10 Last Minute Gifts You'll Want For Yourself This Holiday Season

Easy and quick gifts you can send right to your phone in just a few minutes!

With the holiday season coming up sooner than later, you’ll probably be asking a lot of your friends and family members questions like: “what do you want as a gift this year?”

And while you’re out shopping for others, one thing that can go amiss is getting yourself something special and fun for the holidays as well. You’d probably see an array of things you’d want for yourself as you’re out and about shopping for your loved ones. There’s so many new products popping up every year and plenty of deals to go along with them. With that, trying to choose a last minute gift you’ll want for yourself can get a little overwhelming, and there’s so many people with different tastes, so why not go with something easy like a GiftYa virtual gift card?

GiftYa is a website and mobile app that sells digital gift cards to places all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, local stores, online exclusives, spas, hotels, and more! Instead of getting overwhelmed with choice, choose a gift card! That way you can save it and buy something that you like at a later date or go shopping at your favorite store with your new gift card. What makes this different from a regular gift card is their cool customizable options like adding a gift message and wrapping to the card. Then once you select a value (up to $100) you can send it to your phone via email or text.

Send yourself a gift card to your favorite shopping spot in just a few minutes.

1. Amazon

Browse through their “virtual aisles” and add fun products to your cart that’ll get delivered right to you!

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Online shopping is fun. Especially when you’re shopping at somewhere like Amazon where there’s almost any product you can think of through their “digital aisles.” You can find clothes, jewelry, accessories, home decor, furniture, tools, art supplies, games, toys, self care and beauty products, groceries, and so much more. Go on a shopping spree and pick what piques your interest or choose what you need and save the rest of your gift card for another day. 

Plus if you have Amazon Prime then you can get select products delivered to your home as soon as the next day. Those fast shipping times, along with access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and albums from your favorite musical artists, books, and more will be a great gift to get yourself this holiday season. Buy what you need and what you want with an Amazon gift card.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

2. Dunkin'

Sweet tooths you already know about this gift, get all the delicious drinks and donuts you want!

Text A Dunkin’ Gift Card

A commonality between the people who are a fan of sugar and aren’t morning people is that they love going to Dunkin’ aka Dunkin Donuts. This fast food chain has been around since 1948 and has been serving up delicious brews and donuts for over 75 years. Make your morning commute something to look forward to as you go to your local Dunkin’ and browse through their many menu options like the Signature Latte, Dunkin’ Refreshers, Bacon, Egg, & Cheese breakfast sandwich, Snackin’ Bacon, and of course a wide variety of your favorite donuts like glazed, chocolate, and cake. 

(And if you happen to be reading this during the holidays you’ll find a bunch of great holiday-centric treats like the Triple Chocolate Muffin and Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte to warm up your chilly mornings. Dunkin’ has constantly got fun seasonal menu items no matter the time of year).

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Dunkin’ here!

3. Best Buy

Don’t settle for your half-working headphones, get a new pair from the queen of tech!

Email A Best Buy Gift Card

Technology has been growing more and more every year, and with new products constantly coming out you’ll sometimes find that your old ones don’t compare nearly as well. There’s so many different choices out there for headphones, phones, tablets, computers, TVs- you name it. So come to Best Buy where you can get what you need and ask experts that will give you the up and up on what’s best for your home.

Best Buy is an electronics retailer that sells almost anything that can be turned on. They’ve got washers, dryers, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, cameras, laptops, computer accessories like keyboards, smart watches, wires, speakers, Smart Home equipment, collectibles, and more like the few things we mentioned earlier. Compare different brands and choose the best. And at Best Buy you’ll only be able to buy the best.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Best Buy here!

4. DSW

Any kind of shoe you’re looking for you can find it here!

Buy A DSW Gift Card

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for a fancy occasion, boots for work, a pair of running shoes that’ll get you ready for your next marathon, or a new pair of “everyday” shoes after your old favorites have finally worn down then going to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is your next destination. This shoe shop has got any kind of shoe you can think of: boots, heels, flats, flip flops, sandals, loafers, slippers, and sneakers from the brands you love.

That’s right DSW has got a huge variety of well known brands that they work with like Crocs, Converse, Nike, PUMA, Skechers, Vans, and New Balance. You’ll find those brands and more all have their shoes at your local DSW, so walk in wearing an old pair and leave with a pep in your step wearing new favorites.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to DSW here!

