Sentimental Gifts that Your Husband Will Love

Finding sentimental gifts can be complicated, but you have plenty of options.

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When a special day for your husband is approaching, it is time to get him something really special. And even if you’ve known someone for years, and have been living with them for ages, it can still be hard to figure something out. Sentimental gifts especially can sometimes be hard to come by, and that is why we have found some great sentimental gifts for you. Anything can be made into something sentimental with a little bit of customization, and the gifts below are all satisfyingly sentimental!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Give your husband a choice. 

Send your husband a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to your husband’s phone. 

Your husband will always appreciate a gift card, and a gift card from GiftYa is a really good option. GiftYa makes purchasing gift cards simple and keeps everything digital so it is quick and easy. You can make the purchase right online and have a gift card made for a couple right away. You can then send it over right away. 

GiftYa allows you to get a gift card online with little hassle. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many different places all across the country, in person and online. Some of those places include Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target. There are hundreds of stores on the list, and if he isn’t fond of the place you chose, then he can pick a new one!

Send your husband a GiftYa gift card

2. Custom Family Portrait 

A family all together in cartoon form. 

This family looks happy together. Image courtesy of Etsy

A portrait of the family is about as sentimental as you can get, so your husband will especially appreciate a custom family portrait. A custom family portrait will bring good feelings and memories wherever it is kept in the house. Keep it in any shared room of the home so that everyone in the family and your guests can get a good look at it!

This personalized family portrait will show off your family as a fun illustration. It will include fun versions of yourselves that look very similar, and you can include anyone you want, the kids, the pets, or just you two. Just send in the image you want replicated and it’ll be ready for you.

Or try out this custom portrait that portrays a couple as a funny looking cartoon that will make him laugh. He has never seen the family this way before and will likely get a kick out of it every time he does.

3. Breakfast In Bed

A breakfast worth waking up for. 

A Maine inspired breakfast that can be enjoyed in bed. Image courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

When you want to give a gift that will make your husband feel special, try breakfast in bed. You can make his favorite breakfast foods and carry them over on a platter, or you can get some help with a breakfast food mix or have something delivered. Breakfast in bed will be a great and unexpected way for him to start off his day. It is a delightfully lazy way to spend the morning. 

Get the ingredients to make your husband a delicious Maine breakfast with Stonewall Kitchen’s Maine Morning Batter Bowl. It comes with a farmhouse pancake and waffle mix, Maine maple syrup, and Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. Your husband will appreciate every bite. 

The berry breakfast box will have the breakfast ready for you and all you will have to do is carry it to bed. It contains a pack of cherry blossom muffins, blueberry muffins, apple cranberry scones, strawberry preserves, and more. 

4. Matching Underwear

Underwear that brings you closer together. 

This is a perfect match. Image courtesy of MeUndies

A good sentimental gift for your husband can be matching underwear. Matching underwear is a gift that can be comfortable and funny. A couple can wear it together when they want to spend the day in bed or just have the other on their mind whenever they put on their matching pair and head to work. It is a gift that can be sentimental and amusing, making him happy whenever he reaches for his pair. 

For some of the best matching underwear you can find, visit MeUndies. MeUndies has a wide selection of his and hers underwear that you can customize to suit both your needs. You can choose between boxers or briefs, between bikinis or cheeky underwear, and you get to choose between fun patterns like hearts, superheroes, or your favorite pie. 

5. Personalized Mug

A mug that shows him how great he is. 

Your husband pictured like he’s never seen himself. Image courtesy of Interest Pod

A mug is something that your husband probably uses everyday, so get him one with some meaning. With a custom mug covered in sentimental messages or images, he can be reminded of his family’s love whenever he needs to get a drink. Whenever he wants a mug full of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, he will think of you when he sips from his mug. 

A Dadalorian mug will portray your husband in a different light from what he’s used to, a cooler, more exciting one. In the world of this mug, he is a hardcore fighter with the power to save the universe. It's an amazing mug to sip hot chocolate from. 

This gallery collage mug will fit several family photos. Whether it's just you and your husband, or you have kids, you can have your entire family unit pictured on this mug. Add up to 18 photos and pick your favorite color to spice up his morning coffee. 

6. Picture Frame

A picture frame worth some kind words.  

This picture frame sends a strong message. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

Get your husband a frame for his photos that he’ll feel good to see each day. A sentimental picture frame can send a good message next to whatever picture that he wants to show off. He will feel loved any time he takes a look at the frame, especially if he chooses to use it for a photo of the two of you.

This wood picture frame can be customized to say anything that you want it to say. It comes in three sizes and is ready to be mounted on a wall or propped up on a table. On top you can include your message and on the bottom you can include your name to make it special. 

Another option is this heart shaped picture frame that is the perfect frame to give him to hold pictures of the two of you. You can even add your initials or name for a bit of extra messaging. It is a great representation of your feelings for each other. 

7. Blanket With A Message

A blanket with a loving message on top.

This blanket is meant to be read. Image courtesy of Lou & Lime.

A gift that you can turn sentimental is a blanket. A blanket can come emblazoned with a special message on it or a special image that will make your husband feel close to you when he uses it. He’ll get to drape himself in a warm, sentimental blanket whenever he needs to warm up when he’s in bed or on the couch by himself. 

A love letter custom blanket from Lime & Lou can make your husband feel special every night. It looks like a sheet of lined paper and you can have a whole letter printed on it. Your husband will have to hold it up to read it, but he will always catch glimpses of your thoughtful message whenever he looks down on it. 

8. Personalized Wallet

A wallet that opens up to a message. 

A message inside his most reached for item. Image courtesy of Swanky Badger

Something your husband has to reach for all the time is his wallet, which is why a personalized wallet would make a great sentimental gift. Anytime he reaches for his ID, his credit card, or maybe his keys, he will be reminded of you and how much you care. Any time he needs a pick me up, he can just go right to his wallet to get it. 

This personalized wallet is solid, sturdy, and personal. You can include any short note that you want inside of it and sign off with your name, that way every time he needs to reach into it, he sees your note. And the front of the wallet can be topped with his initials. 

9. Personal Keychain

A keychain with sentimental words. 

These keychains can be customized to his liking. Image courtesy of Danique Jewelry.

The thing your husband reaches for most after his wallet is his keys, and that is why a sentimental keychain will be a great gift idea. With a sentimental keychain, every time he leaves to go to work or gets to his front door, he will be reminded of your thoughtful words. Pick some words that you’d like him to see each day, and this gift can be very meaningful.

This metal tag keychain looks cool and comes engraved with a custom message. He will get to hold his keys in style and get a nice message whenever he reaches for them. 

And lastly, these personalized keychains are made with high quality leather and perfectly engravable. You can include a note, a signature, or initials, and whichever way you go, it will look great!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for your husband. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Sometimes a gift card is the gift that works best for your husband, and you can make that gift card sentimental using Gift Card Granny. With Gift Card Granny, you can make a custom gift card that your husband can use to buy anything with. He will feel special getting a custom gift card and be happy that he gets to make his own choice!

Gift Card Granny is a custom gift card building website that anyone can use. Just visit their website for just a few minutes, you will leave with a custom gift right when you need it. You will need to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, add in all the personal information you can, and then text or email it right over to him. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Your husband is the most special person in your life, and now it's time to let him know that with a sentimental gift that makes him feel loved. You can accomplish that with any gift on this list, so pick something out and watch how happy he gets when he sees it! 

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