Prank Gift Ideas that Will Delight Your Friends

Prank your friends with a gift that will make them laugh for a while.

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Playing pranks can be fun, especially with your friends, and especially when they like to prank you back. That is why you should switch up your methods every so often, just to keep your victims guessing and unprepared for the next joke, which makes the payoff even funnier. If you haven’t given a prank gift yet, one should be your next joke. Your friends will not see it coming when they get a gift from you and it turns out to be something completely ridiculous that makes everyone want to laugh. 

The right gifts to prank your friends with can be hard to find, and that is why we have put together a list to help you out. You can always DIY if you want to make it yourself, but if not, keep reading for some of the funniest pranks you can pull on your friends with gifts, and order one yourself to cause some chaos. The memory of receiving a gift that made them grimace and then laugh out loud can stay with someone for years, and you can be the one to make that reaction happen!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A prank can be accompanied by a gift card. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Text a gift card to your friend’s phone after giving them their first “gift.”

If you want to get a friend a real gift alongside your prank, you should try getting them a gift card from GiftYa. With a GiftYa gift card, you can get a friend a gift that allows them to pick it out themselves, and they will be grateful for that after they open their first gift. You will need to pick out the store, the amount you will put on the gift card, and then you can text it right over, preferably after the shock wears off from the first gift!

GiftYa lets you pick out the card you want, pick out the image that goes on front, and send it through a simple text or email. You can choose from gift cards that work for restaurants, department stores, airlines, hotels, and more. Get a gift card from Target, Insomnia Cookies, or Amazon, or one of the many other venues on GiftYa’s site, and give your friend some relief after the initial scare. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Potato Parcel

A potato for the biggest potato head you know. 

Potato Parcel
Surprise a friend with a potato just because. Image courtesy of Potato Parcel

Want to prank your friend? Get them a potato. Yes, a plain, uncooked potato. A potato that could be cooked and eaten if it didn’t have a note across it. A plain potato with a special note from you is something that no friend would expect. They will have no idea what to do with it, except to put it on display for a few weeks and show everyone that their very thoughtful friend was nice enough to get them a potato.  

A potato parcel is way more fun than a bouquet of roses, and will also be way more surprising. You can have a custom message printed on it, and have it shipped within three days. It can work for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, and more. Anything that can be celebrated can be celebrated with a potato. It will surely make someone laugh or at least make them very confused, and that is a guarantee! 

3. Custom Face Socks

A friendly face right on your feet. 

 Custom Face Socks
Your face plus your friend’s feet equals funny. Image courtesy of Sockologie

Get a friend a pair of custom socks with their face on them, and they will never forget who gave it to them. Even better? Get them a pair of socks with your face on them! That way, whenever they wear their new socks, your friend can think of you and stare at your face whenever they look down. And if they wear them outside under their pants, they will have a funny footwear secret that no one but them knows about! 

These custom face socks are available in 17 colors and in every size. It has a seamless design, a fun print, and makes funny memories. These socks are high quality, so the image won’t fade as easily as it would with other socks. All you need to do is send in a picture of your friend (or yourself), and send it right to a friend. 

4. Boyfriend Pillow

A pillow made to hold you tight. 

This pillow could be a friend’s new favorite cuddle buddy. Image courtesy of Walmart

For the perpetually single friend, the boyfriend pillow can make a funny gag gift. If they would like a warm body to sleep next to but can’t find it, and also have a sense of humor about it, they will have a laugh when they receive the boyfriend pillow. Now they’ll get to snuggle a pillow shaped like a torso at night rather than the average non-humanoid pillow. 

The Original Boyfriend Pillow is a super soft torso shaped pillow that can hold someone lonely at night. Its arm can wrap around a person’s neck and create feelings of closeness and loneliness at the same time. On the upside, your single friend will get to cuddle this pillow without having to share a bed! 

5. Dehydrated Water

A can of dehydrated water for someone who needs it. 

Dehydrated Water
All you need to do is add water! Image courtesy of Amazon.  

