Last Minute Housewarming Gifts

A Warm Way to Welcome Your New Neighbor

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The for sale sign sits in front of the house across the street. It has been up for months and you are beginning to wonder if the house will ever sell. One Thursday evening as you pull into your neighborhood you notice that there is a SOLD tag hanging diagonal across the for sale sign. You can’t help but sit there wondering who your new neighbor is, and when they will move in.

Growing up it had been a family tradition to go out and get a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift for new neighbors, as a way to both welcome and introduce yourselves to them. With this thought in mind you make a mental note to go out and find something after work Friday in order to be ready for them to move in.  

However sometimes plans change. It’s at that moment that you realize that you never got out to get a welcome gift for them. Sound familiar? If this is something that you find yourself struggling with, don’t panic, we have you covered. As you continue reading you will learn more about 10 great last minute DIY housewarming gifts that we recommend giving your new neighbors.

Giftya Gift Cards make for an excellent gift in these cases!

10 DIY Last Minute Housewarming Gifts

Choose the Gift that Speaks to You

There are so many different directions that you can go when creating a DIY last minute housewarming gift, from easy to reach for cleaning products to use while setting up your new home and unpacking, to something edible or that can be used to decorate and make your place feel at home, the possibilities are endless. Image courtesy of honey and lime.

You have probably experienced at one point or another in your life that moving can be very overwhelming. A new place, new house, new people potentially even the start of a new career it’s no wonder you’d be feeling in such a way. Having had the experience yourself you more likely than not remember the feeling yourself. In saying this, do you remember being welcomed to your new neighborhood? How nice it was to have people stop by and introduce themselves to you?

Perhaps bring different variations of gifts both store bought as well as homemade (aka DIY Gifts)? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this list of DIY last minute housewarming gifts is for you. As you read through the different gift ideas we have here, we hope that you are able to find something that inspires you!

1) A Gift Card!

Not only a great go to gift, but comes in handy for individuals who just moved into a new House!

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Text or email a gift card. In order to achieve this first gift idea you will have to go ahead and go by your new neighbors house empty handed. Doing this allows you to introduce yourself to the new neighbors along with exchanging contact information. Just be sure when doing this that you don’t announce that the reason you want/need their contact information is so that you can send them a gift card. One easy way to access a multitude of gift card options is to visit GiftYa and click on the tab at the top of the page that reads send. When here, you will be able to scroll through  the numerous gift cards on the site and see what stores are available.

2. Gift Basket

Who can resist a basket full of surprises?

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Gift basket. Now when it comes to creating a gift basket there are a couple different directions you can take. The most common gift baskets that people will create tend to include items such as a bottle of wine, some snacks and a note welcoming the new person to the neighborhood, or to their new homes. A second and different direction that you can take is putting together a basket with some of the essential items that they may need access to right away after moving. Some of these items may include disinfectant wipes, kleenex, and toilet paper among others.

3. Baked Goods

Could you turn down some fresh baked cookies or perhaps a homemade pie?

There are so many different baking recipes out there, how do you choose? We don’t know about you but these cookies are making our mouths water just by looking at them. Image courtesy of Bigger Bolder Baking.

Baked Goods. We recommend this to those who find themselves to enjoy baking. Need an excuse to pull out grandma's pie recipe? Or to try making those cookies that you saw in a recent issue of home chef? If you answered yes to either of these then this is most definitely the gift route that you should go. After moving into a new space, a delicious, thoughtful, homemade treat could make someone’s day. Just keep in mind the potential of allergies, acknowledging it may be for the best to avoid or substitute any recipes that make a mention of using nuts.

4. Bouquet

So many different options to choose from, do you go the decoration route or the edible one?

Gift a bouquet of Flowers or Basket of Vegetables. For all our gardening friends out there, this is the perfect DIY last minute housewarming gift for you. Whether you grow flowers, vegetables or even herbs, it’s hard to go wrong with this. With flowers, you can go out into your garden and choose any combination you desire. After gathering them,arrange them in a vase or a mason jar.

