Last Minute Gifts for Stylish Men

What to Get Them And How to Make Sure It Matches Their Style

If there is a stylish guy in your life that you need to get a gift for, but you waited until the last minute to get it, I have just the thing for you today because today I have a list of 10 great last minute gifts for stylish men. And I’ll try to keep it as broadly applicable as possible since there are so many unique definitions of what qualifies as stylish. Two different people could wear the exact same outfit and it could only look stylish on one of them. 

The clothes have to fit the person, there is no clothing that looks good on everybody all the time. And as such, I am going to have a lot of options on the list that you can give a gift card to. It’s really hard to try to buy clothes or a pair of shoes for somebody else. Especially somebody who is very active and involved in their presentation of style.

So if you really need to get them a gift at the last minute you are in luck because a lot of options on the list today accept our convenient GiftYa gift cards. If you haven’t used a GiftYa yet I’ll try to explain what they are real quick. They are essentially a gift card that exists in a completely digital format. And while that format comes with a ton of different benefits I’m guessing since you are looking for last minute gifts, the feature you will be most interested in is the fact that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a few clicks. All you have to do is choose the gift card, load the balance on the card, and then BAM, GiftYa just texts it directly to the recipient’s phone so it arrives practically instantaneously. Which makes GiftYa a really incredible option when you need a last minute gift!

But I’ll wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of great last minute gifts for stylish men that brought you here in the first place. And as always, thank you for clicking, and thank you even more for actually reading!

1 - StitchFix

Set Them Up With A Personal Stylist

Grab yourself a StitchFix gift card by following the link!

StitchFix gift card

StitchFix is a company that specializes in sending you curated boxes of clothes each month and you can keep what you like and send the rest of it back. And the way they make this a feasible business model is because each customer is set up with a custom stylist. Whether you are a stylish man, a woman, or even a child, Stitch Fix can get you set up with the perfect stylist for you. And one of the ways they do this is by having you fill out a quiz/questionnaire when you sign up about a wide variety of different clothing styles and options. In other words, they get you to tell them what your sense of style is with the questions, and then they use the results to match you up with a stylist who understands your individual look or aesthetic. So I’m sure you can see how this can make an incredible last minute gift for a stylish guy. 

Simply set him up with a digital Stitch FIx gift card that has enough balance to cover a couple of months for them. And then all the hassle of shopping is taken out of their life, and since they are spending so much less time trying on clothes that aren’t right for them to maintain their style, they are going to have a lot more free time to enjoy life and spend time with others. You basically take all the chores that are required to be stylish and cut them in half with a gift card to Stitch Fix. Which really makes this one an incredible last minute gift for any stylish men in your life!

Anybody can get a digital StitchFix gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - A Set of Tie Clips

A Nice Subtle Piece of Men’s Jewelry

A Set of Tie Clips
A set of tie clips makes an inexpensive last minute gift for stylish men. Image courtesy of

The nice thing about being a guy is that the perfect style for us was pretty much figured out in the early 19th Century when the suit and tie became the popular fashion of the day. And it has remained the popular fashion to this day, and it has even become a global fashion for men throughout the 20th Century. There’s a reason men from every race and from every country wear a suit when they are in a serious professional setting. There’s a reason men wear a suit on our wedding days. It’s because the suit jacket makes our shoulders look big, the tie makes our chest muscles look big, and the suit jacket itself covers our stomachs. So just about any guy out there can jump 2 points on the attractiveness scale just by putting on a suit and tie.

But wearing a tie actually comes with some annoying problems. You can’t bend forward while you are wearing a tie because it will just dangle down from your neck. And this is really annoying when you are washing your hands or using a sink because then your tie gets all wet. 

But you can help the stylish guy in your life avoid all those annoying -problems by getting them a set of tie clips. A tie clip sits between the 3rd and 4th button on a shirt and clips the tie to the front of the shirt so it won’t dangle so much. And the nice thing is you can get a set of tie clips that has a couple different options so that way they can make sure it always matches with their other metals. That way they can maintain their style from the feet up!

3 - A Watch Case

Get Them A Case to Keep All Their Watches in Pristine Condition

A watch case makes an incredible last minute gift for stylish men! Image courtesy of

I’m guessing that if there is a stylish man in your life, they probably have a nice selection of watches. After all, you need at least two different watches so that way you have one that goes with black shoes and one that goes with brown shoes. But you can also get more in-depth than that. You can also get a silver watch and a gold watch so that way you can ensure your watches match all the other metals you are wearing. And as such, stylish men tend to accumulate a nice collection of different watches. 

But having a bunch of watches just sitting on top of your dresser is kind of messy and disorganized, and it doesn’t do anything to keep the watches in a nice condition. So to help them solve this problem you can get them a nice watch case that will protect the watches and help keep them neat and organized. I recently got one of these for myself and I can’t believe I was ever keeping my watches any other way. You won’t be able to go wrong with this one if their sense of style involves wearing a nice watch on occasions.

