New York Gift Ideas for Him

The state of New York and the boroughs within it can bring inspiration and new beginnings to all men, especially with these great gifts!

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New York is among one of the best states to live in because of the many cities, neighborhoods, and lakeside places one can live. For example, New York City and the boroughs within it offer a lot of experiences such as learning and diving into new cultures, sports traditions, trying new restaurants, and meeting new people from around the world. New York is a popular state to not only live in, but also for many new immigrants to start a new life in the United States.

If you currently have a male friend, family member, or significant other that lives in New York, it can be tough to make time to see them due to distance or how busy your lives may be. Giving them a gift is the best way to commemorate any relationship you may have and if New York is their favorite place to be, get them something related to you that they love best!

It can be difficult to come up with New York related gift ideas if you’re not sure where to begin your search. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best gift ideas that include the following:

  • Fun New York or tourist-y gift ideas
  • Sports related items for the hardcore fans
  • Restaurants and other food places in the Big Apple

Give a GiftYa Gift to a New York Friend Who Loves the Place That They Call Home

There are many people that call New York their one and only true home and no other place can compare to what it has to offer. A great way to give back to a friend that lives in New York for their birthday, anniversary, or even to celebrate a new life journey, is by giving them a GiftYa gift card. This is a type of digital gift card that can be used anywhere and at any time and it is easily accessible through email or text. GiftYa partners with over 200,000 merchants to give gift cards that allow you to choose the vendor, the amount you want on the card, personalize it with a picture or video, then send it to a New York friend through text or email. The best part about a GiftYa gift card is that they leave plastic cards in the past, providing a new age digital experience that is always on you.

Now, let’s get to the top nine best New York gift ideas to give to him today!

1. DoorDash Gift Card

Get your favorite local food sent right to your doorstep with one of the best delivery apps!

Text a DoorDash gift card

DoorDash gift card

Sometimes going out to get food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be tough depending on the situation. Whether you’re looking for a mental health break, curing a hangover, catering to friends, or even if it’s a rainy day, sometimes ordering food through DoorDash is among one of the best options to choose. A DoorDash gift card can easily make any guy’s day who lives in New York, or is planning on visiting the state where its drivers can deliver food from anywhere at any time. From fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, or even some of your favorite local coffee shops and diners, DoorDash has what you want whenever you need it. 

Text a DoorDash gift card

2. American Airlines Gift Card

A gift card perfect for those who are wanting to visit The Empire State in all its glory!

Text an American Airlines gift card

American Airlines gift card

There are many ways to travel to New York depending on how close or far away that you are. For someone who loves to frequently visit New York, but has to travel by plane, or even for someone who wants to visit for the first time, an American Airlines gift card is a great way to commute there as fast as possible. American Airlines is known for being one of the largest airlines in the world and you can book low fare flights to many destinations within the country, or outside of it. Flights through American Airlines fly into JFK, one of the biggest airports within the country, where you can fly in and out to many destinations of your choosing, or the Big Apple itself.

Text an American Airlines gift card

3. New York Lego Set

Men love LEGO sets and a New York related one may be the best gift to give yet!

New York Lego Set
LEGO sets are extremely popular among many guys and one that is New York related can be the perfect gift to give. Image courtesy of LEGO.

There are a ton of men who love to indulge in some of their favorite childhood activities as adults, and one of them can be building LEGO sets. Building an entire LEGO set can be satisfying once it is completed, which is why you should buy your guy friend, family member, or significant other the New York city LEGO set. This LEGO set comes with a total of 598 pieces and includes some of the most popular hotspots within the state, such as the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. Building a LEGO set such as this one will make for a thoughtful gift to give to a male individual who loves the city, or even get them hyped up about their next visit there. It can also become a great piece to show off in any office, living room, or man cave, where many LEGO collector’s glue the pieces together to ensure that it stays together.  

4. New York City: Like a Local Book

For people visiting New York for the first time, the New York City: Like a Local book is a great option to give. Image courtesy of NY History Store.

