Last Minute Gifts that Will Make Father’s Day One to Remember

Give your father a father’s day he won’t easily forget.

Your father is one of the most important people you know, and so you should make sure to get him a great gift whenever it's his birthday, a holiday, or just because you feel like it. He deserves a gift that he will really enjoy no matter what the occasion. When you want to get him a good gift and can’t figure out what to buy at the last minute, GiftYa has got you covered. This list is compiled of things your father is likely to love, so make sure you pick one as soon as you can!

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1. Target

Home goods among other useful items. 

Get A Target Gift Card 

Target is a store that has something that is useful for everyone. Your father will find several rows of things that he needs at Target. They sell just about everything. They have home decorations, kitchen supplies, bathroom necessities, clothes, and so much more. They have small furniture, food, medication, and storage. With aisles upon aisles of cool stuff, your dad will definitely find something he likes or needs. 

Your dad won’t want to leave  empty handed after entering a Target. This store also has such low prices that a gift card could definitely go a long way. There is even a substantial electronic section that offers phone, TV, and computer supplies. And he has the option to order everything online if he’s not up for walking through the store himself. He can order  everything out online and simply come and pick it up or even have it delivered to his house the same day. 

Get A Target Gift Card

2. Famous Footwear

Discounted footwear from several well-known brands. 

Get A Famous Footwear Gift Card

If your dad could use some shoes, Famous Footwear is a great place to get him a gift card from. Famous Footwear is a national shoe store that sells several well-known brands at prices lower than the normal suggested retail prices. A visit to famous footwear will get your dad some high quality shoes at much lower prices than he’d have to spend on them normally. The brands they have are ones that your father is probably already familiar with. Some popular brands your dad will find at famous Footwear are Adidas, Converse, Timbaland, and more. 

Your father might even be introduced to some great brands that he’ll find himself loving. Famous Footwear has all types of styles, sizes, and colors in sandals, sneakers, and socks. They also have items that work for other parts of an outfit, like hats, gloves, backpacks, and other accessories. Their great deals will help your dad find something great!

Get A Famous Footwear Gift Card

3. GrubHub

Food delivery service with many options.

Get A GrubHub Gift Card

Your father will really appreciate having a good meal delivered right to his door. He can have a meal from his favorite restaurant sent right to his door. GrubHub will have several of his favorite restaurants on their list, including many that he hasn’t yet heard of. It is one of the most convenient ways for your dad to enjoy a restaurant meal. They will have his meal delivered within just an hour so he won’t have to wait very long to start enjoying it!

GrubHub has so many great restaurants on the app, your dad will have a good time getting to choose from all of them. And the order will happen significantly faster than he’d be able to cook a meal. Grubhub even streamlines the process by categorizing everything for easy searching. So if your dad is in the mood for Italian, Mediterranean, or Japanese, he can easily select his preferred category on GrubHub to narrow down his options. He’ll be sure to love the result. 

Get A GrubHub Gift Card

4. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

High quality coffee and tea from the best sources. 

Get A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Card

Your dad, like most people, probably enjoys a nice cup of coffee or tea at least once a day. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can provide him with some of the best coffee he could have. It is a coffee and tea shop that brings handcrafted coffee and tea products right to their customers’ doors. They choose the top one percent Arabica beans from the world’s best growing region to serve their customers. Their tea comes from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, and India. They also work directly with all their producers to get the best results. 

With a gift card for this place, your dad can choose from a variety of delicious drinks and get ready to start his day off right. When it comes to coffee, they offer it in whole beans, ground beans, and single serve cups. They have light roast, medium roast, and flavored. In terms of tea, they have tea bags, loose leaf, and CBTL capsules. They offer green tea, black tea, herbal tea, and several more types. 

Get A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gift Card

5. Fogo De Chao

Brazilian restaurant that serves endless meat. 

Get a Fogo De Chao gift card

Fogo De Chao is an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse that serves lots of delicious meats. They specialize in making barbeque meat and sides. This restaurant was first opened in Brazil and has since spread across the world for everyone’s enjoyment! The food is specifically from the southern part of Brazil and will let your father enjoy one of the tastiest parts of their culture. 

One of the biggest things on their menu is their selection of steaks. Their signature steak is the picanha, which is the top part of a sirloin, and they also have the Fraldinha, the bottom part of a sirloin. They also serve chicken, lamb, and seafood along with sides like polenta and garlic mashed potatoes, and tres leche cake and key lime pie. This restaurant can give your father the meal of a lifetime!

