Ready To Start Your Adventure? Let’s Check Out The Best Travel Gift Cards Out There!

October 3, 2022
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Traveling. Something that most everyone has done and or have a desire to do, whether it’s one state over or to a whole different country, traveling is an amazingly fun thing to do but it can also be a litttllee bit stressful. With finding hotels that reach your standards, restaurants to introduce you to new foods that will forever change your palate, must-need essentials, and more, traveling can pose a lot of questions and we’re here to help answer some of those. 

Specifically we’re here to give you a list of the best travel gift cards on the market today! All of these gift cards are very useful to your travel itinerary, so let’s get this journey started!

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1. Airbnb

The online marketplace for all things lodging and comfort!

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Thirteen years ago it seemed unlikely to the masses that Airbnb would work, but through hard work and dedication Airbnb has made itself one of the most popular travel businesses out there! Now you may have heard of Airbnb before, but you might not know how they got their name and what initially started everything:

Roommates in San Francisco were trying to figure out how they were gonna make their rent, and coincidentally around that time a design conference was coming into town, with hotels sold out, these roommates had a light bulb moment…by inflating three airbeds and offering breakfast their apartment became the very first Airbnb!

And after hosting they realized that this could become something! Thus Airbnb was born! With homes vetted through their system and in locations all around the world, Airbnb is the new way to book your stay in your vacation spot! Their catalog is huge and you’re sure to find a place that fits all your needs. 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

2. Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Treat a Traveler to A Great Night’s Sleep at a Marriott Hotel or Resort

Text a Marriottt gift card

Marriott is one of the biggest names in the hotel industry, and with good reason. They’ve been providing excellent accommodations around the world for nearly a century. Whether your traveler is headed across the state or across the globe, they are sure to find a Marriott hotel where they can lay their head at the end of a long travel day.

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3. Southwest Airlines

For all your flying needs both going and coming back home sweet home!

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Southwest Airlines aka simply just Southwest is one of America’s major airlines, with thousands of flights going both in and out of your airport every week to locations all around the world, it’s no wonder why Southwest is making our list today. If you’re traveling to a different country or simply across the country, Southwest has got you! 

With prices that are fair and service that is more than fair, Southwest is a great choice for all your flight booking and flight flying needs. And what better to experience booking your future Southwest trip than with a Southwest gift card! 

Taking a quote from their website because it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of getting/using a Southwest gift card: “Gift a getaway. Because special days deserve special destinations.” You’re here for the best travel gift cards and you can’t go wrong with one from Southwest.

Send a Southwest Airlines gift card

4. Uber

Getting to the Hotel Has Never Been Easier

Text an Uber gift card

When we talk about travel, we usually think of road trips and airline travel. But hopping on a flight somewhere isn’t quite that simple. How are you getting to the airport? Who will pick you up when you land? How are you going to get around your destination city?

For all of those little destinations you need to make it to while you’re off traveling, Uber has your back. 

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5. Lyft

Get a Ride and a Great Deal

Text a Lyft gift card

Lyft is well-known as another popular ride-sharing app, which your favorite traveler can use to get from place to place no matter where they are headed. Lyft is also known for being a more affordable option than some of its competitors, so a Lyft gift card might just get your friend or fam farther than other travel gift cards!

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6. Visa

For any of your traveling needs, it’s money in the form of a gift card!

Send a Visa gift card

Traveling requires a lot of planning and a lot of essentials like travel bottles, towels, clothes, suitcases, gas, rental fees, plane tickets, hotel costs, and much more. With all of that comes one common thing: money. And with a Visa gift card you’re getting exactly that: money! 

Visa Gift Cards can be used almost anywhere on almost anything! It’s essentially “free money” in a way and it makes for a perfect gift to give as a present to someone who is about to travel, as they won’t have to worry about money coming out of their own bank account! Visa Gift Cards are here to make your travel life easier!

Send a Visa gift card

7. Amazon

For all your last minute travel essential needs, this colossal conglomerate’s got you!

Send an Amazon gift card

Amazon. You know it, you probably love it, and you’ve most likely used it before. It has almost anything you need when it comes to travel essentials. From travel bottles that are the perfect sizes when you need to fly somewhere/pack light, to suitcases, backpacks, portable chargers, and so much more, Amazon can tick off all of your boxes on your travel “needs” list. 

And if you forget something last minute, with Amazon’s 2 day or even same day delivery options with Prime, you won’t need to worry about trying to find that niche item you need at your destination. And getting a gift card here will take care of any future travel needs too!

Send an Amazon gift card

8. REI

Help Them Gather Their Gear for an Outdoor Adventure

Text an REI gift card

If you’re shopping for someone whose next adventure will be in the great outdoors, a gift card to REI co-op is an excellent option. Planning a hike or camping trip might seem like an inexpensive getaway, but getting all the gear you need together can actually add up quickly.

REI stocks everything an outdoor adventure needs for their travels – from clothing and shoes to specialty items for outdoor activities like rock climbing and mountain biking, they can find what they need in REI stores around the country or simply order it online.

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9. Barnes & Noble

Books for when you wanna lounge around, read, and relax wherever you decide to go!

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

Imagine this, you’re sitting under your umbrella, it’s 80 degrees out, not a cloud in sight, the sound of waves crashing on the shore fill your ears, and you have a good book in your hand, that’s what Barnes & Noble is for! Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller with locations all over the countries selling thousands of books from your favorite authors to up and coming talents. 

And reading your book isn’t just for down time on the beach, it can be a great car activity while you’re road tripping across the country or sitting at your terminal waiting to board your plane. Immerse yourself in any world you like with the countless books Barnes & Noble has to offer!

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

10. GrubHub

Figuring Out Pre and Post-Travel Meals Just Got Much Easier

Text a GrubHub gift card

One of the trickiest parts about traveling – particularly if you’ll be away for a week or longer – is coordinating your grocery shopping so that everything in your fridge doesn’t spoil while you're away. The result? The last few days before a trip can be pretty slim pickings as a traveler tries to use up whatever is left in the cabinet. Same goes for when they return, late at night, hungry after a long day of travel, to find those cupboards bare.

That’s where you come in. With a GrubHub gift card, your favorite traveler can order their favorite food to bridge the gap between grocery trips. Or, they can explore the culinary scene in their destination city, on you! Either way, GrubHub is a must get gift card for anyone shopping around for the jetsetter in their life.

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That’s it for our list of the most popular travel gift cards.

Traveling requires a lot of planning and with that planning comes finding the best places to shop, and all of these best travel gift cards come from the exact places you need to look at when you’re about to head out on your trip. Big or small, far or short, your trip is important because it’s something you planned either with yourself or loved ones. These gift cards are here to help you make the best of your trip!


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