Summer Is On Its Way, But Not Yet! Here’s The Best Last Minute End Of The Year Teachers Gifts!

Markers are dried up, pencils are missing, and the colored paper is almost out, let’s replenish those much needed supplies…

New supplies at the beginning of the year are crucial for a successful school year, especially for those teachers that have a lot of fun projects planned that involve paper, glue, scissors, colored pencils, markers, paint, and more. So as the school year passes by and glue sticks become less sticky from the cap not being put on correctly, crayons break from getting stepped on, and everything else starts to get a little low, having a new replenishment in materials is needed. 

Today we’re here to give you our own “lesson plan” on last minute end of the year teacher gifts that’ll make those final projects go by with ease- (and even give a head start for the next school year in the fall).

If you’re busy like a teacher, constantly running around trying to get stuff done and don’t necessarily have the time to get a cart’s worth of supplies for them, consider using GiftYa! GiftYa is an online “warehouse” that’s full of digital gift cards to thousands of locations all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, online stores, local businesses, and more. You can purchase up to $100 of any gift card you like and it can be sent instantly to the person of your choice. It takes minutes and it’ll make someone’s day.

GiftYa makes gift card buying easy!

1. Amazon

An easy way for teachers to order what they need so it comes in early for the school year!

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

amazon building

An Amazon gift card would make for an amazing last minute end of the year teacher gift because they can get anything they specifically need for their classroom that’s not included on this list. 

Every classroom is different, every teacher is different, and every student is different, so there might be something  they need that’s a little bit out of the ordinary. But don’t worry! At Amazon you should be able to find the things you need, that’s why it’ll be a welcome gift.

This virtual superstore has furniture, tools, office supplies, electronics, clothes, shoes, food, drinks, toys, games, self-care products, fidget toys, accessories, and much much more. And if they get everything they need for the classroom? Well, that means this gift can be used for the teacher. They can finally get that item they’ve been wanting or save it for later when they need it. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

2. Supplies, Supplies, And More Supplies

Need pencils, pens, paper, and possibly more? We have the best recs of all!

Free Person Coloring Art With Crayons Stock Photo
Have a brand new packet of crayons ready for when all of them get lost or broken throughout the year.

As the school year goes on and the pencil jar just has a few broken ones left, students will sometimes go up to the teacher’s desk and ask if they can have a pencil from their own jar- and then it happens again, and again, until the teacher doesn’t have any pencils either! So here’s a list of supplies, pencils and all, that might be in need of a replenishment:

  • These Ticonderoga Wood-Cased Pencils are a favorite amongst students and we agree! They tend to last longer and the eraser is one of the best compared to other pencil brands.
  • If you need just a few markers, this 40 pack of Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers is a great find but if they need a BIG amount of markers, then look at these Rarlan Washable Markers that come in a box of 240!
  • Again, if you’re going for bulk, these 24 Count Crayons (12-Pack) are the perfect fit.
  • For the kiddos, these safety scissors are great to use and if you have older kids then this set is great.
  • Now, regular white printer paper is always going to be available and pretty easy to find, but colored paper for projects? That might run out, or more specially one or two colors will run out so that’s why any of these options would be perfect. Shop by the pack or get an individual color!
  • And finally we have glue sticks! Glue sticks tend to bear the brunt of damage compared to all other school supplies. Caps get left off or the glue gets smashed, it isn’t a pretty sight- that’s why these Elmer's All Purpose School Glue Sticks make for a great gift.

3. Don’t Get Bored With These Board Games

Downtime in the classroom and don’t want the kids on their phones? Roll some dice!

Free Dices and Wooden Pieces on Game Board Stock Photo
Learn new things while you play games and get competitive, fun for all around!

It’s the end of the week and the weekend is right around the corner, with the lessons of the day coming to an end early there might be some down time for the students, and if you’re looking for a way to keep them entertained and also encourage group bonding then why not have them play some board games? Board games offer a chance for friendly competitive banter, teamwork, and learning.

4. Cold’s Are Spreading, Let’s Get Tissues & Hand Sanitizer!

Nothing is more useful in a classroom than some good quality tissues and germ-fighting sanitizer!

Free A Teacher and Boy Using Hand Sanitizer Stock Photo
Preventing germs from being spread around is a great way to prevent sick kids and teachers!