5. Regal Cinemas

Go see the latest movie everyone’s been talking about with some of your favorite people!

Text A Regal Cinemas Gift Card

Who doesn't love going to the movies? Buying your ticket, the smell of your favorite concessions like buttery popcorn, getting a box of candy to pour into the popcorn (it’s a great movie theater trick, definitely try it out next time you go), choosing the best seat to see all the action, and laughing and gasping with strangers over the latest twists and turns of the movie. There’s so much to experience when you go to the movies and at Regal Cinemas you can get all of that and more. See a movie you’ve been waiting for and enjoy time with your friends as you veg out together.

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Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Regal Cinemas here!

6. StitchFix

Get clothes personally tailored to your taste delivered right to your door!

Email A StitchFix Gift Card

Clothes shopping can be a hit or miss for people, you can really enjoy going out and finding new items to add to your closet, or can be something you dread because nothing ever seems to “speak” to you the way it does others. With those feelings known throughout the world, StitchFix has taken to changing the shopping game, making both people who adore shopping and those who hate it find a common ground to work with. 

StitchFix is an online clothing delivery service that has personal stylists work with you to find clothing that fits your body and style better than most retail stores out there. All you have to do is take a “Style Quiz” and your journey for a better closet behind. After getting paired with a stylist you’ll get sent clothing items and if you like them you keep them, if you don’t you can send them back and they will refine your tastes/any sizing issues that come up for a future delivery. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to StitchFix here!

7. GameStop

Get any game- both new and old for any console to enjoy at the end of the day

Buy A GameStop Gift Card

All gamers know that gifting yourself something from GameStop is your first thought when you have money and you want to buy something for yourself. GameStop has been around since the 80’s and they have constantly had the games you want in stock along with consoles and memorabilia from your favorite media. Nowadays you can get games from your childhood along with highly anticipated releases of future GOTY nominees. Go in store and sift through the racks of games to find something the whole family can enjoy- (or a throwback from your past you just have to play again). You can also look into GameStop’s gaming accessories in case you want to get something better suited for optimal gaming in the evening with your pals.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to GameStop here!

8. Airbnb

Go on a vacation with your loved ones or go somewhere by yourself to get away from it all…

Text An Airbnb Gift Card

Vacations are great. They’re a way for you to get away from your everyday routine and relax, sight see, and venture outdoors seeking out activities you might not get a chance to do in your free time. And one of the biggest aspects of picking and choosing a vacation spot is where you’ll end up staying. So many factors go into choosing a place to stay while you’re away from home and Airbnb has made it so that the process can be as easy as possible. 

Airbnb is an online marketplace for vacation home and condo rentals. They’ve got a wide range of listings to choose from, some in really cool locations. There’s treehouses, tiny homes, cabins, mansions, B&B’s, castles, and much more. Pick where you want to go and find a home to stay in through Airbnb, you deserve to treat yourself to a nice vacation.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

9. Calm.com

Start lessening anxiety and learn to meditate all through an app on your phone

Email A Calm.com Gift Card

The conversation around mental health has never been more important. So many people out there have finally started talking about what ails them and there’s never been more resources out there to help those take a hold of their mental health and change for the better. 

And Calm.com has become the #1 app for meditation amongst users. They are here to help calm your mind after and/or before a stressful day, giving you tools to keep in your back pocket as you navigate through the ups and downs of life. Calm can help you “stress less, sleep more, and live mindfully.” A lot of the time people tend to help others before themselves, so give yourself something that can help you.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Calm.com here!

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

Get yourself whatever you want from almost any store in the country!

Buy A Visa Gift Card

What’s great about gift cards is that you can get one for your favorite store and use them only at your favorite store. But with a Custom Visa Gift card from Gift Card Granny you can use it at any participating store in the country.

But what does that mean exactly?

Well, most stores and restaurants throughout the country will accept Visa gift cards, meaning that you can treat yourself to something from a local gift shop and at a national fast food chain. The options are almost endless! 

Load up to $500 and customize the card with a gift message. Because even you deserve to have something fun be delivered to you.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

All of these places would make for great last minute gifts you’ll want for yourself. From clothes to an espresso in the morning, pick something out that you’d enjoy and have a gift card to spend it on, both now and in the future.

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