4 - A Tie Hanger/Organizer

Help Them Keep All Their Ties Organized and Wrinkle-Free

A Tie Hanger/Organizer
A tie organizer makes a great last minute gift for stylish men. Image courtesy of

It’s great that the perfect outfit for men has been figured out for about 200 years with the suit and tie combo, but keeping ties clean and organized can be kind of a real pain if you wear them frequently or have several different ties. There really isn’t a great way to organize your ties on a hanger because they will just slide over each other or slide and fall off when you are moving stuff around the closet. 

And folding them up and keeping them in a drawer isn’t really a feasible way to keep them nice and organized on a long term basis. So to help the stylish guy in your life get around this problem you can get them a custom made hanger that is specifically designed to organize and hang your ties on. These can be a real lifesaver and will help keep the ties wrinkle free and organized in the closet full time!

5 - A Clothing Repair Kit

Help Them Maintain and Take Care of All Their Favorite Articles of Clothing!

A Clothing Repair Kit
A clothing repair kit makes the perfect last minute gift for stylish men! Image courtesy of

A clothing repair kit makes a perfect last minute gift for stylish men for pretty obvious reasons. If they are stylish they certainly have articles of clothing that are their absolute favorites. But unfortunately mishaps happen and a favorite piece of clothes can get ripped or torn. Well that’s where a clothing repair kit comes in and allows stylish guys to really extend the life span of some of their favorite articles of clothing.

6 - Foot Locker

Choose From A Wide Variety of Stylish Footwear

Grab a FootLocker gift card by following the link!

FootLocker gift card

One of the most important parts of any outfit are the shoes that go with it. The wrong shoes can totally ruin an otherwise good look. But in my opinion (since the shoe sizes in America seem to be completely different depending on the company) it is much better to send them a digital Foot Locker gift card so that way you don’t accidentally get them a pair of shoes in their size that somehow doesn’t fit them.

You can grab a digital Foot Locker gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - A Nice Set of Cufflinks

A Simple Piece of Jewelry That Can Really Elevate An Outfit

A Nice Set of Cufflinks
Cufflinks that match their ties make a jaw dropping last minute gift for stylish men. Image courtesy of

If the stylish guy in your life really likes to dress up when they want to be stylish then a nice set of cufflinks can be a great last minute gift for them. Cufflinks are just a really simple piece of jewelry that attaches to the cuffs of a buttoned shirt and really makes the cuffs stand out and look a lot more fancy than they otherwise would

8 - Kohl’s

A Great Place to Find Stylish (and Affordable) Last Minute Gifts

Grab a Kohl’s gift card by following this link!

Kohl’s gift card

Kohl’s has over 1,000 brick and mortar locations around the country. And they have cheap to middle shelf clothing in a variety of styles. If you are in a rush you can just send the stylish guy in your life a Kohl’s gift card and let them pick out shirts, pants, shoes, ties, or watches themselves!

Get yourself a digital Kohl’s gift card in seconds by following the link!

9 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Options for the Perfect Last Minute Gift

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following this link!

Amazon gift card

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with over 12 million different items for sale. And the nice thing about Amazon is that they offer overnight or 2-day shipping on a wide majority of the items they have for sale. And you can even have Amazon ship the gift right to the stylish guy’s home and even have it arrived gift wrapped if you want. There are tons of stylish gifts you can get on Amazon. 

A set of tie clips, sets of cufflinks, belts, suspenders, shirts, pants, shoes and everything else can be found on Amazon. And if you really don’t know what to get them, you can just get them a digital Amazon gift card and then they can do the shopping themselves. It can be pretty tricky to buy something that matches somebody else’s sense of style so nobody would blame you for sending the gift card instead of just hoping that they will like what you get them.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

A Custom Gift Card That They Can Use to Shop Anywhere They Like

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If nothing else on the list looked good to you today then you should strongly consider getting them one of these custom Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these cards is that they can be customized with a custom message and a custom photo that you can make the front of the card. And on top of that these cards are really great because they can be used to shop everywhere that accepts Visa. 

So whether the stylish guy in your life has a local independent store they like to shop at, or they prefer to do all their shopping online, they will be able to do it with one of these Visa gift cards. Which makes them a pretty great last minute gift for stylish men or anybody else really.

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for Stylish Men

I hope something on the list worked perfectly for the stylish guy in your life. But I understand everybody has their own unique sense of style and maybe you didn’t see exactly what you were looking for on the list today. So if you need a last minute gift for a stylish guy and you are still looking, be sure to check out all the brands that have partnered with GiftYa. There are lots of clothing brands that you can get a digital gift card for. And you can instantly text that gift card to the stylish guy’s phone in just a matter of seconds!

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