When we were in school, towards the end of the year teachers would ask students to bring in tissue boxes because tissue boxes are one of the main things that disappear quickly with a class of 20 or more kids using them all the time. And anytime someone blows their nose, they’ll use hand sanitizer right after so that it also dwindles down!

Classroom’s Restocked, Here’s Some Gifts For The Teacher:

5. Thermal Mugs & Electric Coffee Warmers

Keep your coffee and tea warm throughout the day, you probably need it!

Free Person Getting a Thermos Stock Photo
Those winter early mornings getting to school can be COLD, warming up with a hot drink is the way to go.

Heading to the coffee maker throughout the day is something a teacher does quite frequently, especially on those slower days during the Spring when everything seems to draggggg just a bit more when everyone’s anticipating summer break. What better than to get your favorite teacher a new thermos or something they might not have heard of before: an electric coffee maker!

  • This Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated thermos is perfect for drinks, you can keep things cold or hot for 24 hours!
  • And this Thermos is great for meals! If you have homemade soup or noodles you wanna take into work, this is the thermos to do it in!
  • New on the scene is electric mug warmers that you place your cup on and it warms it up for you! So if you want to still drink out of your mug and not out of a thermos this VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer is gonna be your new best friend.

6. Unwind With A Foam Roller

Standing up, crouching, and leaning over desks all day can lead to a bad back…let’s help with that!

Free Young man in sleepwear suffering from headache in morning Stock Photo
Less waking up with a bad back before school in the mornings, more waking up with a pep in your step!

When you’re a teacher you are constantly moving around, whether it be standing up during a lesson, leaning down to look at a student's work at their desks, getting on the floor for the universally known “circle time,” or running around to different classrooms all day. With that can come the occasional, or frequent, back, neck, leg, and shoulder pain, so let's talk solutions: 

7. Appreciation Gifts From The Students

Getting told you’re doing a good job by the young minds you're teaching? Nothing quite like it.

Free A Teacher and a Girl Doing a High Five Stock Photo
Both the students and the teacher feeling good at the end of a lesson is the best feeling.

This gift might require some planning but it’s gonna be so worth it. It’s a relatively simple idea: have all of their classes make “Thank You” cards for all the hard work they've done throughout the year. Since the school year is coming to a close a lot of the students will have gotten a chance to know their teacher and for the teacher to have formed a bond with them, so having a thank you card made by the students would make for a delightful last minute end of the year teacher gift.

8. Don’t Feel Like Cooking? Blue Apron Delivers!

Have meals delivered to your door instead of having to figure out what to make at the end of the day.

Free Men with Girl in Kitchen Stock Photo
Prepare food with easy to follow steps that the whole family will love!

If you’re not the biggest cook in the world and want to try to get into cooking- then we’d recommend looking into Blue Apron! Blue Apron is a “Meal Delivery Service” that makes cooking actually fun. They send you fresh ingredients with clear instructions on how to put them all together to make a meal you’ll want every week. 

Plus if you end up falling in love with the meals Blue Apron cooks up for you and you want to continue your subscription, they offer flexible scheduling. Meaning you can cancel or skip boxes at any time, no questions asked! Blue Apron makes it so even the busiest teachers out there have a great home cooked meal to come home to. You can purchase a GiftYa gift card to Blue Apron.

9. A Glass Of Red? Yes Please!

Unwind after a day of teaching with some of the best wine on the market!

Free stock photo of appartment, at home, at table Stock Photo
Bring out the games, grab the glasses, and enjoy some time spent with family!

If you’re someone who enjoys having a drink at the end of a long hard day, more specifically a bottle of wine, then a Winc box is gonna make for an amazing gift. Winc is the place to “discover the wine of your dreams” through a quick one minute quiz asking you what your tastes are like and then you’ll get 4 bottles perfectly tailored to your answers. And if you like the bottles Winc sends you, you can sign up as a member and discover new wines that’ll expand your palate. A glass of wine is perfect to have at the end of a day of grading assignments. 

10. A Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Money to spend wherever you want on whatever you want!

Buy A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

If there’s one thing that’s universally known is that money makes for a great gift. And for a teacher? This Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny can be used for almost anything anywhere in the country. You can choose any amount from $10 to $500 to add to the card and a fun gift message/picture along with it to make it personal for the teacher. A perfect gift for your favorite teacher!

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Teachers deserve our appreciation for all that they do for us. They teach us not just lessons from a book, but life lessons we will take with us as we grow. All of these last minute end of the year teacher gifts would make for great additions to the classroom and themselves.

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