Senior Gift Ideas for Basketball Players

A senior is likely heading on a new life journey, but of course, not without basketball.

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Senior year is a very important one. It is a time where a student gets to prepare for the next stage in life and enjoy their current life for the last time. This journey will be filled with so much for a senior, especially for one who also plays basketball or another sport. A senior who plays basketball likely has a whole lot on their plate, and could always use a little pick me up. They could be worried about championship games, college scholarships, or even their future career, and a gift from you can put everything behind them for a moment. 

If you want to pick out a gift that a senior basketball player will love but can’t seem to figure it out, we’ve got a list full of items that one will enjoy. Anything basketball themed could be a hit, and the gift will be doubly good if it can also be used for something else as well. Check out this  list for some truly amazing gift ideas that a senior basketball player will be happy to receive!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that will give a senior options. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa gift card
Text a gift card to a senior’s phone. 

A gift card from GiftYa will always make a great choice when you are in doubt. With a GiftYa gift card, a senior will have full reign over what they get as a gift. With GiftYa, they will be able to choose the store they shop at if they don’t like your choice, and they can pick out anything they like.

GiftYa will let you choose a gift card, add a design to it, and send it over through a simple text message or an email. You will get to choose between gift cards for restaurants, department stores, sporting goods stores, and more. Get a gift card from Chipotle, Target, or DoorDash, and a senior can go all out ordering what they want. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Glow In the Dark Basketball

A basketball made for playing ball all night.  

Glow In the Dark Basketball
It will be easy to keep track of this ball no matter how dark it is. Image courtesy of Amazon

A graduating senior is about to move onto so many new adventures, and he can even enjoy a whole different game of basketball with a glow in the dark basketball. When a graduating senior moves onto college, they might end up playing basketball at all different hours of the night, which makes a glow in the dark basketball cool and useful.  

This glow in the dark basketball from Amazon is just right for a basketball playing senior who will be spending lots of future nights playing ball in the dark. It can glow for up to 30 hours at a time, letting a group of college kids play at any time of night, and at any location. 

Another glow in the dark basketball will light up any court it is tossed around on. It has a smooth feel and a professional grip, and will make playing at night time not feel so dark. 

3. Basketball Sneakers

A pair of shoes that make a statement. 

Basketball Sneakers
These shoes will shine bright on any court. Image courtesy of Under Armour

A senior who plays basketball can always use a new pair of basketball shoes. If they play frequently enough, they will be wearing away the shoes they have more each day, and they will be very appreciative of a new pair. They will especially love a pair of new shoes that look good so they can be stylish and functional. 

These Nike Elevate basketball shoes can help level up a senior’s game. It was made for basketball players who want to make a serious impact, whether on the home court or the school court. It will provide them with the ultimate stability all season long. 

While these lockdown basketball shoes are made to be durable and stylish. With high quality leather, mesh, and rubber, it is made to last for a really long time. It provides the ultimate levels of movement and control so a senior can let out some of their best performances on the court. 

4. Indoor Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop that works indoors. 

Indoor Basketball Hoop
This can keep a senior entertained without real basketballs. Image courtesy of Amazon

If a high school senior that you know can only shoot hoops while they are outside right now, you can give them an indoor basketball hoop that will change all of that. With an indoor basketball hoop, they can practice or just play around from inside their bedrooms. They won’t have to step outside just anytime they want to get a ball into a net. 

This indoor basketball hoop can be set up inside of a senior’s bedroom and used for some fun whenever they want. It comes with LED lights and four mini blow up basketballs so they can peacefully use it inside their room. This hoop is easy to install in a bedroom or dorm room.  

5. Basketball Themed Lights

A neon sign that shows their favorite game. 

Basketball Themed Lights
This sign can light up a wall at night. Image courtesy of Neon Grand.  

A senior will sometimes need some dimmer lights than their bright overhead ones, and when that comes up, you can make sure they have a basketball themed lamp. Sometimes bright lights are way too much and a senior will want something dimmer. They will enjoy these lights even more when they remind them of their favorite sport.  

This basketball mood light can sit on a senior’s desk and provide some dim lighting anytime they need it. It comes with a remote and can be changed to 14 different colors. There is even a guy playing basketball displayed on the side. 

