The Best St. Patrick’s Day Stuff You’ll Want for Any Celebration 🍀 [2024]

From Green Beer to Gift Cards Covered in Clover, These St. Patty’s Products Are Totally Worth Going in On

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, which means now is the time to start gathering your St. Patrick’s Day stuff! Whether that means mastering the green beer recipe you found online or picking out party favors for everyone who comes to your shindig, we’ve put together the ultimate list of St. Patrick’s Day supplies that every party host needs to see.

Stay tuned for the best St. Patrick’s Day stuff out there:

  • Green drinks you can buy or DIY
  • Shamrock decorations to bring a little piece of the Emerald Isle to your party
  • Authentic Irish food, movies, and more

So let’s get started!

1. St. Patrick’s Day Gift Cards

Treat Someone You Love to Their First Round at the Pub

Text your buddy a beer with GiftYa

St. Patrick’s Day Gift Cards

Okay, so St. Patrick’s day might not be the first holiday you think of when it comes to giving gifts, but the history of giving small gifts for St. Patrick’s Day actually goes all the way back to religious celebrations in Ireland over 1500 years ago. And though our modern celebrations look very different than they did in those days, giving a small gift is still a great way to celebrate – particularly when you simply text a gift card to your friends’ phones during the festivities. 

For anyone over the age of 21, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest occasions that sends people out to the pub with their pals. That’s why texting a beer – or a gift card to the bar where your group will be starting the celebration – is a great way to get the festivities going.

But how does texting a gift card for green beer work, exactly? Glad you asked. Sending digital gift cards to thousands of local and national brands takes just seconds with GiftYa. Simply search for your favorite local pub or beer distributor, customize your gift, and off it goes. 

The digital gift card balance can be used from the GiftYa app or attached to one of the cards they carry with them every day anyway and automatically applied to their purchases. That means with GiftYa, there’s one less piece of festive green plastic to try to keep track of as you check out your city’s St. Paddy’s celebration. Check out the link below to explore which of your favorite bars, pubs, and breweries are participating – and to learn more about how GiftYa works.

Text your buddy a beer with GiftYa

💚 Bonus Points: Help make sure your favorite people make it home safe when you text them an Uber gift card or Lyft gift card to use when the party is through for the night.

2. Green Beer or Cocktail Ingredients

Green Beverages Are Actually Better Than They Sound!

a glass of green liquid next to a bowl of pretzels
Buy it or DIY it, but green beer is an essential part of any adult St. Patrick’s Day party. Image courtesy of Food and Wine.

When it comes to hosting the ultimate St. Patrick's Day party, one thing is certain – green beer and cocktails are absolute must-haves. As you prepare to celebrate this lively holiday, there's no better way to set the festive mood than by serving up some vibrant green libations. Whether you're pouring pints of emerald-hued beer or mixing up shamrock-inspired cocktails, these colorful drinks are sure to be the life of the party.

Green beer, a beloved tradition on St. Patrick's Day, adds a playful touch to any gathering. Simply add a few drops of food coloring to your favorite brew, and voila – you've got an instant crowd-pleaser. For those who prefer cocktails, options like the classic Shamrock Sour or the refreshing Emerald Isle Punch are sure to delight guests with their festive flair.

3. Shamrock Decorations

Give Them Space to Record Their Adventures So They’ll Never Forget a Detail of Their Road Trip

Shamrock Decorations
This 20 piece party decorations kit comes with all of the St. Patrick’s Day stuff you need to get the party started – or at least getting the room festive!  Image courtesy of Target.

Decking out your St. Patrick's Day party with shamrock decor is a surefire way to infuse your celebration with Irish charm. From shamrock banners hanging on the walls to table centerpieces adorned with lush greenery, these iconic symbols of luck and prosperity add a festive touch to any holiday gathering. 

Scatter shamrock confetti across tabletops, hang shamrock garlands from doorways, and incorporate shamrock-shaped balloons into your decor scheme for an extra dose of St. Patty’s Day green. With shamrock decor setting the scene, your St. Patrick's Day celebration is sure to be a hit.

4. Irish-Themed Accessories

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ireland flag
St. Patrick’s Day is a fundamentally Irish holiday – which means it’s essential to stock up on Irish accessories and decor, and add symbols like the Irish flag to your celebrations.

Adding Irish decor and accessories like an Irish flag to your St. Patrick's Day party instantly brings the spirit of the Emerald Isle to life. Hang an Irish flag proudly to honor the heritage and culture of Ireland (and more specifically St. Patrick’s Day), setting the vibe for a celebration friends and family will remember for a long time to come.

But it’s more than just shamrocks – consider adding Irish touches like Celtic knot decorations to create a more authentic atmosphere. That also means incorporating Irish symbols like Claddagh rings into your decor scheme for a little extra razzle dazzle. With authentic Irish motifs like these, your party will transport your guests to the rolling hills of Ireland without ever leaving your home!

