10 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Kids They’ll Actually Want

Little Gifts That Will Put A Big Smile on Your Kiddo’s Face Come Christmas Morning!

Dear Santa,

The letters you received from kids this year probably had some big ticket items on their wish lists – video game consoles, hoverboards, cell phones. But once those big gifts have either been tucked into the sleigh or deemed not to go under the tree this year, there are still some little items to be purchased. To create that sense of Christmas morning wonder.

Now, you’ve made your list. You’ve checked it twice. You found out who was naughty and nice. So we’ll still defer to your expertise. After all, you know the children better than we do! But if you’re looking for some last minute stocking stuffer inspiration, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Pint-sized toys and games
  • Gift cards that spread the Christmas joy out
  • Other little treats kids would be happy to have in their stocking this year

So prepare the reindeer – we’re off on a special Christmas adventure!

An Intro to GiftYa for the Man in Red 🎅🏼

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Spread the Christmas joy out from the big day a bit when you send a text to mom’s phone… or that first cell phone they might have found under the tree this year.

Choose from thousands of local and national brands, from amusement parks to video games to clothes, so that the Christmas fun isn’t over and done on Christmas morning.

Not only a great gift for kids but also the kids at heart on your list!

1 - Candy, Chocolates, or Sweets

Don’t Worry, They Can Burn Off All That Energy in The Snow

cookies make great last minute stocking stuffers for kids
Sweets are a Christmas stocking staple for good reason – for kids, a little bit of sugar means that it’s a big event!

Mom and dad might be wary about getting their kids hopped up on sugar before a day they’ll all spend together or even with extended family, but it’s Christmas! Sweets are a hallmark of the season, whether it’s sugar plums or sugar cookies.

Beyond their favorite cookies are candies, there’s some opportunity to have fun with this one! Were they thiiiiiis close to being on the naughty list this year? Or maybe they just act like a real Grinch when that sugar crash hits? There are plenty of “lump of coal” candies out there, to get the point across… or simply remind nice kids to keep up the good behavior!

Here are a few of our favorites:

2 - Toys

Tiny Toys Make Great Filler for Stockings

kids toys including tiny dolls that make a good stocking stuffer
Not every toy has to be a giant doll dream house or remote control car! Some make great stocking stuffers.

Sure, the kids have plenty of toys wrapped under the tree, but those little odds and ends can go in the stocking too! Maybe a Polly Pocket or a mini holiday Squishmallow. The stocking is a great place for adorable squishy toys you can find at the local dollar store or festive pens.

Boys might appreciate hot wheels or lightsaber chopsticks. Girls could be happy to find small beauty products like mascara or bath bombs. Any kid would probably be excited to get a magazine or a new book that’s been on their list!

3 - Games and Puzzles

Activities That Will Keep Them Occupied and Challenge Their Brains

two kids putting together
Puzzles are a great way to keep kids’ brains sharp during winter break, so they’ll be on top of their game when they head back to school in the new year.

Some might think that old school games and puzzles aren’t sought after items anymore in the world of virtual reality headsets and video games. However, these small gifts make great stocking stuffers and can lead to hours of fun!

Think of the classics, like Bananagrams or a set of playing cards featuring their favorite characters. Card games like Uno and collectibles like Pokemon cards also make great additions!

4 - Target

Extend the Christmas Joy When You Set them Loose in Target

Buy a Target gift card by following this link!

Target might just be another stop on the weekly errands list for grown ups, but for kids, it’s a world of possibility. Where else can they find everything that’s fun for them? Whether you have a kid who’s into self care products like Target’s sheet basks and bubble bath or a kid who always wants to take a stroll through the Nintendo aisle in the electronics department, a Target gift card will certainly be a hit.

For kids who just received their first phone, texting a gift card to them can also be a nice treat. Make sure you leave the sound on before you wrap the device, and when you send the gift card, well… one of the boxes should start chiming when it’s delivered to their phone!

Buy a digital Target gift card by following the link!

5 - Video Games

Give Them Something They’ll Be Super Excited to See in Their Stocking

Get a Gamestop gift card in just seconds by following the link!

kid and dad playing video game
Video game cartridges are just one of the many options you can fit into a kid’s stocking… and enjoy playing with them for the rest of Christmas Day!

While these may be more expensive than a chocolate reindeer or a set of cards, video games are certainly small enough in size to fit into a stocking. Whether your kid his a love of Roblox or has been playing Stardew Valley on Steam, whether they’ve been begging for a Nintendo Switch Online account to play Animal Crossing with their friends or the latest Xbox release, this one is sure to be a hit.

