10 Last Minute Gifts for Procrastinators

Where You Can Get Them Great Gifts At the Last Minute For the Person in Your Life Who *Also* Chronically Leaves Things Til the Last Minute

So today I have to write an article on great last minute gifts for procrastinators and the funny thing about that is that I am writing this after 6PM on deadline day so you can trust that I waited until the very last minute to do his work. So you might say I myself am quite the procrastinator and as such I am going to try to recommend a gift that I have found to be helpful with my procrastination habits in my own life. And In general I have found the things that help with my procrastination the most are the things that helped me keep things organized. Oh and as an added bonus I’ll throw you a link anytime you can instantly send a GiftYa gift card for any of these great gifts.

Since you are looking for a gift at the last minute, I’m gonna guess that you are a little bit of a procrastinator yourself. Well if you are, I have some great news. When you get a digital GiftYa gift card you can buy and send them instantly because they exist in an entirely digital format. So if you need to send them at the last minute, it’s just a couple of clicks on your end and then it’s instantly sent to the recipient’s phone and they have it in their pocket.

But that’s enough with the introduction. I’ll get right to that list of great last minute gifts for procrastinators that brought you here!

1 - A Weekly Dry Erase Board

Helps Them Manage Their Time On A Weekly Scale

weekly dry erase board to help procrastinators keep organized
A great last minute gift for procrastinators! Image courtesy of Amazon.com

I found this one personally helped me deal with my procrastination a lot because I was able to just write what I needed to do on each section for a day. And it makes it a lot easier when you can just break it up into daily chunks of what you need to do. A lot of procrastination stems from a feeling of being overwhelmed, so anything you can do to help make the process into smaller more easily digestible portions, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and start procrastinating in the first place.

Instead of having to look at your work week as a week, look at it as 5 much smaller work days and it becomes a lot less daunting. And the procrastination cycle is less likely to even begin. Plus it just helps you keep track of what you need to do each day. Which just helps keep you on track and doing things when they need to be done. And then you don’t end up in that procrastinator's grave where you piled everything up so it all has to be done at the same time and there is no way to get it done.

2 - A Desk Calendar

Helps Them Manage Their Time On A Monthly Scale

paper desk calendar
A desk calendar makes a great last minute gift for procrastinators! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Another last minute gift that I think is good for procrastinators is a monthly desk calendar that they can use to keep track of important dates. Procrastination has a lot to do with poor time management, so anything you can do to help them with their time management will be appreciated. In this case you are helping them take a longer view at what needs to be done over the next month.

Not the day to day responsibilities that are on the weekly dry erase board, but what are the big important dates throughout the month. Knowing when these are going to happen helps a procrastinator plan their time more efficiently and spend less of their time fretting and putting things off because they have an actual map of the time frame they are actually on. Anything that helps them better keep track of their time is a great gift for procrastinators.

3 - Three Ring Binders and Organizers

Helps Them Manage Their Time On A Daily Scale

stack of three ring binders
Binder can help keep everything from bills to personal projects organized and therefore accessible for your favorite procrastinator.

If your procrastinator is anytype of student or business professional then I highly recommend getting them a nice set of three ring binders and a hole punch. One of the things that holds a procrastinator back is having to dig through everything and find what they need to get started. It’s too much work to dig through everything so they just don’t bother to get started at all.

But by getting them a couple three ring organizers and a three ring hole punch you can help them keep track of all the important documents they run into and they can even keep them sorted and separated by separate days if they need to. This is especially beneficial in a scholarly atmosphere, but can also prove to be just as effective in a business environment.

4 - A Daily Planner

Helps Them Manage Their Day Intricately

sheet from a daily planner with room for priorities, brain dump, and schedule
A daily planner is an inexpensive last minute gift for procrastinators! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

A Daily Planner can be another great last minute gift to get for the procrastinator in your life. With one of these they can break the things they have to do during their day up into small manageable bite size chunks. And then they can make everything seem even simpler than it looks on the weekly organizer. I find these are particularly helpful when you have a day that is so busy and you have so much to do that you just don’t know where to start.

Well with one of these you can pick out the most important task and set an order for the day that will help you manage your time based on the most important things you need to get done.