If you want to prank a friend who loves to drink water, get them a can of dehydrated water. They’ve likely tried different brands and types of water at this point, so give them a kind that they have never tried, the dehydrated kind. With a can of dehydrated water, all your friend has to do to get a drink is open up the can and add water. 

This dehydrated can of water from Amazon will really quench your friend's thirst…if they add their own water, that is. This can of dehydrated water comes in steel for long term storage and can fit up to 16 oz of water inside. Pull this out on a hiking trip when your friend is really thirsty for maximum impact!

6. Rubber Chicken Purse

A fashion statement like no other.  

This purse will get lots of attention. Image courtesy of Amazon

For the fashion forward friend in your life, a purse unlike one they have ever had before will make a great prank gift. They will be excited to notice the signs that they have been given a purse, and probably have a whole different reaction once they fully release it from its packaging. There is no fashion statement quite like one that no one wants to make! 

This rubber chicken purse from Amazon will make a statement as soon as it is unwrapped. It is large, made of rubber, and can be used like the average handbag. This purse will draw attention everywhere your friend takes it, that is, if they are cool enough to rock this bold chicken replica on their arm. 

7. Loser Trophy

A trophy for someone who has lost.

Loser Trophy
An award for the biggest loser you know. Image courtesy of Crown Awards

If you and your friend have a competitive relationship, or simply like to tease, get them a ‘loser’ trophy the next time you win something over them. Whether you won a neighborhood basketball game, a game of darts, or an informal eating contest, let your friend know what a loser they are compared to you with an unexpected trophy. 

This toilet sculpture can come in handy whenever you need to put a friend in their place, like on game night. When your friend loses to you and you present them with this, they will feel honored that you decided to commemorate their loss. You don’t get many chances to award a friend for losing, so go for it if you want to play a funny prank!

8. Pet Butler

A costume box with nothing inside. 

Pet Butler
This empty box could cause a stir. Image courtesy of Amazon

Have a friend with a pet they love dearly? A pet they would never dream of mistreating? Prank them with a gift that will put their pet’s serving skills to the test! Or at least one that makes them believe you really want to turn their pet into a serving table. 

This pet butler box from Amazon will trick a friend and anyone who is nearby. It is best given during a gathering just so you can prank multiple friends at once. You’ll get to watch their shocked and confused reactions as they wonder what you could possibly be thinking, and then the extra shock when they realize that there is nothing inside. You could also place a totally different gift in the empty box, and surprise them with a nice gift after the prank. 

9. Mail Order Goat

A mail order goat kit to prep for the incoming goat. 

This kit will show up on your friend’s doorstep and make them question your judgment. Image courtesy of Etsy

Want to pull an elaborate prank that will cause a stir when you’re not around? Send a friend a mail order goat kit! Tell your friend that you’ll be sending them a gift, but don’t reveal what it is. Tell them the first half will be arriving on its own first, and they will be in for a huge surprise when they see the box and learn that the second half of their gift is supposed to be a goat!

This mail order goat kit from Etsy will send an empty box labeled ‘mail order goat kit’, and have your friend convinced that you have sent them a goat up until they open it. This box will arrive fully exposed, and it will be even funnier if the neighbors see it! You will even get to personalize the box and have it mailed over quickly. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that a friend can shop with anywhere.  

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

If you want to include a gift along with the prank, get your friend a gift card from Gift Card Granny. They will be able to shop anywhere with a custom Visa gift card, which might be the least you can do after pranking them so brilliantly. With Gift Card Granny you can build a custom gift card through a simple process that is easy to follow. You’ll be able to customize it more personally than the average gift card. 

You can add personal images, funny messages, and videos to a Visa or a Mastercard from Gift Card Granny. And as soon as you’re done, you will simply text or email the card to a friend. They can then easily hold onto the digital version, or they can order a physical version if they prefer to hold onto their gift cards. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Giving gifts can lead to some great memories, and they can be funny memories as well when you turn those gifts into pranks. Prank a friend with a gift and they might never see it coming, which can lead to some big laughs. You can always do this on a special occasion or simply just because, but either way, your prank gift will make a funny impact.

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