Say Yes to These Gift Ideas for a Father to Be

Do you know someone who is a father-to-be? Then consider picking up any one of these 10 amazing gifts!

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a major life change, and one that is sure to keep the parents-to-be very busy. There’s all kinds of things they’ll need to prepare for, from stocking up on diapers, making sure the crib is in order, and even ensuring that they have a good car seat--it’s a lot to keep track of! And while everyone is checking in with the mom-to-be (and rightfully so!) sometimes the dad-to-be gets overlooked. Well, we’re here to change all that with these top 10 gift ideas for a father-to-be.

So whether you want to help the new dad get all those last minute items before the arrival of the new baby, or you want to make sure he’s has everything to keep himself comfortable through around the clock feedings, we have all you need to get right here, including:

  • Practical gift cards that will help him with any baby item he may have forgotten
  • Cute accessories that will let the world know he can’t wait for the baby to arrive
  • Awesome items that will help him stay comfortable as he gets used to new routines

Send a father-to-be a gift card with GiftYa!

One of the easiest ways to get a dad-to-be a gift is by sending a digital gift card with GiftYa. This all digital gift card platform is full of over 200,000 national and local merchants that include restaurants, specialty shops, department stores, and everything in between. It’s also incredibly easy to send a GiftYa, all you need to do is choose the vendor, type in your amount, personalize it with a picture or a video, then text or email it to the recipient. They’ll never have to worry about forgetting their gift card at home since it’s sent directly to their phone, not to mention they’ll always know what their remaining balance is as well.

Now, let’s get onto our list of the best gifts for a father-to-be you know!

1. Amazon gift card

Amazon is sure to have anything a father-to-be might need at the last minute

Text an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

One of the best places you can get someone a gift card to is Amazon, because you can find anything you need at this online mega store! Not to mention the dad-to-be won’t have to worry about going out and fighting traffic, since anything can be ordered online and while he sips his coffee or relaxes on the couch after work. Whether he wants to pick up last minute items to add to the nursery, needs to make sure he has his own travel diaper bag, or simply wants to get himself some comfortable pants or shoes, he can easily do it all with a gift card to Amazon.

And with two day shipping, he won’t have to worry about waiting around for an item, as most things ship quickly and will arrive at his doorstep in no time.

Text an Amazon gift card

2. Cute dad tee shirt

A comfortable tee shirt for the father-to-be is just what he needs!

dad tee shirt
This super soft and comfortable tee shirt is just what a father-to-be needs to let the world know he’s a proud new dad. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Do you know a father-to-be that loves hanging out in tee shirts? Or perhaps he just needs something extra comfortable when he’s relaxing on the weekends? Then what better shirt to gift to him than a soft, preshrunk cotton tee shirt like this one? He’ll love that he can now let the rest of the world know how proud he is to be a dad, as each tee shirt can be personalized with the year his child was born. There are all kinds of colors to choose from, but each shirt is guaranteed to feel soft against the skin, so he’ll be turning to this one time and time again. 

It’s easy for him to care for a shirt like this too, as it can be machine washed and either tumbled dry or hung out to dry. 

Pro tip: Consider getting this tee in his favorite color--there are 12 to choose from!

3. A mug made especially for a father-to-be

He’ll be needing a lot of coffee for those early mornings, why not give a new dad this cute mug?

 A mug made especially for a father-to-be
If you know a dad-to-be that loves to have a hot beverage right by his side, then you can't go wrong with this cute mug. Image courtesy of Etsy

Lots of folks enjoy their cup of tea or coffee in the morning in order to start their day on the right foot. Some even like to enjoy a hot beverage throughout the day! If this sounds like the guy you know, then why not get him an extra special mug that reminds him each day of his journey? These well-made ceramic mugs come in a variety of color combos, and can be either 11 ounces or 15 ounces, depending on how much coffee or tea he likes to drink! 

You can even personalize the mug with all the years he’s experienced important milestones, including the year you started dating, when you got engaged, married, and now when he’s expecting a child. This is a wonderful sentimental gift that he’s sure to love, and each time he reaches for his mug it will bring a smile to his face. 

4. Barnes & Noble gift card

Here he can pick up any books to help him learn a little more about the best ways to care for baby

Email a Barnes & Noble gift card

Barnes & Noble gift card

A gift card to a store like Barnes & Noble would make a great gift, especially if the father-to-be is a first time dad. There’s lots of things he needs to learn about how to care for a baby, and what to expect as the child grows. Barnes & Noble is one of the largest bookstores in the country, and they’re sure to have all kinds of advice books by experts that will help him learn more and assuage some of his anxieties. 