Going to New York City for the first time can be extremely intimidating with the many tourist attractions to go to, monuments and buildings to see, and some of the most delicious food to try. One of the best ways to introduce New York City to anyone, especially people who live there, or have been there before is with the book titled New York City: Like a Local. Inside this book contains all of the best places to eat and drink at and stores to shop. It even breaks down different activities to do in different neighborhoods, such as “ A Night Out in Greenwich” and “Thrifting in Williamsburg”, which can be useful for those looking for a day planned full of fun activities.

5. New York Sports Trivia Game

This makes a perfect gift for all New York sports fans who have dedicated their lives to their favorite teams!

New York Sports Trivia Game
Test the knowledge of every New York sports fan with a fun trivia game perfect for any occasion. Image courtesy of Etsy.

There are many ways to enjoy a night out with friends, but if you’re looking for a more casual night to stay in and save a couple bucks, sometimes playing a game is the best route to go. This can be either a card game, or a virtual one, but or a guy or group of them that love New York, the You Gotta Know New York - Sports Trivia Game is one of the most fun to play. This game features five hundred questions that talk about some of the most famous sports teams in New York, including sports such as football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. There are also plenty of questions on coaches, players, ballparks, and the arenas that these sports teams play at too to really test any sport fans’ knowledge.

6. New York Knicks Basketball Planter

No matter who you are, plants are key to any home to bring life to your place!

A great gift for many men is the New York Knicks basketball planter perfect for adding plants to a house or apartment. Image courtesy of Etsy.

There’s no doubt that plants can bring life to any home, and they can also make any place feel more vibrant too. There are many cool planters out there that can be used to bring out your personality or creativity in your home, but none quite like the New York Knicks basketball planter. This unique planter features the classic logo and colors for the popular New York basketball team and together adds a fusion of sports and artistry. This planter has a removable plastic underneath it helps to water your plant and ensure that it drains the way any planter should. 

7. New York Rangers LED Sign

Hockey players around New York can appreciate a fun LED sign that supports their favorite team!

Finding a unique gift, such as an LED sign for hockey players, is a great way for sports fans to express themselves in New York. Image courtesy of Etsy.

For many men, sports are something for many to enjoy, especially because there is something to watch for every season. Hockey is a popular sport in New York and the Rangers are one of the top teams in the NHL. If you’re looking for a New York related gift for him, a Rangers LED sign is a great addition to any game room. This New York Rangers LED sign is the best addition to any office, game room, bar, or man cave where it can show your love for the sport. It also has up to thirteen different dual colors to switch it up depending on your style. 

8. Peet’s Coffee Gift Card

Coffee is a great pick-me-up perfect for any guy living in the bustling city of New York!

Text a Peet’s Coffee gift card

Peet’s Coffee gift card

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a gift card to Peet’s Coffee can be one of the best gifts to get a guy who is currently living in New York. Peet’s Coffee was first started in San Francisco and they have been known for their craft coffee since 1966. Not only can you purchase their coffee in person at one of their many coffee shops, but it is on their website too. K-Cups, ground and whole bean coffee bags, and even tea are among some of their most popular items to purchase that will keep any guy motivated and energized throughout the day. 

Text a Peet’s Coffee gift card

9. Visa Gift Card

A gift card where you can purchase anything with it makes for a great gift!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Out of the many gifts that can be purchased for guys who are passionate about New York, a Visa gift card can certainly make anyone’s day. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere gift cards are accepted, such as local supermarkets, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and plenty of stores to shop at as well, and it can be treated just like cash. A Visa gift card is convenient to have around because it can be used to pay for things that you need, such as groceries, or put towards hobbies, or nights out with friends or family. 

Text a Visa gift card

Those are Our Top 9 Favorite New York Gift Ideas For Him!

With the state of New York being as popular as it is, there are many routes to take when it comes to finding the best gift for him whether he lives in the area, or they’re a huge fan of the state, cities, or sports. Gift cards through GiftYa, even sports-related ones, or ones for the best restaurants or chains in the area are essential for any guy living in New York—they can used the next time they are out and about the city exploring, or rooting for the Knicks, Rangers, Mets, Giants, or Jets!

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