10 Last Minute Gifts From Target That Your Mom Will Love

Target has just about everything you need to find your mom a great gift.

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If you have a mom who often loves what Target has to offer, it may be the perfect spot to get her a last minute gift. Last minute gifts can be stressful to buy, but Target will make the process easy for you. You can always run inside to pick something up, but you can also get a gift ASAP even when you order from Target online. Target will have your mom’s gift delivered to your place or hers within two hours or two days. It depends on what delivery option you choose to go with.

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1. Lavender & Eucalyptus Gift Set

A scented candle, a spray, and a diffuser for an improved atmosphere.

Lavender & Eucalyptus Gift Set for mom from target
Three types of fragrances for your space. Image courtesy of Target.

A great gift that your mom will likely appreciate is one that can make her whole place smell amazing. A set of home fragrances from Target will make your mom’s home smell great and can even make the place feel a lot more calming. All you need to do is pick out a fragrance that you know she likes, and get her a home fragrance set that she will really appreciate.

This lavender and eucalyptus gift set from Target offers three different ways to make a room smell great. There is a candle, a diffuser, and a spray available, so your mom can use her preferred version at any point, or even all at once. This fragrance will leave a lasting impression in whichever room in the house it is used. With the combined scents of eucalyptus and lavender, these products will leave your mom’s space with a nice and warm ambiance.

2. 5-Tier Jewelry Box With Mirror

A jewelry box large enough to hold everything you own.

5-Tier Jewelry Box With Mirror
All your jewelry can be held in one place. Image courtesy of Target.

For the mom who has a lot of jewelry, get her a jewelry box that looks great, and can hold onto a lot of jewels. A decorative jewelry box will help your mom set up her jewelry neatly, and will look great in her home. One with several compartments will be big enough to hold on to what she needs, and have them all arranged in their own sections.

This 5 tier jewelry box from Target is made to be a great display and hold on to several types of jewelry. It comes in white and has different compartments for earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, whatever your mom likes to wear. There is a mirror attached to this jewelry box as well as three side drawers. Your mom will have the option to change the positioning of the drawers, and to keep them open for display or closed off.

3. Comfy Pajamas

These pajamas were made for comfort.

pajamas from target for mom
Pajamas that are super comfortable to lounge and sleep in. Image courtesy of Target.

If you want your mom to always have comfortable nights, get her a set of really comfy pajamas. Comfy pajamas can have your mom feeling comfortable and ready to go to bed as soon as she puts them on. They will be great for wearing to bed each night, and even just for lounging around the house.

This blue pajama set from Target will keep your mom comfortable whenever she wears it. It is available in pink, navy, black, and gray, and it comes with long pants and a collared short sleeved top. This pajama set has a drawstring waist for fit and comfort, and has a relaxed fit and a weightless feel to it. It will give your mom the best in comfort and style.

4. Bathtub Caddy Tray

A bathtub caddy tray that makes bath time more fun.

bathtub caddy tray
Make your bath time even longer and more relaxing than ever. Image courtesy of Target.

Change your mom’s bath time experience with something she may have never thought to get herself. Get your mom a bathtub caddy tray, and bath time will become a whole different experience that she will be happy to get to whenever she has the time. A bathtub caddy tray will make baths even more leisurely and relaxing for your mom, and will make it into a bit of a self-care ritual.

This wooden bathtub caddy tray from Target has room to hold onto several things that can improve your mom’s future baths. It is made with luxury wood, comes in six colors, and has enough shelf space to hold items for two people. There is room for a drink glass, a book, soap, a mini towel, a candle, and small snacks like chocolate. It is also extendable and collapsible so it can fit onto any bathtub.

5. Foot Bath Massager

A foot bath to use in the comfort of home.

foot bath
Soak all the stress of the day away at home. Image courtesy of Target.

Get your mom a gift that will help her unwind and take care of herself. A foot bath with a massager is a gift that will give her the chance to pamper herself at home the way they do at salons. Giving your mom a foot bath massager will be like giving her a mini foot salon she can use at home. She won’t have to leave her house the next time she wants a foot soak and a massage.

