The Ultimate Guide to Subscription Gift Ideas for Him

Show Him You Care with These Thoughtful and Engaging Subscriptions

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can sometimes be a challenge. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because, you want to choose something that is thoughtful, useful, and enjoyable. Subscription gifts are an excellent solution, offering the gift that keeps on giving with monthly surprises tailored to his interests and hobbies.

From gourmet foods and craft beers to books and fitness gear, there's a subscription box out there to match any man's tastes and passions. In this guide, we've compiled a list of the best subscription gift ideas for him, ensuring you'll find something that will make his day – and his month.

Stay tuned for our subscription gift ideas, including:

  • Gourmet and drink subscriptions for the foodie and beverage enthusiast
  • Hobby and lifestyle boxes for the active and adventurous
  • Unique and fun subscriptions to keep him entertained

1. Craft Beer Club

Discover the Best Craft Brews

Craft Beer Club logo

For the man who loves his beer, the Craft Beer Club is a fantastic gift. Each month, he’ll receive a selection of twelve beers from four different small-production, independent breweries across the United States. The box includes three bottles or cans of four different styles, offering a variety of flavors and brewing techniques.

Each shipment also includes a newsletter with detailed tasting notes, brewery profiles, and suggested food pairings, enhancing his beer-drinking experience. This subscription is perfect for expanding his palate and discovering new favorite brews.

2. ButcherBox

Premium Meats Delivered to His Door

ButcherBox official logo

If he loves to grill or cook, ButcherBox is an excellent subscription gift. Each month, he’ll receive a box of high-quality, sustainably sourced meat, including options like grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage-breed pork. The meat is flash-frozen at peak freshness and delivered straight to his door.

ButcherBox offers various box options, including custom boxes where he can choose his favorite cuts. This subscription ensures he always has premium meat on hand for his culinary creations, making it a gift that is both practical and delicious.

3. The Book of the Month Club

Curated Reads for the Avid Reader

The Book of the Month Club logo

For the book lover, a subscription to The Book of the Month Club is a thoughtful gift. Each month, he can choose one book from a curated selection of five new releases, featuring a mix of genres and authors. The selections are handpicked by a panel of judges, ensuring a diverse and high-quality reading experience.

The Book of the Month Club offers the flexibility to skip a month if none of the selections appeal to him, and he can also add additional books to his box at a discounted rate. This subscription is perfect for keeping his bookshelf fresh and his reading list exciting.

4. Dollar Shave Club

High-Quality Grooming Essentials

Dollar Shave Club logo

Dollar Shave Club is a practical and luxurious subscription gift for the man who takes pride in his grooming routine. Each month, he’ll receive high-quality razors and grooming products like shave butter, aftershave, and body wash. The subscription is customizable, allowing him to choose the frequency of deliveries and the types of products he prefers.

Dollar Shave Club offers a range of grooming kits, including options for skincare and hair care, making it easy to tailor the subscription to his needs. This gift will keep him looking and feeling his best every day.

5. Man Crates

Unique Gifts for Every Man

Man Crates

Man Crates offers a variety of themed subscription boxes filled with unique and exciting items tailored to his interests. From grilling and smoking kits to whiskey appreciation sets and DIY project crates, there’s something for every type of guy. Each crate is packed with high-quality gear, tools, and treats that he’ll love exploring.

One of the standout features of Man Crates is their fun and interactive packaging. Many crates require a crowbar to open, adding an element of adventure to the unboxing experience. This subscription is perfect for men who enjoy hands-on activities and discovering new hobbies.

6. Blue Apron

Gourmet Meals Made Easy

Blue Apron logo

If he enjoys cooking but could use some inspiration, a Blue Apron subscription is a great gift. Each week, he’ll receive a box with all the ingredients and step-by-step recipes needed to create delicious, gourmet meals at home. The ingredients are fresh, pre-portioned, and sourced from sustainable farms, ensuring high quality and minimal waste.

Blue Apron offers a variety of meal plans, including options for vegetarians and those following a Weight Watchers program. This subscription makes it easy for him to cook impressive meals without the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping.

7. Bespoke Post

Curated Boxes for the Modern Man

 Bespoke Post logo

Bespoke Post offers a subscription service that delivers themed boxes filled with high-quality, unique items tailored to his tastes. Each month, he can choose from a selection of boxes featuring everything from stylish accessories and grooming products to barware and outdoor gear. The boxes are designed to help him discover new brands and elevate his lifestyle.

Bespoke Post allows subscribers to preview their box each month and choose an alternative if desired, ensuring he always receives something he’ll love. This subscription is perfect for the man who appreciates thoughtful, well-curated products.

8. Stitch Fix

Personal Styling Delivered

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

For the man who wants to look his best without the hassle of shopping, Stitch Fix is an excellent subscription gift. Each month, he’ll receive a personalized selection of clothing and accessories handpicked by a professional stylist based on his style preferences and size.

Stitch Fix offers high-quality, stylish clothing from top brands, making it easy for him to build a versatile and fashionable wardrobe. The service includes free shipping and returns, allowing him to try on everything at home and only keep what he loves. This gift is perfect for the fashion-forward man who values convenience and style.

