Show Mom You Care with the 10 Best Gift Cards for Mom on the Market!

October 7, 2022
jason wolfe
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Moms. Moms deserve our appreciation all year round, with how much they do and how much they care, it’s important to show your mom, (or really anyone who's been a guardian over you), that you care and what better than getting her a gift where she can get whatever she wants? That’s right! A gift card! And not just any gift cards, no. These gift cards are some of the best gift cards for mom, as they cover a wide range of multiple different items that may interest them! Being able to bring a smile to your moms’ face is a great feeling and these gift cards are sure going to help with that!

Coincidentally we have a way to make getting your mom a gift card easier than you could ever imagine, with GiftYa, the online retailer to thousands of locations all around the country like restaurants, local businesses, chain, online, and retail stores, shopping for gift cards is easy! All you have to do is go onto their website, and/or download the mobile app, search your desired location, and with a few clicks of a button you’ll have a gift card on your computer and phone ready to use whenever you want. It’s all online so the hassle of keeping a card on you at all times is gone!

Explore all of the gift cards in the GiftYa catalog

1. Ulta Beauty

For all things beauty and all things self care, this is the place you wanna be!

Text mom an Ulta Beauty (GiftYa) Gift Card

You know when you need to upgrade that self-care routine? Well Ulta Beauty has got you covered x10! With their vast collection of all things beauty like makeup, face & body scrubs, moisturizers, hair care products, fragrances, and more, you’re about to have your morning and nightly routines leveled up! Either in store or online, Ulta Beauty can supply you with exactly what you need and can help you with any questions you have. They have experts ready to help you understand the ins and outs of products you may not have all the knowledge of. Plus, with an Ulta Beauty gift card it makes for adding items to your shopping bag (virtual or otherwise) just that much better.

Buy mom an ULTA Beauty gift card

2. Sephora

Help Mom Add a Little Luxury to Her Morning Routine

Text mom a Sephora gift card

If mom is a makeup guru, she’s probably got a Sephora tab open on her phone at all times (whether or not she knows how to clear her old windows is a different question). Sephora carries all of your mom’s favorite beauty brands – from skincare to haircare to fragrance to cosmetics – all in one place. 

The sophisticated black and white color palette of the store makes stopping automatically feel like an event, but there’s no gatekeeping here. Sephora’s team is always there to offer recommendations, or even throw mom in the beauty chair to demo some new products or techniques. And with Beauty Insider and VIB perks (it’s free to sign up, and you can start racking up rewards on day one), mom’s Sephora gift card will go even further.

Send a Sephora gift card with GiftYa

3. Bath & Body Works

To smelling nice both on your person and when you walk into your home, cheers!

Text your mom a B&BW Gift Card

You know when you walk into a Bath & Body Works and you go around smelling all those amazing smells, then you look at the time and realize it’s been an hour already? Well get ready to do that with zero guilt because today we are here to browse and buy! Bath & Body Works is for all things care and for all things that will have you saying: “ahhhh” in a sigh of pleasure as the aroma wafts through your place. 

From fragrance sprays, body creams, hand-sanitizer, and bath soaps, to candles (so. many. candles), aromatherapy, and more, Bath & Body Works has changed the game when it comes to smelling good and feeling good. 

And since they wanna make either shopping in store or online easy and fun, Bath & Body Works has eGift Cards and regular gift cards at your disposal! Their values range from a small amount like $5 to a bigger amount like $250! You can select what you want to pay for and then viola, your very own Bath & Body Works gift card is ready to use!

Buy a Bath & Body Works digital gift card

4. Dunkin’

When you want that early morning caffeine boost, an afternoon snack, or late night treat!

Text a Dunkin’ Gift Card

Calling all the moms who have a sweet tooth or just a little bit of caffeine cravings, this place is for you. That’s right, it’s Dunkin’! Dunkin’ or affectionately also called Dunkin’ Donuts is the popular chain fast food restaurant around the country known for its coffee, espresso, tea, frozen sugary goodness drinks, sandwiches, quick snacks, wraps, bagels, muffins, and of course: donuts! 

Whether you’re here every day picking up a coffee on the go or deciding on a weekday treat, Dunkin’ has exactly what you need! And what's best about getting a gift card to Dunkin’ is handing it over via drive-thru window or over the counter, just knowing you’re gonna use just a smidge of that gift card and you have money left over for your next trip is a great feeling.

