10 Last-Minute Valentine Gift for Gamers 🎮

Show Your Honey You Care with Some Gifts That Are Giving Geeky Goodness

Whether your gamer speed runs or collects 100% Of items every time they play a game, whether they play paltformers or RPGS or exclusively plays Metroidvanoa games. Doesn’t matter if they can’t get enough of cozy games or strategy puzzles… they are a gamer. But if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with them, you probably know that better than anyone.

Love is anything but a game when you find that special someone… but you don’t have to share all their interests to make a great couple. Whether you don’t share their interest or you simply don’t know what else to get them, we’ve got a list of all the best gifts you can get for a a gamer.

We’ve searched high and low so you don’t have to. Here’s a sneak peek at the last minute gifts for games that we came up with:

  • Gifts that you can enjoy together or let you into their world
  • Gifts that are easy to buy or DIY depending on what time and budget allow
  • Gifts that they can use for pretty much anything they want

Get to Know GiftYa - the Ultimate Last Minute Gift

Before we get to the list of gift ideas, allow us to introduce GiftYa. Here’s how it works.

Take your pick of thousands of local and national brands. Then, customize your gift with a photo or short video clip – maybe a still from their high score run, or a snapshot of their favorite Pokemon? Finish the gift with a personalized message, then send it off to be delivered immediately or schedule it for any date you choose.

But GiftYa isn’t just easy to send, it’s easy to use, too. Your favorite gamer can redeem their gift right from their phone like any other e-gift code, or they can link it to a card they carry with them everyday for easy use. When they make a purchase at the qualifying brand, their gift balance will automatically be applied until it’s gone. And if for any reason they don’t totally love the gift you send them (crazy, I know!) they can re-gift or exchange their balance for another brand in just a few clicks.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite options in the catalog for Valentine’s Day gifts for a gamer.

1 - DIY Pet Pokémon Card

Sand Move? Sleep? Bite?

They can’t catch ‘em all if they don’t have a custom card of their very own companion Pokémon. Image courtesy SpecialCustomArt on Etsy.

If there is one thing your favorite gamer loves more than their favorite game, it’s for sure their fur baby. An especially great gift for gamers who still remember all 151 original pocket monsters, anybody with a pet would love to see their furry friend transformed into a Pokémon.

This gift is particularly fun because, not only will they get to see adorable artwork of their pet, you can also customize the card with moves specific to their pet. If they can’t stop digging in the yard — sand attack. If they’re always snoozing in the sunshine? Sleep. If you aren’t super familiar with Pokémon moves yourself, you can quickly find a list online.

There are services that allow you to create a professional grade pet Pokémon card, but if you’re short on time, it might be best to go the DIY route. All you really need is some card stock and imagination — or if you really want to go all out, a way to laminate it too.

2 - Customize a Controller

Now Every Time They Play Their Favorite Game They’ll Think of You!

Customize a Controller
If you don’t want to DIY, you can also buy custom controllers like this cactus design. Image courtesy GameTradeZero on Etsy.

Controllers come in plenty of shapes and sizes. New consoles often release controllers styled like the controllers we from old consoles. Which means they can play Switch games with a SNES controller, or use their Xbox controller across a few different Xbox models.

Maybe they prefer the clear plastic that lets you see the electronics inside the controller. Maybe they prefer old school NES black and red. But if you customize a controller for them, they’ll have a new favorite for the rest of time.

Start out with a basic version of whichever model they prefer. Then, get to customizing. Paint, paint pens, and stickers can all be used effectively. Just keep in mind that most of these methods will need to be sealed somehow to keep the design from scratching off under use.

3 - It Takes Two

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch 

What could make a better valentine gift for a gamer than a game you can play together? Even if gaming isn’t normally your forte, a copy of It Takes Two is a heartfelt game that will bring you hours of entertainment. After all, it is one of the most recommend couch co-op games, and with good reason.

It Takes Two follows a couple that has decided to divorce after they have been shrunk down to the size of one of their daughter’s dolls. Working together, with gameplay truly designed to be played by two people, they must find a way to return to their bodies — reconnecting with each other along the way.

Each character gets unique power ups throughout the game, and the players must work together to solve puzzles and get through the game. Because it truly is a game made for two, it lands near the top of our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for a gamer.

GiftYa Recommends: Text a Gamestop gift card to complete the gift. Whether they want to grab a Pokémon tshirt, a Squirtle plushie, or the latest game in the franchise, they’ll find it here.

