10 New Home Gift Ideas to Celebrate Their Big Move

A new house means new possibilities… help them settle into their new abode with these 5-star housewarming presents

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone, and it brings with it the exciting opportunity to create a space that reflects your personality and style. Whether it's a friend, family member, or colleague who's recently moved or is moving soon, finding the perfect gift to celebrate their new abode can be a bit tricky. How do you strike the balance between fun and practical? What if they don’t like what you pick out? 

We have you covered. In this article, we'll explore some of the best new home gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with any loved one. Whether you're looking for a housewarming present or simply want to show your support for this new chapter of their life, these gift ideas are bound to make their house feel like a home.

We’re covering a variety of options, including:

  • Practical gift ideas for moving day itself
  • Fun gifts to help them create their new space
  • Food services that will be super helpful to them

And much more. So let's get started!

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1. Domino’s

The Perfect Way to End a Long Day of Moving

Text a Domino’s gift card

Domino’s gift card

When it comes to moving day, there's nothing quite like the comfort of knowing a delicious meal is just a phone call away. What better way to relax than with a mouth full of cheesy goodness after a long hard day of hauling boxes all over the place?That's why a Domino's gift card makes the perfect gift for someone settling into a new home. 

Whether they're too tired to cook after a long day of packing and unpacking boxes or simply want to take a break from kitchen duty, Domino's offers a convenient (and tasty) solution. With a wide selection of pizzas, sides, and desserts to choose from, they can indulge in their favorite comfort foods without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up. Plus, ordering pizza is a great way to celebrate the end of a successful move and unwind with friends and family in their new space… especially if they helped during the move. So why not treat them to a Domino's gift card and make their moving day a little more delicious?

Text a Domino’s gift card

2. Home Goods

Get Him Something Truly Unique to Him

Buy a Homegoods gift card

Homegoods gift card

Home Goods gift cards are a fantastic choice for anyone moving into a new home. With an extensive selection of home décor, kitchen essentials, bedding, and furniture, Home Goods has everything they need to make their new space feel cozy and inviting. 

Whether they're looking to spruce up their living room with some stylish throw pillows, upgrade their kitchen with the latest gadgets, or add some personality to their bedroom with unique artwork, a Home Goods gift card gives them the freedom to choose the perfect pieces for their home. 

Buy a Homegoods gift card 

3. Dogtopia

Keep Fido Safe and Unstressed on Moving Days

Text a Dogtopia gift card

Dogtopia gift card

A Dogtopia gift card is a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone moving into a new home with a furry friend. Moving day can be stressful for pets, with all the commotion and unfamiliar surroundings. With a Dogtopia gift card, they can ensure their dog's safety and well-being while they focus on the move. 

Dogtopia offers a range of services, including daycare, boarding, and spa treatments, all designed to keep dogs happy and healthy. Whether they need a safe place for their dog to stay during the chaos of moving day or want to treat their pup to a day of pampering after the move is over and done, a Dogtopia gift card is sure to be appreciated. Give them peace of mind knowing their dog is in good hands while they settle into their new home.

Text a Dogtopia gift card

4. Home Depot

Help Them Check Those Home Improvement Projects Off Their To Do List

Buy a Home Depot gift card

Home Depot gift card

A new house doesn’t quite feel like a new home right out of the gate. It needs a little bit of work to make it feel like the place they belong. With Home Depot's wide collection of tools, appliances, home improvement supplies, and decor, they can turn their new house into their dream home in no time. 

Whether they're tackling a DIY project, sprucing up the garden, or making essential repairs, a Home Depot gift card gives them the flexibility to choose exactly what they need. Plus, it's not just about the practical stuff – Home Depot also offers a wide range of stylish furnishings and decor items to add those personal touches that make a house feel like home. 

So, whether they're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newbie homeowner, a Home Depot gift card is sure to come in handy as they embark on this exciting new chapter with their new place. 

