10 Last Minute Practical Christmas Gifts for Couples

They’ll Love The Swoon-Worthy Last Minute Christmas Gifts Almost As Much As They Love One Another!

If there’s a couple in your life that you just haven’t been able to think of the right Christmas present for then today’s post is going to be just the thing you are looking for because in today’s post I am going to be laying out a list of last minute practical Christmas gifts for couples. And there are couples of all types out there so I tried to make sure I cast as wide a net as possible with these suggestions since I am limited by my word count to only ten options in the list. But I think I have a pretty good list put together and I even included links anytime you can use a GiftYa gift card at any of the retailers on the list.

If you have never used a GiftYa before then you might really find them useful. In essence they are just a gift card that has been completely reimagined for the modern world. The cards exist in an all digital format and that comes with a whole bunch of different benefits. But since you are looking for gifts at the last minute I’ll let you know that they can be bought and sent in just a couple of seconds/clicks. You simply pick out the card you want, load the balance onto it, and then as soon as you check out, GiftYa texts the digital gift card directly to the recipient’s phone. So I am sure you can see how they can be a real lifesaver when you need a gift at the last minute.

But I’ll wrap up the pitch for the “brand” here and get right to that list of last minute practical Christmas gifts for couples that brought you here. And as always, thank you for the click, and thank you even more for actually reading!

1 - Target

Turn Their Chores Into a Little Treat at Tarjay

Grab yourself a Target gift card by following the link!

Okay, I might be dating myself here when I refer to everyone’s favorite place to run errands as “Tarjay,” but the point remains: Target is the fanciest and most fun of the chores. Sure, maybe they’re there to get a new mop or pick up some color-changing kitty litter, but the far-reaching seasonal section and all the fun odds and ends on the end caps make it kind of an event.

When you text the couple in your life a Target gift card, they can use it on the things they need: groceries, TP, shampoo. But they can also use it to treat themselves with goodies like bubble bath, cozy blankets, shiny new electronics, or those Christmas birds everyone is obsessed with (and who now have a whole village worth of accessories to shop, too).

Anybody can get a digital Target gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - A Great Gift for Couples Who Have Pets

Let Them Splurge on Their Fur Baby – You Know How Much They Want To

Get a Petco gift card instantly when you follow the link!

According to many young couples, pets are the new children – so why not get them a gift to let them treat their favorite fur kid?

Pets are part of the family – it’s just a fact. And much like getting a parent a gift card for something they can do with their child (amusement park, museum admission, etc), pet gifts are great gifts for pet owners. 

You can always get them a gift that gives back to animal causes, like a Fahlo bracelet, Grounds & Hounds Coffee, or a personalized ornament that feeds shelter cats. But you can also get them a gift they can use to spend time with their furry friend.

Petco has everything a pet owner could want – from a treat bar to toys to leashes and harnesses so they can take their canine or feline companion everywhere they go. 

It only takes a second to grab a digital PetSmart gift card when you click the link!

3 - Best Buy

Grab a Best Buy gift card by following this link!

Electronics shopping gets super expensive. Flat screens and laptops and printers, oh my! But with a Best Buy gift card, the couple in your life will be able to take advantage of those post-holiday sales to upgrade anything they need to. That can mean a new Macbook so they can work from home with ease or a smart watch to help them stay on top of their New Year’s resolutions. They can grab the Dyson hair wrap or gaming headsets. Appliances like smart refrigerators (or dumb refrigerators, for that matter) and kitchen aid mixers. Electric scooters and the toys and collectibles they can finally get for themselves with their adult money.

So no matter what kind of electronics your favorite couple is in the market for, a gift card to Best Buy is a practical gift that just keeps giving. And since products at Best Buy range from small gifts (basic printer, Squishmallows, video game) to large (65” Roku TV, PS5 console, washing machine), this is a gift that works for any budget because they’ll be able to find something awesome with any amount of spending money.

Get yourself a digital Best Buy gift card in seconds by following the link!

4 - A Gift Card to Stubhub

Break Them Out of the Winter Blues with a Live Event

Grab yourself a StubHub gift card by following this link!