While a book about learning to care for a child is a great idea, he doesn’t necessarily have to get that! B&N has all kinds of genres, and perhaps he’ll want to use this gift card to find a book that he can read for pleasure that will help him relax at the end of the day. There are lots of Barnes & Noble bookstores located throughout the country, or he can choose to browse their online collection and have it shipped directly to him. 

Email a Barnes & Noble gift card

5. New dad beer bottle labels

These cute labels would make a funny gift for any father-to-be

 beer bottle labels
If the father-to-be you know likes to enjoy a beer, these labels are guaranteed to make him laugh. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Lots of people like to enjoy a few beers here and there, and if a dad-to-be you know does, then he’ll really appreciate these beer labels. The beer labels come in a four pack and include cute sayings that he’s going to have to get used to after the baby comes. Whether it’s sleepless nights, 3 am feedings, or dirty diapers, there’s no getting around these truths with a brand new baby in the house! Each label is 3.5 inches by 2.99 inches, and will easily fit around any standard beer bottle. The set also includes 4 necker labels that say “best daddy ever” and “I love daddy” to complete the set. 

Just pick up his favorite six pack and put these labels on the bottles and you’ll have a gift he’s going to really enjoy!

6. UberEats gift card

There’s going to be even less time to cook dinner once the baby comes!

Text an UberEats gift card

UberEats gift card

Another great gift idea for a father-to-be is a gift card to a meal delivery service like UberEats. Once the baby arrives, he and mom are going to have their hands full, and that means cooking lunch or dinner just got put to the backburner. You don’t want them missing out on good, healthy meals, which is why it’s a great idea to just have it delivered to them instead! They can choose from all kinds of national chains in their area, or perhaps their favorite local restaurant is also on the platform. If they can’t go out to the restaurant, just have the meal come to them instead!

Text an UberEats gift card

7. Good pair of noise canceling headphones

Headphones will help him fall asleep or concentrate when he really needs to!

Green headpone
A good pair of headphones can help him get the sleep he needs, no matter what time of day it is. Image courtesy of Amazon

Sleep is going to be hard to come by after the baby arrives, so dad-to-be is going to have to catch up on it whenever he can. Make it easier for him to fall asleep fast with a good pair of noise canceling headphones. He can pop these on any time of day to get a quick nap, or as he’s falling asleep after a long day. These would also be a great gift if he works from home, and needs to concentrate for a few hours when he’s not caring for the new baby.

8. A pair of slippers and a robe

A robe and a pair of slippers will make those chilly nights and mornings a little easier

 A pair of slippers and a robe
A pair of warm slippers and a robe would make a great gift for early morning feedings. Image courtesy of L.L. Bean

New babies have their own schedule when it comes to feedings, and sometimes that means getting up in the middle of the night, or the very early morning. No one wants to be chilly when they’re feeding a baby, so why not get a dad-to-be the gift of warm slippers and a robe he can easily throw on anytime of day? A pair of slippers that he can slip on and a warm robe are very practical gifts, but they’re often overlooked and are sure to be much appreciated by the new father.

Pro tip: Consider getting a pair of slippers that can go outside as well so he doesn’t have to worry about changing out of them when he needs to run and get the mail or take the dog outside. 

9. A nice bottle of his favorite liquor

A good bottle of liquor to celebrate the birth of his child would make a great gift

A nice bottle of his favorite liquor
Grab a bottle of his favorite liquor to mark this special occasion. Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

If you know a father-to-be that has a favorite liquor, consider picking up a bottle to help celebrate this momentous occasion! After the baby comes, he can share a toast with friends and family, and he’ll always associate that liquor with the birth of the new child. You could also throw in a nice decanter or a pair of glasses as well to complete the gift.

10. Visa gift card

A Visa gift card will let him stock up on anything he needs!

Email a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

If you’d rather get a dad-to-be a gift that he can use absolutely anywhere, then you can’t go wrong with a Visa gift card. This digital gift card can be used anywhere, from his favorite restaurant, the grocery store, or even to purchase new onesies for the baby. And the best part is that he can either use this gift card in-store, or it can be used online, making it much better than a cash gift.

Email a Visa gift card

Those are our top gift ideas for a father-to-be!

It’s an exciting time for a father-to-be, so make sure you send him something nice to mark the special occasion! The birth of his child, whether it’s his first or not, is always a momentous experience, so make sure to send him any one of these amazing gifts—he’ll be so thankful you did.

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