Meaningful Last Minute Diwali Gifts For Your Wife This Holiday.

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Diwali, or Deepawali is India’s biggest and most important celebration of the year. It's a major religious festival, like New Years or Christmas, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Diwali this year is being celebrated on November 12th, but instead of it only being celebrated for that one day, festivities can last for 5 to 6 days! 

For Hindus, they worship the god Lakshmi, she’s the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and there are specific days leading up to Diwali that have significance to both the history and/or people in their mythology. But that’s just a part of Hinduism, it’s important to note that everyone has different reasons to celebrate Diwali and they can celebrate it however they want according to their beliefs. 

Because Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time to mark new beginnings and prosperity, giving gifts that reflect that time is a good start into figuring out what last minute Diwali gifts to get for your wife. Today we’re going to take a dive into some of the best gifts you can get your partner and where to get them so you can worry less about gift giving and more about celebrating!

Gold, Jewelry, and Coins

There’s a huge emphasis on gold and how it’s everlasting, so gifts that represent that are perfect.

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You can wrap your gifts in gold colored paper too if you want to go the extra mile this holiday.

We mentioned before that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is a major thread that’s followed and celebrated during Diwali, and gold is synonymous with her and what she represents. Therefore giving gold and different variations of gold should be at the top of your idea list. 

First up we have a few pieces that will make for great additions for your home during the holiday:

1. Gold Decorations For The Home

website is on sale for $97.04 right now. The material is pure gold and is beautifully crafted.

Jewelry, for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion is a normal “go-to” gift item and for good reason, it’s a classic, and these pieces go right in line with that.

2. Jewelry That’ll Be Her New Favorite

Tanishq is a popular website that has jewelry for men, women, and children, so while you’re shopping for your wife you can see if there’s something that piques your interest, or might be cool for the kids, they have categories you can search under.

3. Gold And Silver Coins

Although gifting silver jewelry isn’t something you do on Diwali, gifting silver coins is something that is common and goes along with gifting gold coins. For this, we recommend going to your local Indian Jewelry shop, there you will find vast selections of coins with many different designs on them including some with different deities and for different religions. That way, you can get her something that’s unique to her and her beliefs. 

Sweets, Nuts, and Snacks

A favorite gift to give and something that can be enjoyed by many during the party!

Free Woman Carrying a Plate of Desserts  Stock Photo
You know it’s going to be a good time when the food comes out, especially desserts like these!

Any kind of party, either a religious holiday like Diwali or a party with your coworkers celebrating a huge achievement can be improved with good food, specifically sweets and things alike. It’s been said that one of the best things about Diwali is the food, just like any other special day of the year, different kinds of foods you might not have all the time start to make an appearance again.

Plus, it’s well known that food is a great way to the heart, so here’s a few things that might make your Diwali party something special, both at the party and for later when you get to take home leftovers:

4. Specifically Sweets Part One

In this section we’re gonna discuss just sweet things, so if your wife is someone with a craving for all things sweet, then we’ve got you covered.

5. Specifically Sweets Part Two

6. Dry Fruits & Nuts Gift Boxes

There’s a reason for giving dried fruits and nuts for Diwali and that’s giving good health and vision. It’s a popular gift to give and there’s so many different variations/kinds of gift boxes out there, here’s a few of the best:

7. Clothing Items for the Holiday

During Diwali, everyone wears new clothes to usher in new beginnings.

Free stock photo of adult, authentic, beautiful Stock Photo
You can wear a set of new traditional clothing to your Diwali party.

Wearing new clothes during Diwali is a must, because this time is all about new beginnings and a look to the bright future, wearing new clothes is a must. Typically gifting a shawl or a kurti, which is an Indian blouse you can wear over jeans, to an unmarried game is a good gift, but because we’re talking about last minute Diwali gifts for your wife you’d want to look to a sari.

A sari is an outer garment of women of the Indian subcontinent. Normally brightly colored in greens, blues, reds, purples, pinks, and oranges, you can buy saris at local stores or online through various shops. 

Gifts for Her and the Fun Party Ahead!

Diwali parties are big and having activities for her and everyone to enjoy is key to great time.

Free A Person Holding Felt Pen Stock Photo
Diwali is a fun and important day for everyone, and it’ll be even more special when she gets something to spread that joy!

8. Puzzles And Games For Everyone

What may seem like something that isn’t for “adults” may in fact be the exact opposite. During Diwali there’s an amazing assortment of games and puzzles to enjoy for all ages. Sometimes a gift for your wife is a gift to the whole family, a chance to enjoy the experience and have fun together. 

Modern Desi is a small business that has super affordable gifts made by desis for desis and they have a bunch of fun products for Diwali.

9. Kits And Mugs

10. Sparklers To Light Up The Sky

It’s time to add some extra shine to the night skies with sparklers. Sparklers, along with fireworks, are really popular for Diwali. Those colorful bright lights that cause onlookers to “ooh and aah” are really special, especially during Diwali celebrations. 

You can get sparklers from Superior Celebrations that everyone will love, and it can make for some really cool picture opportunities…

11. A Bonus Gift For The Busy Bee

Diwali is the time for new beginnings and the bright future ahead. With these last minute Diwali gifts for your wife there are so many delicious treats to eat, decorations and games to have fun with, and moments that will make for fun memories to look back on at next year’s celebrations.


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