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

9. Cairn

Outdoor Adventure Gear

For the outdoorsman, a Cairn subscription box is a fantastic gift. Each month, he’ll receive a curated selection of outdoor gear, apparel, and snacks designed to enhance his adventures. The items are sourced from top brands and are tested for quality and performance.

Cairn offers a variety of subscription options, including monthly and quarterly boxes, as well as the Obsidian box, which features premium gear worth over $300. This subscription is perfect for keeping his outdoor gear collection fresh and ready for any adventure.

10. Vinyl Me, Please

A Record Club for Music Lovers

 Vinyl Me, Please logo

If he’s a vinyl enthusiast, a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please is a gift he’ll cherish. Each month, he’ll receive an exclusive, limited-edition vinyl record, along with a custom cocktail recipe and an art print inspired by the album. The records are pressed on high-quality vinyl and often include special features like colored discs and gatefold covers.

Vinyl Me, Please offers three different subscription tracks: Essentials, Classics, and Hip-Hop, allowing him to choose the genre that best suits his musical taste. This subscription is perfect for expanding his record collection and discovering new music.

11. Winc

Curated Wines Delivered to His Door

Winc logo

For the wine lover, a Winc subscription is an excellent gift. Each month, he’ll receive a selection of wines tailored to his taste preferences, which he can refine through a fun and simple quiz. The wines are sourced from top vineyards and are chosen to match his unique palate.

Winc allows subscribers to rate the wines they receive, ensuring future shipments are even more personalized. This subscription is perfect for expanding his wine knowledge and enjoying new, high-quality wines every month.

12. BattlBox

Tactical and Survival Gear

BattlBox logo

If he’s into tactical gear and survival tools, a BattlBox subscription will be right up his alley. Each month, he’ll receive a box filled with hand-picked survival gear, including items like knives, fire starters, camping equipment, and emergency supplies. The boxes range in size and value, with options to suit different budgets and interests.

BattlBox also offers a community of like-minded subscribers, where he can share tips and experiences. This subscription is perfect for the man who loves outdoor adventures and wants to be prepared for anything.

13. Watch Gang

A New Watch Every Month

Watch Gang logo

For the watch enthusiast, a Watch Gang subscription is a stylish and exciting gift. Each month, he’ll receive a new watch from a variety of brands, ranging from well-known names to boutique manufacturers. The watches are valued at 2-5 times the cost of the subscription, ensuring great value.

Watch Gang offers different tiers of subscriptions, allowing him to choose the level that best suits his taste and budget. This gift is perfect for expanding his watch collection and discovering new styles.

14. SnackCrate

International Snacks Delivered Monthly

SnackCrate logo

For the man who loves trying new foods, a SnackCrate subscription is a fun and delicious gift. Each month, he’ll receive a box filled with snacks from a different country, offering a taste of international flavors. The boxes include a variety of sweet and savory treats, along with a booklet that provides fun facts about the featured country and its snacks.

SnackCrate offers different box sizes, allowing him to choose the amount of snacks he wants each month. This subscription is perfect for satisfying his taste buds and exploring new cultures through food.

15. Hunt a Killer

Immersive Murder Mystery Experience

Hunt a Killer logo

For the man who loves a good mystery, a subscription to Hunt a Killer is an engaging and thrilling gift. Each month, he’ll receive a box filled with clues, evidence, and documents to help solve an ongoing murder mystery. The story unfolds over multiple episodes, providing hours of entertainment and mental challenge.

16. Online Gaming

Upgrade His Gaming Experience with a Sub to Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Online

PlayStation gift card

No matter what his console of choice is, chances are he’s paying for an online subscription to get the most out of his games. Here’s a quick look at some of the online gaming subscriptions out there:

PlayStation Plus: For monthly downloads, cloud storage, and other perks… but he also needs it to simply play online. Text a PlayStation gift card >>

Xbox Live: Xbox Live (Gold or not) helps him stay online and stay connected while playing his favorite console based video games. Text an Xbox gift card >>

Nintendo Online: Unlocks the ability for online play (including having multiple people on each console join in for certain games). The subscription comes with 8 seats and also grants access to nostalgic channels like the Game Boy channel and SNES channel, which have hundreds of nostalgic games between them and free DLC for popular games, like Happy Home Paradise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch. Text a Nintendo gift card >>

17. Streaming Services

Cover His Fees Now That He’s No Longer Part of Your Household

Buy a Paramount + gift card

With Netflix cracking down on password sharing outside of the same physical household (even if I’m away at college? Ok bro), the streaming game is becoming every man for himself. Help him re-up his assortment of streaming options with a gift card to a streaming service he has anyway, or one he’s been talking about wanting to try.

Or Send a Hulu gift card

(PS GiftYa also has gift cards for Apple, Amazon, and other in-demand streaming services)

That’s it for our list of the best subscription gifts for him.

Subscriptions are the gift that just keeps giving. Make sure he’s getting and getting and getting something he likes when you choose from the awesome subscription services above. Not seeing the perfect subscription gift for him? Check out the full GiftYa catalog for other gaming options, streaming services, and other subscriptions he’ll enjoy.

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