Luckily, if you don’t have time to whip up a copy in your workshop, winter sales should put some of this year’s hottest titles on a pretty steep discount. Local comic book and game stores in particular will appreciate your business this time of year, whether it’s on Small Business Saturday or last minute shopping on Christmas Eve!

P.S. – Handheld “retro” GameBoy lookalikes that hold hundreds of arcade games have been popular on social media lately. Basic ones will only set you back $10-20, but if you want to share your favorite PS1, SNES, and other games with the next generation, you can also pick up an Anbernic. They’re more expensive than the ones you can find at Walmart or Target, but they are some of the best in the business!

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6 - Electronics Accessories

Earbuds and Chargers and Stickers, Oh My!

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electronics accessories
No matter what their favorite device is, they’ll probably appreciate some new accessories for their tech!

Whether they’ve got a music player for passing the time on the school bus or an iPad for their budding creative ambitions, a Nintendo Switch or an iPhone, they’ll definitely appreciate these minor upgrades.

Earbuds or over ear headphones are a great gift for music lovers and gamers.

Gamers will also appreciate new controllers, thumb grips to cover their joysticks, or something to hold and organize their gaming gear.

Plus any kid with an electronic device can benefit from high efficiency charging blocks, some spare cables, screen protectors, and cases.

P.S. - If you’re looking for great controllers that won’t break the bank, 8BitDo is a brand you should know.

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7 - Blu-Rays or 4K Movies

So They Can Watch What They Want When They Want

Fast and Furious series DVDS on shelf
Despite the rise of streaming services, blu rays and DVDs remain popular gifts for people of all ages.

Movies on disc are a great gift option for younger kids and older ones. For little kids, they’ll love being able to watch their favorite shows or movies without having to be supervised on the family streaming account. They can just watch SpongeBob or The Mario Brothers Movie whenever they want to.

Older kids might have unrestricted access to the streaming accounts or even a tv in their bedroom, but they’re old enough to appreciate the bonus features that streaming services just don’t have. Commentary, games, behind the scenes looks – they’ll have fun getting to know their favorite movies and shows in a whole new way.

8 - A Fidget Toy

For Any Kids, Particularly Those with ADHD

rainbow sensory slug fidget toy
A fidget toy can make a great stocking stuffer for any hyperactive child out there.Image courtesy of walmart.com

Kids have a lot of energy. If you know some kids who struggle to sit still and focus, a fidget toy is a great stocking stuffer. There are plenty of varieties to choose from ranging from the original fidget spinner or fidget cube that took the world by storm a few years ago to classic toys like the Rubik's cube, which some also consider a fidget toy.

There are also some newer fidget toys available – fidget jewelry, sensory slugs, infinity cubes, and poppers, to name a few.

9 - Art Supplies

One liner about restaurant include key words if possible

young girl drawing flowers with art supplies
Keep your kids creative in the new year and beyond when you support creative hobbies – it’s as simple as a couple of stocking stuffers!

Art supplies can get expensive, but you don’t need Prismacolor markers or Van Gogh oil paints to support a child’s creativity. Hobbies like art and music raise a child’s self esteem as well as help them develop an understanding and ability to express their emotions. And it doesn't take a big price tag to get those big benefits.

Basic art supplies – anything student level – are what young artists use to develop their skills (and professional artists use for practice or brainstorming). Oil pastels are a step up from crayons, but they’re still affordable and child-friendly.

Watercolor paint is water soluble, making it a good option for beginning artists who may inadvertently create messes (read: it’s easy to clean up). It even comes in a magical pearlescent variety.

Whether you go with colored pencils or a sketch pad, paints or clay, this stocking stuffer is not only a gift they’ll have lots of fun with, but one that lays the groundwork for benefits for years to come.

10 - Visa

Give Them a Little Cash for Their Own Shopping Adventure

Build a custom Visa gift card

Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere that accepts Visa cards, which means pretty much everywhere. This means that a kid can treat themselves to a toy, book, game, video game, notebook, or whatever else might catch their eye. Plus, you can customize the gift to be the ultimate Christmas gift with a photo, personal message, and even handwritten card.

Custom cards typically print same day and ship the next, so the card will be ready for stocking stuffing in no time.

Build a custom Visa gift card

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Kids!

Stuffing a stocking is tougher than it sounds, but we hope these ideas give you some holly jolly ideas of what to fill the space with. Whether you’re packing gifts into the sleigh yourself or relying on your helpers to get the job done, these gifts will be the perfect fit and are sure to light up a kid’s face just like a Christmas tree. Happy shopping, and merry Christmas!

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