gift doesn’t do. One of the best places you can get them a gift card from is GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that manages to make everything easier when it comes to giving out a gift card. GiftYa allows you to send reminders so that the person with the card doesn’t forget to use it, it allows the user to change the merchant, and it is stored digitally, making it impossible to lose. 

With GiftYa you can purchase a gift card online and text or email it to your favorite receptionist so they can use it from their phone. This way, they can start using the gift card right away and you don't even have to leave your house to get it for them. This method simplifies everything on both sides. It also helps that GiftYa offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments. You can find gift cards for fashion lovers, food lovers, workout buffs, DIY lovers and more. GiftYa offers great options for every kind of person. 

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2. Treat Holder

A treat on the go will make a pet and owner happy. 

This treat holder is cute and functional. Image courtesy of Amazon

A treat is something that anyone’s dog will welcome at any given moment. And sometimes when a dog owner is taking their dog out for a walk, they might want to give them a treat. That’s where this treat holder comes in. Not everyone wants to walk around with a bag to hold treats in when just taking their dog out for a walk, but with this treat holder, they can attach a treat to their keychain. 

They can whip it out whenever they need, when their dog does a cool trick or just when their dog has been really good on a particular walk. This is a gift that will make a dog owner happy along with their dog. 

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3. Custom Pet Face Socks

Take your pet with you everywhere you go. 

Wear your pet right on your feet! Image courtesy of Amazon

Someone who has a dog probably hates that they have to be away from them so often on a daily basis. So why not give them a gift that will allow them to carry their dog around with them! These custom dog face socks will let a dog owner walk around with a picture of their pet’s face right on their socks. 

All you need to do is get a picture of someone’s dog to make it happen. And that certainly won’t be hard, dog owners often love showing off their pets. It will make them smile to know that their dog’s face is all over their socks while they go about their daily tasks. It can even be fun for them to wear these socks while relaxing at home with their dog!

4. Dog Silhouette Slippers

Walk in shoes that remind you of your favorite pet. 

This is a familiar shape. Image courtesy of L.L.Bean

A dog owner is very likely to enjoy a soft pair of slippers with the image of a dog on them. These slippers have a separate half of a dog silhouette on either side, which is a really fun design. These slippers are soft and cozy and will be enjoyable to walk around in and lounge alongside your dog. They are made with soft fleece liner and made to represent the colors of nature. 

These will work well for comfort and will be sturdy enough that an excited dog won’t mess them up when jumping all around their owner. They are even easy to slip on and off so your friend can roll around with their furry companion. And maybe your friend’s dog can manage to figure out what the black outline is when they have their feet together!

5. Dog Mom Mug

Show off someone’s most important title. 

Show off your most important role. Image courtesy of Amazon

Being a dog parent is something that people are generally proud of, so get someone you care about a gift that lets them express that pride! This mug will remind someone of their pet while they’re at work and will still be fun to drink from at home. It will be a reminder of their favorite job to do. It is also a great conversation starter, and people with pets love to talk about them. 

This mug has a fun pattern and is made of durable high quality stoneware. It will be just fine even when used right next to a rowdy pet. It makes a wonderful companion for a dog owner when they want a mug full of something to drink. 

6. Dog Carrier Backpack

Sometimes a dog might need a bit of a boost. 

Sometimes a dog needs a boost. Image courtesy of Kurgo

Sometimes a dog owner may need to travel a long way with their pet, and a dog carrier backpack can make the experience even easier. This backpack is helpful for numerous scenarios that may come up. Maybe someone has been hiking for a long time and their dog could use a break, or they are traveling across difficult terrain that it would be easier to carry their dog through. 

A dog owner doesn’t have to feel bad taking their dog on long hikes and tiring them out too much if they have this bag on hand. It can be there whenever someone’s dog needs a break or gets sleepy. That way their dog can rest while they continue the trip with no setbacks. This is the perfect gift for someone who is active and loves to enjoy the outdoors with their dog!

7. Dog Print Oven Mitts

A chance to cook with puppies on the palm of your hand. 

Cook in style. Image courtesy of The Dog People

If you know a dog owner who loves to cook, a pair of dog print oven mitts could really make them happy. Give a dog owner more opportunities to wear dog related memorabilia by getting it for them. These oven mitts with several different breeds on them are really fun and can make cooking even more enjoyable. There’s also a chance that the breed your friend has is on these oven mitts!

These oven mitts are sturdy and comfortable. Made with 100 percent cotton, they are extra comfortable for people to slip their hands into. It also works great for gripping and will help along the cooking process. So they are cute as well as functional, which makes a great gift for a dog owner. 

8. Human/Dog Matching Hoodies

Matching with a furry friend can feel more fun than doing it with a human. 

You’ll turn heads in these matching outfits. Image courtesy of Spark Paws

You can help a dog owner and their dog walk around in style with the purchase of matching hoodies. A dog in a sweater is one of the cutest things that anyone can come across, and it’s even better when the owner gets to match the dog. Your friend and their dog will be a delightful sight for people to see when they’re out and about. Matching hoodies can make an outing with a dog even more fun than usual. 

These hoodies are soft to give off maximum comfort so a person and their dog can be comfortable throughout their days. These hoodies have pockets, drawcords, and ribbed knit hems. Any pet and owner duo seen out wearing these will make a very big impact. People all over will share in their joy when they see them dressed up together. 

9. Pomeranian Charcuterie Board

Why not snack from a surface that reminds you of your pet?

One of the best shapes for a charcuterie board. Image courtesy of Etsy

For any and all snacking needs, a pomeranian charcuterie board works great as a surface. Whether or not someone likes to make traditional charcuterie boards, one is still great for organizing all kinds of snacks. It will make any combination of snacks look more put together and aesthetically appealing. It will overall add a fun twist to someone’s usual snacking. 

It’s a huge bonus that this board is shaped like a pomeranian. It would be perfect for a dog owner who has a pomeranian, and if the person you know has a different breed, you can go searching for a board shaped just like their dog or at least like one that is similar to it. This can even just be used for decoration because of how great it looks. Any guests you have over will be sure to love it too!

10. Pet Humor Hat

Sometimes a person needs clothing with a funny phrase on it. 

Make people laugh with a relatable joke. Image courtesy of Etsy

This hat shows off a phrase that lots of people can relate to, especially dog owners. When many people see a dog, they have a strong urge to pet them, and dog owners are used to getting that request when they walk around with their dogs. They can even get the urge to pet other dogs whenever they aren’t with their own furry friend. And many people are willing to drop whatever they’re doing in the moment just to pet a dog for a little bit. 

This distressed hat is trucker style and unisex. It’s a casual hat that can be worn just about anywhere with any outfit, so whoever you give it to will have lots of chances to wear it. And now that Spring has arrived, wearing a cap like this one will do a lot to keep the sun out of someone’s eyes. This will be the perfect hat for someone to wear while out walking their dog!

When you’re looking for a gift for a dog owner, dog related gifts are some of the best that you can choose from. You can go with something that reminds a person of their dog or something they can use to benefit both them and their dogs. Whatever gift you choose from this list, a lucky dog owner is sure to really appreciate it!

We hope you appreciated this list of gifts for dog owners. 

Dog owners are some of the most loved people around. They get frequent affection from their dogs who adore them, and in turn they have a lot of love to give. Why not show them some love with a gift that pays homage to one of their most important relationships? Anything on this list will make a dog owner happy, so get to choosing!

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