5 - A Front Door Organizer

Helps Keep The Process of Entering and Leaving the Home Organized

organizer for boots, coats, and other things that often get droppped by the door
Every procrastinator needs organization at their front door. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

I find everything from a shoe organizer, to a key organizer, to a sunglasses organizer, and even a coat rack all play an important role in a procrastinator's day. When they are leaving the house disorganized, or entering the house disorganized they are just leaving their mind in a disorganized fashion as they try to go throughout their day.

By getting some essentials to keep the process of entering and leaving the home as organized and efficient as possible you can do a lot to cut down on the back disorganization that is happening in the procrastinator's head because of it. It’ll just be one less chore that they have that they can overwhelm themselves with and begin the procrastination cycle.

6 - Calm

Help Them Focus Their Mind on the Task at Hand

Grab a Calm gift card

calm giftya

Procrastinators often get overwhelmed and that is why they end up putting the work off until later. It seems too daunting at the time and maybe in the future they will be better prepared to undertake the challenge. But that’s not really true. They are just as prepared to take it on now, as they will be in a couple days when they finally have to do it. So by getting them a subscription to Calm you can help them ease the tension and stress in their mind that gets them so overwhelmed in the first place. And then since their mind is calm and not going to be overwhelmed, the whole process of procrastinating can be skipped entirely.

Grab a digital Calm gift card

7 - Spotify

Let Them Enjoy Over 100 Million Songs While They Work and I Bet They Don’t Procrastinate So Much

Send a Spotify gift card

spotify giftya

One way to help with procrastination is to just make the work a little more enjoyable. When there is some enjoyable element to the task the whole thing becomes a little less daunting. So if they are a big procrastinator grabbing them a gift card to Spotify can be a great last minute gift for them. You will be hooking them up with over 100 Million songs that they can unlimitedly stream. So no matter what work it is that they are thinking of putting off, they won’t have any excuse when they can pick out their perfect soundtrack to the work. If the work is more enjoyable there is just less reason to get stressed out in the first place.

Send a digital Spotify gift card

8 - Food Delivery Gift Card

At Some Point They Are Going to Procrastinate Making Food for Themselves

Grab an Uber Eats gift card or DoorDash gift card

door dasher delivering pizza boxes
Procrastinating can extend to dinner plants too... which is why delivery services are a lifesaver for procrastinators.

People who procrastinate will procrastinate on doing anything and everything. And that even means cooking and preparing food for themselves. If you know a big procrastinator I can assure that they have waited to get something out of it until it's way too late in the day and they decide to just have Ritz crackers for dinner that night. Help them avoid this whole stupid scenario that they find themselves in by hooking them up with a gift card to one of the great meal delivery services that are offered in the 2020s. That way they’ll be able to get a great meal delivered for dinner on those nights where they procrastinate getting the ingredients out.

Grab an Uber Eats gift card or DoorDash gift card

9 - Staples or Office Depot/OfficeMax

You Can Get All Sorts of Great Business Essentials That Are Great for Organizations

Buy a Staples gift card or Office Depot/OfficeMax gift card

staples giftya

If you need to find other goods and products that will help a person keep their world organized and procrastination free, then I would be sure to check out business retailers like Staples or Office Depot. So much of business work requires being well organized and on top of things so they have plenty of supplies for all of it. Everything from three ring binder organizers to paper clips and everything in between. I am sure you will be able to find a great last minute gift for the procrastinator you know at either of the business essential retailers!

Buy a Staples gift card or Office Depot/OfficeMax gift card

10 - Visa

These Customizable Visa Cards Make A Great Last Minute Gift for Anybody

Create a Visa gift card

visa gift card

These Visa gift cards honestly make a great last minute gift for anybody out there. But if there’s a procrastinator that you know, I can’t see any reason they wouldn’t appreciate having a gift card that they can use basically anywhere. Since these can be used anywhere that accepts Visa so you can even use them to shop online. And you can get it sent directly to them in a digital form if you want to get it there at the last minute!

Create a Visa gift card

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for Procrastinators

I hope something on the list worked for what you were looking for. I had a lot of fun writing this one and wanted to get some gifts on here that actually help with the problem of procrastination. So many of the other lists I saw just had quirky t-shirts or cups with ironic sayings about being a procrastinator.

But as somebody who procrastinates I can tell you that it can legitimately cause problems in my life. And I would appreciate an attempt to help me more than I would some ironic t-shirt about how I don’t care.

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