Buy a digitalHome Depot gift card

5. Apple

Transform Their Home Into a Smart Home

Grab an Apple gift card

Apple gift card

An Apple gift card is the ultimate tech gift for anyone moving into a new place. It opens up so many possibilities, from swapping their clunky old cell for the latest iPhone, or expanding their Apple products collection with a new iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch. 

But it’s not all about the personal gadgets.

Apple is the perfect gift card for anyone looking to upgrade their home with the latest smart home gadgets like HomePod Mini or Apple TV. An Apple gift card gives them the freedom to choose exactly what they need to make their new space feel like home. 

Not to mention, with the App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Music at their fingertips, they can personalize their devices with apps, games, music, movies, and more, ensuring endless entertainment and convenience as they settle into their new surroundings. 

Grab a digital Apple gift card

6. Uber Eats

For When They Just Need to Order in After a Long Day of Unpacking

Buy an UberEats gift card

UberEats gift card

Uber Eats is the ultimate moving day companion. Why, you might ask? What about all the friends and family who take time out of their days to move boxes?

Well anyone who has moved a whole house before knows that stopping to enjoy a delicious meal at the end of that long day is kind of the best part. Plus after all that work, they might not want to step foot outside of their new home just yet. They won’t even have to worry about going to pick up their dinner with an UberEats gift card.

With a gift card from Uber Eats, they'll have access to a wide range of cuisines and restaurants near their new place. Whether they're craving pizza, sushi, burgers, or anything in between, Uber Eats delivers it all straight to their door, quickly and conveniently. It's the perfect way to treat them to a well-deserved meal after a long day of moving, and it's sure to make their transition into their new home a little bit easier. 

Buy a digital UberEats gift card

7. Omaha Steaks

High Quality Meals from America’s Butcher Delivered Right to Their New Door

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

Omaha Steaks gift card

You don’t have to be a new homeowner who’s turning into their parents to appreciate a gift card for Omaha Steaks. America’s original butcher is still serving up mouthwatering meats and meals and delivering them right to the door. So what better way to celebrate their new place than with make-at-home food delivered right to the door?

With an Omaha Steaks gift card, they can choose from a wide selection of premium meats, seafood, sides, and desserts, allowing them to enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their new home. Whether they're grilling up steaks on their new backyard barbecue or preparing a gourmet dinner for their housewarming party, Omaha Steaks means that they'll have everything they need to have an amazing meal.  

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

8. Stub Hub

So They Can Check Out What’s Going on In the New Area

Buy a StubHub gift card

StubHub gift card

StubHub offers more than just tickets to events—it's an opportunity for new homeowners to explore their new community. With a StubHub gift card, they can discover local concerts, sports games, theater performances, and other exciting events happening in their area.

It's a chance to connect with their new neighbors, experience the local culture, and create lasting memories in their new hometown. Whether they're sports fanatics, music lovers, or theater enthusiasts, StubHub has something for everyone, making it the perfect gift for those settling into a new area. 

Buy a digital StubHub gift card

9. World Market

For Those New Furniture Pieces They Find That They Need

Buy a World Market gift card

World Market gift card

Not every person wants everything in their new place to be millennial gray. Help them add some color and texture to the decor of their new home with a World Market gift card! Full of unique products from countries all over the world, it’s a shortcut to giving their new space some personal flair.

Whether they're looking to add a touch of exotic flair to their living room with colorful throw pillows and rugs, or they want to spice up their kitchen with international spices and cooking utensils, World Market has something to suit every taste and style. Additionally, they can discover gourmet foods, wines, and beverages to enjoy with friends and family in their new space.

Buy a digital World Market gift card

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

Build a Visa gift card 

Custom Visa Gift Card

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, but it looks a lot nicer. That means your  loved one can use it for pretty much anything they want — from new furniture to ordering in. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a gift anyone will be super happy with in no time. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message.

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate new home gift in hand before you know it. 

Build a Visa gift card 

That’s a wrap on our new home gift ideas.

We hope you found the perfect option here, but if you’re still looking, be sure to check out the full GiftYa catalog for more ideas!

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