Pros and Cons of Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain is a classic look that will never go out of style. There are many benefits to having one or several to choose from in your arsenal of men’s jewelry. Whether you choose a chain as small as 2mm or as wide as 12mm and whether it’s short or long, you really can’t go wrong when paired with anything from a formal suit to casual streetwear. 

However, just like most fashion, there are pros and cons to the Cuban link chain. Keep reading to learn more about these chains and why you should choose one for your next men’s jewelry upgrade. 

Pros of Cuban Link Chain

Let’s start with the many benefits of the Cuban link chain. There are quite a few pros to these classic chains, as evident by how many of our favorite rappers, actors, and other stars wear them. 

Durable and Strong

The interlocking links of the Cuban link chain create a strong bracelet or necklace that is very strong. The way the links are designed, the chain can support its heavy weight and a large pendant, if you prefer one. Most are designed of high-quality, durable metals as well. 

Variety of Metals

While the gold Cuban link chain will always be the most popular, classic look, you can find them now in every metal choice imaginable. Of course, silver comes in a close second to gold, but you can find these chains in platinum, stainless steel, and even brass, depending on your style. 

Can be Accented with Gems

In addition to a range of metals, the Cuban link chain is ideal for gems. Because it lays flat and has a flat surface on the front that can be as wide as you’d like, you can use that flat surface to inlay gems. Even if you aren’t a fan of gems, the surface can be textured or stamped to create a new look. 

A Range of Styles

As you can imagine, because there are so many widths, lengths, metal choices, and the option for gems and visual modifications, the Cuban link chain is a great way to show off your unique personal style with something unique. Even when choosing a classic chain design, deciding between gold or silver, thin or wide, and short or long can create a much different look depending on your needs. 

Lays Flat (vs. Rope Chain)

Rope chains are another popular option in men’s fashion. One way the Cuban link chain is different is that it lays flat. Not only does this give it a unique appearance, showcasing the design of each link, but it also keeps it from rolling around unnecessarily. This can be especially helpful if you are wearing a large pendant on your chain.

A Rich History

The Cuban link chain originated in Miami in the 1970s. It was born out of the hip-hop movement of the era and was once called the Miami Cuban link chain. It is still a popular choice for those in the hip-hop world and men’s fashion in general. In recent years, its popularity has only increased as more pop culture icons are seen wearing them. 

Cons of Cuban Link Chain

Any item, including those with so many benefits, will also have some negative aspects. The Cuban link chain is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few of them now. 

Can Be Expensive

Cuban link chains can be expensive, especially if you are purchasing very large ones or ones with gems. However, finding more affordable ones is still possible. Look for stainless steel chains that are silver or gold plated for a high-quality chain that looks amazing but is much more budget-friendly. 

Prone to Visible Scratches

The wider flat surface on the front of the chain can be easier to scratch. Because these surfaces make these chains so visual, it also highlights any imperfections, like minor scratches or scuffs. Higher quality chains of platinum and real gold or silver may be more resistant to them, but stainless steel chains can look great for many years with proper care.

Hip Hop Culture 

Not everyone has the same connection to or desire to be connected with hip-hop culture, even if they love the look of the Cuban link chain. This sometimes prevents people from buying or wearing them, even if they want to. However, with new looks and creative ways of wearing them, these chains are becoming more popular with those without connections to the culture. 

You can’t go wrong with the classic Cuban link chain, and CRAFTD has them in both silver and gold. With chains from 2mm to 12mm in width and various lengths, you’re sure to find the exact look you’re after at a more affordable price. Matching necklace and bracelet sets can help complete your look for less. 

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