Need to Find A Great Last MInute Gift But Don’t Know Where to Shop?

10 Great Gifts You Can FInd At the Last Minute at Target

If you’re in need of a great last minute gift then Target can be a great place to find one. Target is one of the largest retail outlets in the whole country with nearly 2,000 stores in the US alone. And as one of the nation’s leading retailers they have a whole huge variety of options to choose from. In today’s post I will give you a list of ten options you can find at Target that I think make great last minute gifts. And in addition I will even provide you with a link so you can grab a convenient digital GiftYa gift card to Target that you can send as a last minute gift if you want to.

If you haven’t used a GiftYa before they are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format. The big upside to this format is that you can buy and send a GiftYa right on your computer or smartphone and have it texted instantly to the recipient’s phone. Which really makes them a great option when you are in need of a last minute gift

1 - A Target Gift Card

A Last Minute Gift to Target That Anybody Can Enjoy

Grab yourself a Target gift card by following the link!

As I was saying, Target is one of the largest retail chains in the whole country. And really one of the last major ones still standing after the industry was hit so hard by the invention of online shopping. But Target is still here today and doing better than ever. Which means that you can get a huge variety of different items at Target. It’s how they manage to compete with Amazon and Wal-Mart. They have to offer a wide variety of items for sale to match the competition. What this means for us as consumers is that we end up with stores that are basically a one-stop shop for everything. And that’s true of Target as well.

So if you really need an emergency last minute gift for somebody in your life and you are thinking about Target, then might I suggest that you give them a digital Target gift card? Then with the gift card they can get themselves whatever they might want. Target has everything from homegoods and outdoor furniture to sporting goods, electronics, clothes, and shoes. So I am sure they will be able to find something that they will enjoy with a Target gift card. And this way you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting them something they aren’t gonna like when you are shopping in a rush. And speaking of being in a rush, you can relax and take it easy knowing that you can instantly text the gift card right to their phone!

Anybody can get a digital Target gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - A Nice Scented Candle

A Classic Gift That Is Perfect When You Need One at the Last Minute

A scented candle makes for an easy last minute gift from Target!

A nice scented candle is a classic gift that you can pick up when you are at Target for a reasonable price. The nice thing about a candle is that it is a gift that is pretty universal. Almost everybody likes scented candles and there are few people who vehemently dislike them. And Target has a wide selection of different candles so you’ll have a variety of choices to try to find the perfect scent that the person receiving the candle will love. Overall I think a candle is quick, affordable, and inoffensive. You can’t really go wrong with this one, but it’s not gonna blow anybody’s socks off either.

3 - An Oil Diffuser

A Variation on the Scented Candle That Makes A Nice Last Minute Gift 

A reed oil diffuser lasts a month or two and keeps a room smelling fresh the whole time!

If you want to get with something a little more extravagant than a candle that still kind of fits the same mold you can get them an oil diffuser at Target as a last minute gift. If you aren’t familiar with them oil diffusers come in two different styles really. Electronic diffusers and reed diffusers.

 A reed oil diffuser has you fill the bottom of a glass container with scented essential oils and then you place bamboo reeds in the oil and as the oil is absorbed into the reeds it travels to the top of the reed and makes the room around it smell nice. If you get them a reed oil diffuser be sure to get them an extra set of reeds because you need to change them out every month or so.

An electronic oil diffuser has you add a small amount of oil into the water that you fill the diffuser with. The oil and the water mix together and then the diffuser creates steam from the scented water. The steam then travels about the room and makes it smell like the essential oil. These are nice because you can just run them when you want to. A reed diffuser is on all the time and requires a lot of oil, and an electric diffuser is on for one cycle each time and requires only a couple drops of oil per cycle.

With all that being said, you are still more likely to find a reed oil diffuser for cheaper than you would find an electronic one, but you might be surprised with how much prices have come down on the electric ones over the years.

4 - A Cozy Blanket

A Gift That’s Perfect for the Fall and Winter

A blanket makes for the perfect last minute gift during the fall and winter!