This foot bath massager from Target was made to rejuvenate tired feet. It has a soothing heated setting that your mom can control, and an LED display. There are spinning rollers in the foot bath to massage arches, and a built-in pumice stone to smooth calluses. It will get your mom relaxed without much work on her part. This foot bath massager can easily end up being one of your mom’s favorite relaxation aids!

6. Faux Fur Booties With Pom Poms

House shoes that look like outdoor booties.

cozy slippers any  mom would love
Walk around in ultimate warmth and comfort. Image courtesy of Target.

Your mom would likely appreciate having comfortable shoes to lounge around the house in. She likely spends a lot of time walking around the house, and you can help her do that in the utmost comfort. A nice pair of warm house slippers can make walking around the house an even more comfortable experience. Your mom won’t have to worry about her feet hurting or feeling cold from walking too much if you get her the right pair of house slippers.

These faux fur booties from Target are some of the warmest house slippers you can get for your mom. They look like booties you would wear outside, but they are actually soft slippers that are perfect for wearing around the house. They come in black and beige, and have cushioned insoles. These slippers are a pull on style and come with nonstick grippers on the bottom. And unlike most actual shoes, these boot-like slippers are machine washable.

7. Mug Warmer

A method to keep your drink warm when you need it.

mug warmer from target
Keep a mug warm until you are done with it. Image courtesy of Target.

A gift that your mom is very likely to love is a mug warmer. An issue that many people hate when enjoying hot drinks is how they cool down quickly, but with a coffee mug warmer, that will no longer be a problem. It will allow your mom to enjoy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate without feeling the need to rush through it so that it doesn’t get cold. She can even take breaks from drinking and get back to it any time she wants.

This coffee mug warmer from Target will keep your mom’s hot drinks at the perfect temperature. It has three temperature settings, an automatic shut off safety feature, and is easy to clean. It will make morning coffee or afternoon tea into an even better experience for your mom, and that’s something that she will likely be very grateful for.

8. Portable Blender

A blender you can carry around and drink from.

adorable portable blender
This portable blender is cute and useful. Image courtesy of Target.

If your mom likes drinking smoothies or has ever talked about eating healthier and having more fruit, a portable blender will make a very good gift. A portable blender will allow your mom to have smoothies on the go without taking too much time. She won’t even have to worry about switching the container or buying extra dishes since everything is done in one small and portable blender!

This portable blender from Target can make single serving smoothies whenever your mom is in the mood for one. She’ll be able to just fill it up with ingredients, walk out the door, and finish blending it whenever she pleases. With this blender, she can add smoothies to her daily routine without having to wake up much earlier. It has a stainless steel blade and a leakproof life, it is rechargeable, and it even includes over 100 recipes, so your mom will never be out of smoothie ideas.

9. Concrete Planter With Antique Finish

A planter that will add a lot of style into a space.

concrete planter
This planter can hold any number of amazing plants. Image courtesy of Target.

A great decorative item that your mom will likely love is a planter. If your mom likes having plants, getting her a planter that she will enjoy showing off will make a great gift idea. A concrete planter especially will be sturdy, work great indoors and outdoors, and can be made into a great decoration. It can manage to look good in the kitchen, in the living room, in the hallway, or in the bedroom.

This concrete planter from Target has an antique finish and is made to be a gorgeous decoration. It is thick, sturdy, round, and has a matte finish, and will add a nice, antique touch to your mom’s space. It is also the right size to fit on shelves and tables most of all. Your mom will also get the chance to buy some gorgeous plants to display when she gets this vintage-style planter as a gift.

10. Stone Coasters

Decorative and functional coasters.

quartz stone coasters
These coasters will look great on a table and help keep it clean. Image courtesy of Target.

If you want to help your mom keep her space looking amazing and clean, get her a set of aesthetic coasters. A set of coasters will keep your mom’s tables clean and dry, and keep her wiping it off less often. If you have the type of mom who was often worried about neatness and about how messy everyone in the house made the place, you know that she is very likely to appreciate some new coasters.

These stone coasters from Target are good looking on any table, and help to keep them clean. They are made with stone construction and a salt agate finish, bringing both function and style into your mom’s space. Even the guests being chastised whenever they forget to use these coasters will think they look neat!

Your mom is one of the most important people in your life, and you can show her how much you care with a great gift from Target that she’ll be really happy to own, even at the very last minute!

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