No Need To Panic, We’ve Got The Best Last Minute One Year Anniversary Gifts For You!

Whether you need something a lil’ extra or are running out of time to get a great gift, we’ve got you covered!

There’s a few different situations you might have found yourselves in when you’ve checked your calendar and see your upcoming anniversary is only a few moments away…

  • One: You have the perfect gift, but you feel like it’s not enough, or worse yet, it’s not going to come in on time! So that means you need a little extra something special to make sure you show your appreciation on that day.
  • Two: You’ve somehow planned a day full of activities and realized you never actually bought a gift, or you both have been so busy that the anniversary has completely slipped your mind.

If you have found yourself in any of these situations then you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to be going over the best last minute one year anniversary gifts you can buy. No matter the type of gift you're looking for, we’ve got the guide for you.

A gift that you can send to your favorite person in just a few minutes with a couple clicks of a button if a virtual gift card. Specifically a virtual gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa has thousands of gift cards to places you know and love like retailers, restaurants, local shops, online subscription services, and more! You can load up to $100 on your gift card, add a picture and gift message to go along with it, and then text or email it to them almost instantly. You’ll never have to worry about a gift seeming last minute again.

See all the locations GiftYa has available here!

1. An Airbnb Gift Card

Bring a little spontaneity back and hit the road to a place you both have been talking about for forever…

Buy An Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card

There are so many opportunities out there for travel nowadays, especially with Airbnb. Airbnb is a well known “online marketplace” for all things vacation rentals. They have a huge selection of home and condo rentals in all different sizes, some in really cool locations. 

Immerse yourself with beachfront views where all you have to do is walk a few yards and your toes will be in the warm sand. Or get away from people and look at all of the treehouses, cabins, and lakefront homes listed on their website.

Airbnb also has tiny homes, houses with truly unique designs making for a fun stay, places with great views and even greater pools. There’s a little something for everyone here and wouldn’t this make for a wonderful anniversary gift?

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

  • Get Crafty With These DIY Gifts

Nothing says love like a good homemade gift where you’ve put both your time and thought into it.

Free Crop anonymous craftswoman in apron painting handmade ceramic products while working in contemporary creative pottery Stock Photo
Get as creative as you’d like! No matter how it comes out, we’re sure they’re going to love it!

One of the best parts of a homemade gift is its uniqueness, each creation is made by someone you love and they put all of their thought and heart into it. Whether it’s your typical DIY project like a clay mug and art piece, or it’s something that you might not think of right away like a scavenger hunt or date night roulette- whatever it is, your partner is going to appreciate it because you came up with all of the moving parts on your own, and isn’t that special?

2. A Picnic Adventure

Getting out of the house can sometimes feel like a chore, running errands, going to work, and then coming back home over and over again can get tiring. And if you find yourselves falling into that same routine everyday, this is your chance to change it!

  • This DIY gift is pretty simple to put together, if you want to go fully classic with it then you’ll need a wicker picnic basket,  this waterproof picnic blanket, and then a menu. Get their favorite snacks, prepare their favorite meals, and pack it all away. If you want to go above and beyond you can get an easel, make your own: “menu” on a piece of paper and put it up as you bring out the courses. A fun and easy way to spend time together on a beautiful day.

3. 2023’s Version Of A Mix Tape

Music is powerful, it can bring so many emotions out in us and can throw us back through time to certain memories. Music brings people together in ways some might not expect and that’s been told through stories for generations. Back in the day partner’s would make mix tapes for their special someone and it would be a way to bond them forever. Now since technology has evolved and music apps are more popular than ever, creating a custom playlist is the new mixtape.

On your own personal music streaming app you can create a playlist, add cover art of the two of you, name it something that shows your love for them- (or a funny inside joke is always appreciated), and start adding songs. You can add ones you know they will like, new ones you find that might become their new favorites, and songs that are a reflection of who you are as a couple. Making a playlist is a creative way to express how much you love them.

4. Preheat The Oven And Bust Out The Flour

Like the previous gift options, creating something allows us to express ourselves, especially when it’s for someone we love and baking is no different. Doing the research, gathering all of the materials, and taking the time to carefully craft a homemade treat takes a lot of love- that’s why we recommend baking their favorite treat for them on your anniversary.