If you are looking for a great last minute gift you can find at Target and you happen to be shopping in the fall or winter then you could always find them a cozy throw blanket that they can enjoy through the cold parts of the year. Target has a little bit of everything and that includes all sorts of great blankets and bedding. They have all sorts of blankets too. You can get everything from a simple throw blanket to a weighted or heated blanket. So you can decide how extravagant of a gift you want to make it into, but a blanket is another one that practically everybody can enjoy and that won’t take much time for you to get at the last minute.

5 - Fake Plants for their Home or Office

A Great Last Minute Target Gift for Anybody In a New Space

Fake plants are a gift that provide mental healthcare benefits!

If you need a last minute gift from Target and you want to get them something that will be nice in the new space they have then fake plants can be a great way to go. Whether it’s a new apartment or a new office after a big promotion everybody can use more plants in their life. The unfortunate part is that real plants can be quite taxing to care for and aren’t right for everybody. But even having fake plants around has been shown to improve people’s moods and lower their stress levels. So a fake plant can be a great gift for anybody who is in a new space and you want to get them a housewarming style gift. 

They get the positive mood effects of having plants around, but they have none of the responsibility of caring for a plant so it's not like you are getting them a gift that will be a chore for them. Overall I think fake plants are fairly inexpensive and have so many upsides that they make one of the best last minute gifts you can get at Target.

6 - Gift Basket of Coffee, Tea, and Trailmix

An Easy Last Minute Gift You Can Put Together At Any Target

A gift basket makes a great last minute gift that’s easy to put together at Target!

If you want to just get them something simple, try putting together a gift basket of some morning essentials. You could get them a nice selection of teas, coffee, and trail mix and put them all in a nice basket for them. The nice thing about this gift is that coffee, tea, and trail mix all last for a long time as long as they stay sealed so it's not like a fruit basket where they have to eat it right away or it will spoil. No, they can take their time and enjoy the luxury coffees and teas you got them at their leisure!

7 - A New Book

You Can Usually Get A Discount On Best Sellers

A new book can make a great last minute gift from Target!

Another nice last minute gift you can get at Target is a new book. They have a pretty large books section (at least in the Targets I’ve been to) so you should have a pretty wide selection on what to get them. And if you are looking for a great deal Target often has sales going on the bestseller list. So you can get them a popular book at a great price.

8 - Video Game or Video Game Accessories

Perfect Last Minute Target Gift for Any Gamers Out There

Video games are a great last minute gift that can be enjoyed with others!

If the person you need to get a last minute gift for happens to enjoy playing video games of any sort then you should be able to find them something great at Target. Target has a pretty wide selection of games for the newest systems. But if you don’t want to shell out all the money on a brand new game, you could also always get them an accessory or a gift card. The nice thing is that today all of the major consoles have online stores built into them, so if you get them a gift card they can use it to get a game or pay for a month of online so they can play with their friends.

9 - Fresh Flowers

A Great Last Minute Target Gift for a Housewarming

Fresh flowers make a nice gift; especially for a housewarming event!

If you know somebody who just moved into a new place and you need to get them a housewarming gift from Target at the last minute then I would suggest you go with some fresh flowers. Most Targets have fresh flowers somewhere in the store and you can pick out a bouquet and get a vase for them to go in. And then when you show up to see the new place you have a fresh vase of flowers for them to decorate their new space with.

10 - A Self Care Basket

A Mixture of Nice Bath Supplies Can Be A Great Last Minute Gift

Soaps and lotions can add a feeling of luxury to a regular day!

Another great option for a last minute gift from Target is to get them a mixture of nice soaps, bath salts, lotions, and bubble bath and put them all together in a gift basket for them. You should even be able to find a matching set of scents to make a whole theme for the basket. And then they can treat themselves to a luxurious bath right at home anytime they want to. This is a pretty easy one to throw together and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but is still expensive enough to come off as a nice gift. Even if you did throw it together at the last minute

And There You Have A List of Incredible Gifts You Can Find At Target At the Last Minute!

I hope something on the list today worked for the gift giving occasion you have on the horizon. And even if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for here, I hope it helped spark your imagination and helped you think of the perfect gift to get at Target. There’s so many great options for what you could get them that it’s impossible to list them all here. So I tried to find options that are pretty universal and can be given to most anybody.

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