5. Irish Food and Drink

Take a Bit Out of Irish Culture with Authentic Flavors at Your Party

a can and glass of beer on a table
Guinness and other Irish libations make an excellent addition to any celebration. Image courtesy of Rolling Stone.

When it comes to hosting a St. Patrick's Day party, no celebration is complete without some authentic Irish food and drink. Perhaps not known for its culinary delights, Ireland still boasts plenty of iconic dishes like hearty corned beef and cabbage, comforting shepherd's pie, and freshly baked soda bread that you can include on the menu.

For a true taste of the Emerald Isle, serve up generous portions of tender Irish beef and Guinness-infused stew and creamy colcannon mashed potatoes. And what's a St. Patrick's Day celebration without a sip of the finest Irish drinks? Raise a glass of velvety Guinness or creamy Bailey's Irish cream, or enjoy a smooth pour of Irish whiskey to wash it all down. With all these flavors added to the mix, your St. Patrick’s Day celebration will give your guests a true taste of Ireland!

6. St. Patrick’s Day Movies and Shows

Showcase the Talent of Irish Writers and Actors When You Incorporate Irish Movies Into Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Bring a little bit of Irish talent and culture to your St. Patrick's Day celebration with a lineup of Irish movies that are sure to entertain guests of all ages. Dive into the enchanting world of Irish cinema with classics like The Quiet Man, a timeless tale of love and tradition set against the backdrop of rural Ireland, or Michael Collins, a gripping historical drama that chronicles the life of the revolutionary Irish leader with Liam Nissan, Julia Roberts, and Alan Rickman among other actors.

For something light and magical, try the charming animation of The Secret of Kells – a visually stunning film inspired by Irish mythology and folklore. And no St. Patrick's Day movie marathon would be complete without the beloved comedy Waking Ned Devine. This heartwarming story is about friendship, luck, and community spirit in a small Irish village. With this sampling of famous movies about Ireland or set in Ireland, your St. Patrick’s Day party is sure to be a sensation.

7. Crafts and Activities

Give Your Celebration Some Personal Flair

a rainbow and pot of gold
Whether you DIY yourself or get your friends in on the fun, handmade crafts give any St. Patrick’s Day party some unique flair.. Image courtesy of Play Party Plan.

Whether you DIY some crafts yourself or set out supplies for your guests to get creative, St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to get creative. Here are just a few ideas for easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts that anyone can do:

Craft personalized leprechaun hats using green construction paper, gold glitter, and shamrock stickers—perfect for photo ops and party favors. 

Create DIY shamrock garlands from green cardstock or felt, stringing them together with twine or ribbon to hang around your party space. 

Set up a craft station where guests can decorate St. Patrick's Day-themed mugs or pint glasses using paint pens, stickers, and stencils.

And no St. Patrick's Day party is complete without adding a pot of gold to the end of the rainbow. Create your own St. Pat’s centerpiece using a black cauldron filled with gold-wrapped candies – chocolate coins, Rolos, Werther's caramels, Hershey’s gold nuggets, individually wrapped Reese’s cups, Ferraro Rochers, and lemon Tootsie Rolls make great options. You can also consider creating your own pin the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow game as a fun activity for all ages.

8. Green Clothing

Some of the Most Important Stuff for Any St. Patrick’s Day Party

two men sitting on a bench drinking beer
Your St. Patrick’s Day ensemble can be as simple or complex as you want, but one thing’s for sure – you’ve gotta wear green!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style! Whether you're heading to a parade, pub crawl, or festive gathering, green clothing is a must for showing off your Irish spirit. 

Opt for a cozy green sweater or hoodie adorned with shamrocks for a casual yet festive look if the March weather looks wintery this year. Pair it with jeans or leggings (green if you have it, but plain old blue or black is fine if you don’t) for a pop of color that's sure to turn heads. 

For a more formal affair, consider a chic green dress or button-up shirt paired with coordinating accessories like green bow ties, scarves, or hats. Don't forget to accessorize with green jewelry, socks, and shoes to complete your festive ensemble. Whether you're Irish or Irish-at-heart, wearing green clothing is a fun and festive way to join in the St. Patrick's Day celebration.

9. Green Party Supplies

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a table with plates and silverware
This kit has plenty of green and shamrock themed St. Patrick’s Day stuff for any party. Image courtesy of Joyfy.

Last but not least, don’t skip out on the St. Patrick’s Day party stuff. Things like green plates and napkins might seem like they don’t make much of a difference, but they not only add some extra St. Patty’s green to your party but also make clean up a breeze. And it’s not just for kids – green party supplies make a great addition to grown up parties, too!

So pick up anything you can from your local party store, whether it’s green recycled cardboard utensils or shamrock print paper cups, an subtle little shamrock print or big bold leprechaun designs, make sure you have some St. Patrick’s Day party supplies at your St. Patrick’s Day part!

That’s it for our list of the St. Patrick’s Day stuff you need to round out any shindig.

Still searching for the perfect thing? Be sure to check out the full GiftYa catalog for even more awesome local and national gift card ideas for pubs, Irish restaurants, and more. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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