  • TIP: If you want to make this a complete surprise but you’re unsure of what their all time favorite baked good is, try going for a classic mostly everyone likes. We have two recipes you might be interested in here:
  • Titled “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever” by Joy Food Sunshine isn’t playing around, with thousands of five star reviews, you’ll quickly realize that this might become a part of your weekly lives for how good it is!
  • And the “Best Banana Bread Recipe” by The Salty Marshmallow is the perfect snack for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Perfectly soft and moist, this will also become a new favorite in the house.
  • Can’t Go Wrong With The Classics

Flowers and chocolate may seem overplayed, but don’t worry- they won’t be!

Free Top view of delicious pieces of milk chocolate bar with filling on wooden board near heap of aromatic coffee beans and instant camera with artificial chamomiles on table Stock Photo
Flowers, chocolate, and wine are a great trio that have stood the test of time when you’re finding a gift for your partner.

A lot of the times when we’re trying to come up with gifts, especially ones that might be last minute, we tend to panic and overthink things. Sometimes thinking our efforts might be too small and other times thinking they might not like it- but at the end of the day, what matters is knowing your partner and getting them something that shows how much you love them, even if it might be a bit cliche.

5. Don’t Overthink: Get Those Flowers

If you think of anniversary gifts, there’s one present that comes to everyone’s mind: flowers. Specifically flowers and chocolate. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, and have been for many many years. This gift is the perfect “add on” gift to one you already have planned or it could be the main event, either way it’s a solid go-to especially at 1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers has bouquets for any occasion, along with sweet chocolaty treats like Chocolate Covered Strawberries and gift baskets with delicious combos of sweet and savory flavors. They sell more than just flowers, it’s the place to go to for any special occasion. 

6. Another Classic: Jewelry

You’ve seen the commercials, the ones where it’s perfectly romantic and the young couple is all smiles while one gives a piece of jewelry to the other. Well, it’s a staple that has been tried and tested for decades and it makes for the perfect gift.

There are so many different designs, styles, and types of jewelry out there, so narrowing down the perfect fit might be a bit overwhelming at first, especially with all the stores out there.

There’s the well-known options like Jared, Tiffany & Co., and Kay that are all good go-tos, or you can try looking for more homemade options and seek out other independent  businesses and artists on Etsy and Ten Wilde. Whatever you decide to go with, we’re sure they’ll love it!

7. Cheers To Customized Wine

If you and your partner are fans of wine, then a Winc subscription would make for a really good last minute anniversary gift. Winc is the “internet’s #1 wine club” and for good reason. Through their one minute quiz where they will ask you 5 questions about your tastes you'll be sent 4 bottles of wine that’s perfectly tailored to your tastes. A fun gift good for both you and your partner!

  •  Gifts That Are All About Quality Time

Practical and fun gifts are great, but what about ones that you can experience together?

Free A Romantic Couple Hugging on the Beach Stock Photo
At the end of the day spending time together is all you could really want on a one year anniversary.

We’ve talked a lot about gifts you can get that they will appreciate by themselves, but what about a creative and unique gift that you can have experience together? It’s your anniversary after all and spending time together doing something new and exciting is always great when you’re with the person you love.

8. Turn Scraps Of Paper Into A Date Night

Fun fact: “the first (wedding) anniversary is known as the paper anniversary.” It symbolizes all that you’ve learned throughout the first year of marriage and the fragility of something new. So why not take that theme and make it into a date night idea?

Write down on slips of paper date night ideas, whether it’s something your partner has been talking about, you have, or the both of you. Then put them into a cup and on the date of your anniversary have them pick a piece of paper out and go do whatever is written on it! A mystery date is always a fun way to spend time together.

9. Relax With A Spa Day

You can go two directions with this gift idea: either you can do your own spa day where you can gift your partner with a Spa Gift Basket full of all of their favorite products and then spend the day relacing in your fluffiest of robes together eating take out and watching TV- or you can get them a gift voucher for a spa day at your local business. This way you can go together and be pampered by professionals, either way it’s a win!

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Not sure what to get and want to make sure your gift is going to get used? We’ve got you.

Preview of your Build-a-Card

One of the best gifts you can get someone is money. No matter what the occasion is, money is always appreciated, especially money like this. Not like regular gift cards, this custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny is special because you can use this card at almost any store in the country and it has a cool gift message and photo on it. 

Load up to $500 on this card and have it sent to your partner via the mail where they will get to see the plastic gift card or keep it digital and have it sent as an eGift. This gift card is one that they can keep with them and whenever they feel like taking it out to use it on something to treat themselves they can!

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

A year has passed already and all of these last minute one year anniversary gifts are going to be something your partner will definitely delight in and it’ll make the special occasion just a bit more…special.

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