Get a Fogo De Chao gift card

6. Michael’s

DIY projects for people with a project. 

Get A Michaels Gift Card

Michaels is a craft store that sells crafts for any DIY project your dad might get into. They have products that help with many different home decor projects like home decor, framing, scrapbooking, and more. There will be so much for your father to choose from there. They sell clothing and storage as well. There are just so many supplies there to choose from, and they are all offered at very low prices. 

Whatever DIY project your dad currently has on his mind, he can find several ways to get it done at Michael’s. They have art supplies, frames, decor, fabric, canvases, and so much more that can be helpful. And Michael’s makes shopping even easier. If your dad doesn’t want to walk through the store himself, he can always order what he wants online, and then go to the store to simply pick up his order. It can save so much time and energy!

Get A Michaels Gift Card

7. Five Guys

This fast food restaurant is known for its variety of burger combinations.

Get a Five Guys gift card

Five Guys makes a great stop for anyone who loves eating burgers. It is one of the best burger chains in the country, and your father probably already knows why. He likely is already a fan, just like many people all around the country. Five Guys has some of the best tasting fast food burgers and over 250,000 ways to customize them. They are also well known for their milkshakes, which offer over 1,000 milkshake combinations.

Five Guys only uses fresh ground beef, which is one reason their burgers turn out so great. They double cook their fries and hand prepare each of their ingredients every day. The workers there do their best to provide customers with the best experience, so your dad will be well taken care of when he goes there. It's always great to indulge in one of the best fast food options out there, so your dad will likely really appreciate this offer. 

Get a Five Guys gift card

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee and donut chain with great breakfast options. 

Get a Dunkin’ gift card

Your dad is likely a regular coffee drinker, so a gift from Dunkin’ can make his mornings better for a while. With a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, your dad can enjoy his morning coffee without having to put effort into it. If he has a job to go to every day, your dad can use a break from his full routine in the morning every once in a while. You can free up a few of his mornings and leave him with a lot more time to rest. And his trip can include coffee as well as breakfast since Dunkin’ sells great breakfast along with their coffee. 

Dunkin’ doesn’t only have donuts for breakfast. Your dad can order from a menu of different breakfast wraps and sandwiches. You can have your sandwiches on a croissant, a bagel, a piece of toast, or you can have just the bread with some cream cheese or butter. A trip to Dunkin’ for a few days will be a great way for your day to start his work days!

Get a Dunkin’ gift card

9. REI

Outdoor supply shop that offers great deals. 

Get An REI Gift Card

If your father is someone who enjoys spending his time outdoors, REI will make a great store for him to get a gift from. REI has everything that your dad will need to enjoy his time being active outside. They offer clothing, shoes, and outdoor supplies among other things that help people carry out their outdoor hobbies. Whether your dad likes camping, hiking, or fishing, he will find plenty of things at REI to accommodate him in those endeavors.  

REI offers everything they have at really good prices when compared to other department stores. They will have what a person needs to spend every season outdoors. They also offer the option for customers to buy used gear as well as the brand new gear they have. That way, your dad has the option to go for even better deals at REI! 

Get An REI Gift Card

10. Longhorn Steakhouse

Chain restaurant that serves great steak. 

Get a Longhorn Steakhouse gift card

If your father is a steak lover, Longhorn Steakhouse is the restaurant for him. Longhorn Steakhouse offers up great steak at a low price. Their cuts are tender and juicy, and they sell them for far less than a traditional steakhouse. They have several different steaks and sides that work really well together. Your dad has a choice of ribeye steak, t-bone steak, porterhouse steak, New York strip steak, and filet mignon. If he likes steak, he’ll likely be satisfied with just about anything he gets!

Even though this is a steakhouse, they don’t only serve steak. Longhorn offers chicken, salmon, pork chops, and more. Your father can try their loaded baked potato soup, their French onion soup, or even a sandwich, a burger, or a salad. They also offer some great deals during lunchtime, so depending on when your father chooses to go, he could get even more for his money. 

Get a Longhorn Steakhouse gift card

When it’s time to give your dad a fun gift, anything here will make a pretty great choice. Go ahead and pick one to give your dad a great father’s day!

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