Last Minute Gifts That Are Sure To Make Him Happy

Even if you don’t have too much time to shop, you can still get your guy something that will make his day.

Since your guy is one of the most special people in your life, you surely want to make any birthday or holiday special for him. Unfortunately, sometimes your schedule is so loaded, you might not have enough time to devote to shopping for that gift that shows him just how special he is to you. And because of that, we are here to help you out! This list contains some of the best gift cards you can give to your guy so that he can pick out a gift that he will truly love!

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1. Famous Footwear

Discounted footwear from well known brands. 

Get A Famous Footwear Gift Card

Famous Footwear is a national brand that offers well known brands at prices lower than suggested retail prices. A visit to famous footwear gets you high quality shoes without having to spend too much, which is something he’s likely to love. They sell popular brands he’s probably very familiar with. Some of these brands are Adidas, Converse, Timbaland, and much more. 

They have a large selection of shoes when it comes to every brand available. He will find all types of styles, sizes, and colors. They have sandals, sneakers, and socks, as well as items for other parts of his outfit, including hats, gloves, backpacks, and other accessories. They also consistently have great sales so Famous Footwear is always a great deal!

Get A Famous Footwear Gift Card

2. H&M

The latest styles at the lowest prices. 

Get An H&M Gift Card

If your guy likes to look good on the regular, H&M will have him covered. H&M is a fast fashion store that always sells affordable versions of all the latest styles. If your guy shops there, he can be up to date on all the latest styles, and he would do that without having to spend very much money at all. He will find everyday essentials, comfy loungewear, and formal wear that he can wear for a long time. 

Your guy can find something that suits his tastes at H&M no matter what his style. If he’s looking for a jacket, he can choose between stylish puffer jackets, trench coats, leather jackets, and so many other styles. If he needs jeans, he can find skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, and tapered jeans among other styles. Your guy will have a blast with an H&M gift card that gives him the choice to leave with lots of stylish items. 

Get An H&M Gift Card

3. GrubHub

Convenient food delivery service with great options.

Get A GrubHub Gift Card

Having food delivered straight to someone’s door will always make a good gift. Without even leaving his house, your guy can enjoy an awesome meal from one of his favorite restaurants. GrubHub will help to make that happen. It is one of the most convenient ways for someone to enjoy a restaurant meal. They will have the meal delivered within just an hour so they won’t have to wait very long to dig in!

GrubHub gives someone a choice of many great nearby restaurants. Some your guy will be familiar with, and some will be new to him, but either way, the choice will be fun for him to make when scrolling past several restaurants. Grubhub will let your guy filter by food types to streamline the process. So whether he’s in the mood for Chinese, Greek, or Italian, he can easily select the right category on GrubHub and narrow down his choices. This will save him some valuable cooking and travel time. 

Get A GrubHub Gift Card

4. GameStop

Large gaming retailer with all the games you can want. 

Get A GameStop Gift Card

For the gamer guy in your life, GameStop is a great place for a gift. GameStop is a videogame and electronics store that has just about everything a gamer would want to get his hands on. It is one of the largest game retailers in the country, so it is always well stocked with all the latest items. They sell things that are brand new and also ones that are pre-owned for maximum discounts. He can find major gaming systems like XBox, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. 

They sell all of the best brands and also offer frequent discounts. Your guy will find Pokemon, Hasbro, Turtle Beach, and AMD among other brands. This store will help him find all the new releases first. He can leave with a game as soon as he visits or even pre-order a game that hasn’t come out yet and be one of the first to get to play it! Some of the games currently available for pre-ordering are Dead Space, One Piece Odyssey, and Hogwarts Legacy. 

Get A GameStop Gift Card

5. Crunch Fitness

High quality gym and a no judgment zone. 

Get A Crunch Fitness Gift Card

If your guy is active and really into getting his exercise, Crunch Fitness can really help him out. It is a national gym that is all about making space for every kind of person to get fit. They are a no judgment zone and like to make sure to advertise that just so everyone that visits them knows that it is a welcoming space. So whether your guy works out all the time or is just getting started, he will fit in perfectly at this gym. 