Get a Dunkin’ Gift Card

5. Blue Apron

Give Mom the Gift of a Chill Night In with Pre-Prepped Meals from Blue Apron

Text mom a Blue Apron gift card

If your mom is anything like mine, she’s a busy lady. And if she’s the one who puts together most of the meals in her house, that’s especially true. Cooking might not get a lot of attention from the people who aren’t responsible for it day in and day out, but it takes a lot of time to think up dinners, go grocery shopping, and prepare food every night!

Blue Apron meal kits help take some of the burden off of your resident home chef. Moms who are experienced cooks will love trying out the creative recipes Blue Apron sends, and those who usually prefer take out will have fun making a night out of cooking along to the easy-to-follow direction cards. 

Send a Blue Apron gift card with GiftYa

6. DSW

Who Doesn’t Love Some New Shoes Every Now and Then?

Text mom a DSW gift card

Managing a shoe collection is tricky – you’ve gotta have options that work for all sorts of occasions, plus of course those cute boots that were just calling to you when you saw them in the store window. Everybody likes dressing up and feeling fashionable, and that includes all the mommas out there. 

A gift card to Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) will help her find the perfect footwear to complete any outfit. Whether that means sneakers to wear to the gym, sensible shoes for work, or something stylish for her next date night, mom will be able to find something sensational at DSW.

Send a DSW gift card with GiftYa

7. Soma

Treat Mom to the Coziest Sleep She’s Ever Experienced

Text mom a Soma gift card

Feeling good all day starts with a good night’s sleep. Soma intimates is known for their super cozy pajama sets and nightgowns. They even run a holiday collection each year with sleepwear options for the whole family, and what mom doesn’t want that cute matching photo with all of her favorite people?

Send a Soma gift card with GiftYa

8. Yankee Candle

Transform Mom’s House into a Spiced Pumpkin Wonderland or a Tree Farm Festival with Signature Scents from Yankee Candle

Text mom a Yankee Candle gift card

Candles are a great way to make your house feel home-y any time of year, and Yankee Candle is arguably the biggest name in the scented candle biz. Their signature scents come in all the options – three wick, jar candles, customized containers, wax melts, room sprays, you name it. However mom prefers to make her home smell good, she can find it at Yankee Candle.

Send a Yankee Candle gift card with GiftYa

9. Amazon

This has almost anything you can want…literally almost anything!!

Text mom an amazing Amazon Gift Card!

So you’ve probably heard of Amazon before, I mean, almost everyone uses it or has used it in the past. It’s a virtual (and non virtual in some areas of the world!!) store that has quite literally almost anything you could want! And naming every product they carry would take…years. So instead of doing that, how about we talk about some of the benefits of using Amazon? 

With Amazon you can get your items delivered to you from as quick as the same day you purchase, to the next, two days from then, and so on. And with Amazon Prime there’s a boat load of benefits so if you have that, getting an Amazon gift card only adds to the fun! 

With Amazon gift cards on their website, there are options you can look into regarding either select amounts or any amount down to the cent of your choosing! You can go the eGift card route, get a physical one, print them at home, (or even see their supporting products of other brands that might interest you and purchase a gift card through Amazon to those companies like Apple, Sephora, DoorDash, and more)!

Send mom an Amazon gift card

10. Visa

For when you’re unsure on where to go, why not just get them money where they can spend freely?

Text a Visa Gift Card

Sometimes a certain store or venue or restaurant isn’t sticking out to you as a great gift to get someone, and that’s when Visa Gift Cards come into play! Visa Gift Cards are essentially just a fixed amount of money you can spend almost anywhere in the world! However much is given to you, whether it's $5 or $500, someone is sure to make use out of that card by buying something they’ve wanted for a while or while browsing the shops! 

Select links on the Visa website have options where you can create your own personalized gift card, (and GiftYa can do the same), or choose a template and with a few clicks of a button you will have your very own Visa gift card all ready to go when you get your gift to the mom in your life!

Get A Visa Gift Card

And that’s it for our list of the most popular gift cards for mom.

There you go! A list of options ranging from a store that has everything to simple coffee and donuts, these are some of the best gift cards for mom you can get! Though whatever you decide, even if it’s not from this list, we’re sure she will love it, as it’s coming from you!


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