A neon basketball sign from Neon Grand will light up a senior’s room with fun and bright colors. Each one you can buy is two neon colors in one. You can get a blue and yellow neon or a red and green one, or one of two more combinations. This will surely elevate any senior’s bedroom decor. 

6. Basketball Mug

A mug that is more fun than usual.  

Basketball Mug
This mug will make a senior want to play with their food. Image courtesy of Walmart

A basketball loving senior likely thinks about basketball whatever chance he gets, and you can add breakfast to those moments when you get them a basketball themed mug to drink from. With a basketball themed mug, they can start their mornings off with their favorite sport. Anytime they need a drink, they can enjoy having it served inside a fun mug that they will want to keep coming back to. 

This little mug from Walmart comes with a hoop that food can be thrown into. If a senior likes to play hoops with basketballs, they will likely enjoy playing hoops with marshmallows and cereal as well. Anything that goes into this mug can turn into a game. 

Another option is this ceramic mug is painted just like a basketball. Just the fact that it will remind them of their favorite sport just might turn this into their favorite mug. 

7. Basketball Blanket

A blanket that represents a great game and a great person.

 Basketball Blanket
This blanket is personal. Image courtesy of CoolsPod

Every basketball loving senior needs some rest once in a while, and you can help him rest with a basketball themed blanket. After a long day of playing basketball along with everything else they do throughout the day, they will be happy to snuggle up with something that reminds them of their favorite sport. A basketball blanket can follow them from the bedroom to the couch, or even on a trip, or anywhere they want to use it.

This throw blanket from Amazon looks like a basketball in blanket form. It is lightweight and can fit easily on a twin bed, the type of bed they will likely have at college, and it is super soft. 

A personalized basketball blanket is perfect for the senior who plays high level basketball. A large basketball on the blanket with their name printed under it will make them feel special. 

8. Custom Basketball Pendant

A pendant with their favorite sport drawn out.  

Custom Basketball Pendant
This charm can be carried around for years to come. Image courtesy of Alivia + Danny

For a senior who really prioritizes basketball, a basketball pendant can make a really good gift. With a basketball pendant, a senior can wear basketball on their chests with them wherever they go. It will give them even more opportunities to talk about basketball when people see their necklace charm and ask about it. 

This custom basketball pendant will represent a senior’s name and jersey number. This pendant will commemorate that information so they can always look at this necklace and be reminded of their senior years. 

A custom pendant from Alivia + Danny will show off a senior’s name and a prominent basketball hoop. It can be custom made and shipped within just a day, so a senior can have a gift about as soon as they decide on it. 

9. Basketball Themed Water Bottle

Water bottles with some personality. 

Basketball Themed Water Bottle
A water bottle with some color. Image courtesy of Amazon

A senior who plays basketball is likely super active a lot of the time, and they could use a water bottle to carry around with them each day. That water bottle will be especially fun to carry around if it resembles a basketball. They will never mistake which water bottle is theirs when it stands out compared to others, and might even remind them to drink more water when they neglect it.  

This basketball themed water bottle is for those seniors who eat, sleep, and breathe basketball. It offers 20 ounces of space in a stainless steel container meant to last. There is even an opening for a straw. 

You could also go with this  32 oz water bottle that can be customized with a senior’s name. Their name underneath a basketball is all they will need to know that this bottle is all theirs. And it comes in many colors so you can pick their favorite. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

You can take this gift card anywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card is another great option for a senior who plays basketball. A senior will really get to go wild with a custom Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will let them shop at any store, so they can get anything their hearts desire. You can customize the gift card to suit their likes and dislikes, and add images, messages, and videos. 

Get online and visit Gift Card Granny’s website to decide if you want to use a Visa or a Mastercard. You will then be prompted to add a photograph, a message, and anything else you might need to get across. Your gift card will be ready in no time so that you can text or email it right over. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Senior year can feel like the toughest, and the most fun times, and you can add to the emotions for a senior with a meaningful gift. And when basketball is a big part of this senior’s life, a basketball themed gift will be a really great one. If you pick out any gift on this list, a senior basketball player is bound to be very happy.

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