This gym has everything that’s needed for a newbie and everything needed for someone used to working out with high class equipment. They will help your guy reach his goals no matter what those are. When someone joins the Crunch family, they’ll discover a community full of people with varying goals. Crunch Fitness has some of the best strength and cardio equipment in the nation and amazing personal trainers on site, and this all comes at a very low rate. 

Get A Crunch Fitness Gift Card

6. Michael’s

DIY projects for creative people. 

Get A Michaels Gift Card

Michaels is a craft store that sells crafts for DIY projects. They supply products for all types of home decor projects like home decor, framing, and scrapbooking. This store will help your guy stock up on products for current and future projects at very low prices. They sell items used for projects, clothing items, and storage for all those items. They often offer so many deals that their well priced items often end up even cheaper once they remove a significant amount off the price. 

Any crafting or DIY hobby your guy may have can be catered to at this store. They sell art supplies, frames, decor, fabric, canvases, and more. They even make shopping a lot easier for the people who visit. Your guy can walk through the store to shop as usual or he can order everything off the website and simply go to pick everything up in the store! It saves so much time and energy to have the option to shop that way. 

Get A Michaels Gift Card

7. Ray-Ban

High quality sunglasses in many styles and colors. 

Get A Ray-Ban Gift Card

Sunglasses can make a really good gift, and that goes for every season. Even during the wintertime, your guy can probably use some eye protection from the sun. With a pair of glasses from Ray-Ban, he can have something that he wears every summer or all throughout the year. And every pair of sunglasses he might get from here will be of very high quality, so they’ll be sure to last him quite a while. And whatever his style, he is sure to find a pair that will suit him perfectly. 

Good prescription sunglasses can also be found at Ray-Ban if those are something your guy needs. He can choose from one of the many available options or even have a pair custom made just for him! There are even prescription sunglasses available so that your guy can block out too much sunlight and still see at the same time! Whether he’s more of an aviator guy or prefers round sunglasses, Ray-Ban has got just what he needs. 

Get A Ray-Ban Gift Card

8. Under Armor

High quality active wear made to enhance performance. 

Get An Under Armor Gift Card

If your guy is into being active, an Under Armour gift card can help him with his active pursuits. Under Armour has some of the best workout gear your guy can use. They have sneakers, t-shirts, pants, jackets, and more. Everything they sell is of high quality and will only make your workouts better. Their items can hold up to all types of movement and strain, and are made to withstand all the elements. 

Your guy can find gear for any of the sports he’s involved in when he visits Under Armour. He might find that he can take himself to a whole new level by wearing gear that is much higher quality than whatever he was using before. With gear from Under Armour, your guy can be comfortable from the start to the finish of his workout. UnderArmour’s gear will not disappoint, so give your guy the gift of really high quality gear!

Get An Under Armor Gift Card

9. REI

Outdoor supply shop with great deals. 

Get An REI Gift Card

If your guy loves being active outdoors, REI is the perfect store for him. REI sells everything that he will need to have a good time being active. They are one of the best stores in the country for clothing, shoes, and outdoor supplies. Whether your guy wants to go camping, hiking, or fishing, or just thinking about these things, he will love a gift from REI. 

REI consistently offers even better deals than they already have through their frequent sales. And it’s even better during any holiday season.They even have options for used gear as well as new gear along with some of the biggest brands in fitness. 

Get An REI Gift Card

10. Dave & Buster’s

Food and arcade games all in one place. 

Get A Dave & Buster’s Gift Card

Dave & Buster’s is an establishment that’s all about food and entertainment. With all the opportunities for great meals and arcade games, this place can really give your guy a great time celebrating. Whatever your boyfriend’s favorite games, he will most likely find something fun for him at Dave &  Buster’s. There are old classic games and new ones. He can always play pac-man, skee-ball, or the newest games in their million dollar midway. 

There are several arcade games available, and at many locations, they also offer the chance to play billiards and bowling. They’re even offering a brand new Transformers virtual reality game. They also offer space for guests to enjoy watching sports, and it’s certainly a very fun space for that. And if your guy wants to host an event, Dave & Buster’s is one of the best places for him to do that!

Get A Dave & Buster’s Gift Card

A last minute gift can be just as good as one you bought ahead of time if you manage to make the right choices. That’s why we’ve compiled a list to help you out. Any choice on this list will make your guy beyond happy to receive a gift from you, so go ahead and get to picking something off this list as soon as possible!

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