And with vegetables or herbs you can go out and gather what your heart desires and make an arrangement in a basket to bring someone for a housewarming gift. With either direction it is hard to go wrong. With the flowers, they can set them in a room of their choosing to help bring life to it, and with the vegetables or herbs they can use them for cooking.

5. House Decor

Gift something that can be used for decoration!

Art or decorations for the home. This idea is for our artistic friends out there. If you find yourself liking to paint, draw, crochet, knit, or any other art activities out there, this is a perfect fit for you. By creating some form of art that can be hung on the wall, make a blanket, or perhaps even a pillow anything along the lines of housewarming decor is recommended. Most people consider the thought to be what counts most when it comes to receiving housewarming gifts.

6. Candles

So many colors and scents to choose from!

Scented Candles. Not only do candles make a great housewarming gift but they literally and figuratively light up the room. Although you could always go to a store and look for a premade one, we recommend that you make your own. All you need is some wax, essential oils, and most importantly a jar and you are set to make your own candles. We recommend removing any spilled wax and polishing up the jar before and after creating the candle so that the recipient doesn’t have a giant mess to clean up.

7. Wine

Red, White whatever the name may be wine is a well known housewarming gift and that hard to go wrong with!

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Wrapped Wine Bottle. Now we know that a wine bottle was previously mentioned if you were going to create a gift basket to give as a housewarming gift. However, if you find yourself short on time or unable to think of other things you would like to add to a basket, then a simple bottle of wine is an excellent go-to. You can create your own wrapping or grab a cute bag to put the bottle in. It is hard to go wrong with this housewarming option. Plus, who knows, the person may crack open the bottle while you are with them and insist on sharing the thoughtful gift with you!

8. Hot cocoa set

Perfect for those who move into a new home during those cold winter months!

Hot chocolate makes for an extremely inviting gift. During those cold winter months nothing is better than cozying up under some blankets and enjoying the warm chocolaty drink. An added bonus is that there are different flavors to choose, from your regular cocoa powder to caramel flavored and peppermint! Image courtesy of craftsyhacks.

A Cocoa Kit. As we all know people are constantly moving throughout the year, and that the winter months can be brutal in some places. If you are from a place that has harsh winters then this is a great housewarming gift for you to give. Not only will it help the recipients feel nice and cozy in their new homes, but it is also perfect for those who have kids. A few things to include in the kit are a mug or two, cocoa powder of course, chocolate bars, as well as different add ons such as marshmallows, flavored syrup, and sprinkles. To top the kit off be sure to add a card welcoming them to the neighborhood, or wishing them the best with their new home!

9. Koozies

A perfect way to keep your drinks cold during warm months, and warm during the cold ones!

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Coffee Mug Koozies. Now for those who don’t know or forgot what a koozie is, they tend to be fabric or foam made holders that people will put around either a mug that is too hot to directly touch, or to keep their alcohol beverages colder during the summer months. If you are one of our craftier friends out there then this is another housewarming gift for you to consider making. They not only take little time to make but permit you to be as creative as you want.

You can choose any fabric or foam, as well as design or pattern, and take it wherever direction you wish to. More likely than not whoever just moved in across the street or whoever else you may be gifting a house warming gift to, drinks coffee, tea or one of the many other alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages out there. Plus there is never a time that these aren’t useful.

10. Personalized Visa Gift Card.

Did you know that you can make a gift card even more personal?

Did you know that you could create and order personalized Visa gift cards? Not many people do. This is a new and unique way that you can go about giving visa gift cards. If you visit Gift Card Granny and go to the tab that reads build, by following the instructions on the page you have the ability to create and personalize Visa gift cards to your liking.  If you are someone who likes to have a couple easy to give gifts on hand then we recommend ordering a couple cards when you put in your order.

We hope that the above has helped plant some ideas on last minute DIY housewarming gifts for you. We know that life can get busy and that at times we do fall behind. If you liked this piece we recommend also checking out 10 Last Minute Housewarming Gifts to help them feel at home.

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