It can be easy to feel sluggish and sad in the winter – the days are shorter, the air is colder, and going outside just for the heck of it is a lot less comfortable than it is in the warmer months. StubHub is their one-stop shop for fun things to do that will get them out of the house during those dull winter months after the holidays.

With tickets to sporting events, live music, standup comedy, and more, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether they want to sit rinkside before NHL playoffs start making the price of tickets tick up or they want the experience of following their favorite NFL team to the Super Bowl, whether they want to immerse themselves in culture at a ballet or head bang in the pit at a heavy metal concert, they can find what they’re looking for on StubHub.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital StubHub gift card by following the link!

5 - Perfect for Couples Who Like to Game

Level Up Their Gaming Setup This Holiday Season

Get a Gamestop gift card in just seconds by following the link!

The perfect activity for a loved one and their player 2.

You know what they say: the couple that games together, stays together. Okay, they might not say that (yet!!), but for many couples, playing video games is a great way to spend time together. While many winter activities are solo or don’t allow for much opportunity to connect – reading books, watching a movie – video games allow your favorite couple to actually do something. Together. Cozy and inside.

If you can find out what their favorite platform is, all the better – you’ll know whether to grab them a gift card to shop nostalgic games on Steam during the winter sale or pick up the latest Mario Brothers game for their Nintendo Switch. But if you don’t know what they prefer to play, a gift card to GameStop is a great solution.

At GameStop, they can get everything they need to game the rest of the winter away, like consoles, controles, merch, and games.

Anybody can grab a digital Xbox LivePlaystation, or Nintendo eShop gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - A Gift Card to the Movies

Cozy Date Night Gift for Those Chilly Winter Nights

Grab a Cinemark Theaters gift card by following the link!

Winter is a big season for movie releases, following only summer blockbuster season.

Lots of movies hit the theaters at Christmastime, and plenty more follow in the early months of the new year, just before awards season. So give them the gift of a fun date night out – they’ll surely thank you for it!

You can grab a digital AMC Theaters gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - Amazon

A Little Bit of Anything They Might Need

Get an Amazon gift card by using the link!

Love it or hate it, Amazon is a massive retailer in the US and around the world. But even so, it’s just the most practical option for some things the couple in your life needs. Particularly if they’re living in a city or don’t have a car, that 2 Day shipping really comes in handy. Everything from clothes to shoes to home decor is delivered right to their door.

Anybody can grab a digital Amazon gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - Gift Cards to A Meal Delivery Service

For When They Just Don’t Feel Like Making Dinner

Grab an Uber Eats gift card by following this link!

Delivery is a welcome relief to people who usually cook every day!

Let them be a little bit lazy this winter and get them a gift card to their favorite meal delivery service. Instead of braving the cold to hit the grocery store after work, they can just order up their favorite comfort food and go shopping in the morning.

Get yourself a digital DoorDash gift card in seconds by following the link!

9 - Pep Boys

Nothing Could Be More Practical Than an Oil Change

Grab yourself a Pep Boys gift card by following this link!

Pep Boys is known for fast and friendly service… and speaking of, car service is a practical necessity any couple with a car will have to pay for at some point or another. So why not help them out with a Pep Boys gift card?

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Pep Boys gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

Give the Gift That’s as Good as Cash, But More Festive

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

Everybody appreciates a monetary gift, but where’s the Christmas fun in that? A Visa gift card is the next best thing, able to be used anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards. Customize the gift card with a photo (maybe their Christmas card photos, or one of their fur baby dressed up for Christmas?), and then it’s ready to go.

Most custom cards print the same day and ship out the next day, so it will be in their hands before you can sing It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas. Plus, you can also use Gift Card Granny’s inexpensive handwritten card service to give your gift an extra personal touch!

Anybody can grab a Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of Last Minute Practical Christmas Gifts for Couples!

I hope something on the list today seemed like the perfect practical Christmas gift at the last minute that you can get for couples. To be honest, this was a pretty specific set of keywords so I really tried my best with it. I think everything on the list is practical for couples who might be at different places in their life. So I hope you found the perfect gift and that you and your family all have a merry Christmas!

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