4 - Custom M&Ms

Put Controllers or Characters on Their Favorite Gaming Candy

Custom M&Ms
M&Ms are a really sweet Valentines Day gift for anyone — your favorite gamer includes. Image courtesy M&Ms.

M&Ms and other candies that come in pieces make great gaming snacks. It’s easy to reach over and toss one or two in your mouth when you hit a load screen, meaning they won’t disrupt a game like a bowl of ramen or chips with cheese dust that sticks to your finger will. 

Plus, you can get official M&Ms printed with photo or text of your choice. That means you can add their game handle, a game controller emoji 🎮, or their favorite game characters. Maybe Samus Adan’s spacer or an adorable Pikachu.

To design your own M&Ms  just, head to the M&Ms website. You’ll choose up to three colors for your mix then add your designs.

5 - Personalized Gamer Tag

Complete Their Gaming Setup with This Cool Glowing Tag

Couple LEGO Figures
This dual color gamer tag is the perfect thing to complete their gaming setup. Image courtesy MegaLights on Etsy.

No gaming setup is complete without some glowy lights — the keyboard, LED strip lights, tiles — it’s gotta have something. But most of those items are less than unique, showing up in practically every game lover’s room.

This custom made gamer tag from MegaLights in Etsy can me customized with their gamer tag in a variety of fonts. With two light sources, it offers a unique two tone look that will complete any gamer’s set up.

6 - Couple LEGO Figures

Turn a Cute Couple into a Cute Knicknack with this Nerd Approved Gift for Gamers

Have you ever seen such a cute couple? Image courtesy Drawelry.

This one might not seem directly related to gaming, but when you consider how many Lego games there are — and how successful they are — you might reconsider. Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Starwars… the list goes on.

So this cute gift is sure to be a hit. Choose your base color, engraving, and all four pieces of each figure — hair, head, torso, and legs — for the ultimate Valentine’s gift.

7 - Best Buy Gift Card 

The Gift That Gives Whatever Gaming Gear They Want 

Buy a Best Buy gift card

A Best Buy gift card makes a fun but practical Valentine's Day gift for the gamer in your life. It lets them choose any gaming gear or titles they want - from new releases to old classics.

This little gift of love will help them get something awesome for their setup, whether it’s upgrading peripherals or getting the latest releases. It's a straightforward way to support their hobby and allows them to enjoy it on their terms. This Valentine's Day, consider giving the gamer in your life a gift that aligns with their interests – a Best Buy gift card for a personalized gaming experience.

Buy a Best Buy gift card

8 - Gaming Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

Add Some New Titles to Their List

Gaming Bucket List Scratch Off Poster
Scratch off titles to complete the challenge! Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Not sure what to play next? Any gamer will love this Top 100 Video Game poster. It features classic titles from Forza to Fallout, Assassins Creed to Age of Empires. So if they want an excuse to dig out their old Spyro and Kirby games or buy the remastered version of Bioshock, this is it.

9 - Triforce Ring

Dainty Gift for the Lady Gamer in Your Life

Triforce Ring
A delicate tricorne for a subtle gamer gift. Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Not every gamer gift has to be ostentatious. This simple triforce ring features the primary symbol from The Legend of Zelda. The set of triangles represents the balance between strength, courage, and wisdom that must exist in order for peace to reign. It is also a powerful artefact that amplifies whichever element of a person’s character is strongest. So if an evil person with too much strength has the reinforced, evil will reign. If someone who is balanced in the a virtues has it, there will be peace.

So grab this feminine gift for a gamer who loves Zelda, and she’s sure to be thrilled!

10 - Visa

Give The Gift They Can Spend on Anything

 Build a custom Visa gift card 

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, only way better looking. That means your favorite gamer can use it for pretty much anything they want. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a  valentines gift your gamer will be super happy with in no time. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message – maybe their favorite character from their favorite game?

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate valentines gift for your gamer  in hand before you know it. 

Build a Visa gift card 

That’s it for our list of the best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts you can get a gamer.

We hope that one of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your gamer fills your heart meter. If you’re still looking for another item, consider checking out the GiftYa catalog. With thousands of local and national brands to choose from — from the national tech chain where they get all their gear to the local game shop they’re always looking for ways to support —you’re sure to find something they love. Happy shopping!

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