Last Minute Gifts for Performers

All the Best Gifts to Help The Give the Best Performance Possible

There are a wide variety of different types of performers out there. Everything from acting in a community play to delivering a stadium shaking rock concert is some kind of performance. So if there is a performer in your life that you need to get a gift for at the last minute, don’t worry. Today I have just the thing for you because today’s post will be a list of 10 great last minute gifts for performers. And as an added bonus I’ll even throw you a link anytime you can get one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to one of these options.

GiftYas are essential gift cards that have been modernized for the current age and exist in an all digital format. And there are a bunch of benefits to that format, but since you were searching for last minute gifts, I think the one you will be most interested in is the fact that you can instantly send them to the recipient’s phone after you buy them. Just pick out the card you want and load the balance and GiftYa texts it directly to their smartphone for you. Which really makes GiftYas the perfect option when you need a gift at the very last minute!

But I’ll wrap up the introduction right here and get right to that list of great last minute gifts for performers that brought you here. And as always thanks for clicking, and thanks even more for actually reading!

1 - Calm

Help Them Calm Their Stage Fright Before A Big Performance

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Stage fright affects 73% of the population. That means that almost three q quarters of us suffer from nerves and anxiety when we think about performing on stage. And I can assure you that performers are no different. They just find a way to bottle their fear and give an amazing performance regardless. However, they are probably just white knuckling it through the process and could probably use a hand. And that’s where you come in. You can get them a digital gift card to Calm and really help them conquer their nerves. 

Calm is an app/service that provides guided meditations, ambient noise, nature sounds, white noise, guided sleep meditations and everything else you need to help calm your nerves and relieve some anxiety. And I think this could make the perfect last minute gift for performers. Instead of standing around in a pool of dread the ten minutes before they are set to perform, they could instead use that time to do a quick guided meditation and calm their nerves and steady their mind. 

By finding their breath and focusing on their center they can become really grounded in the here and now and give everything to their performance and not have to be holding back due to stage fright or racing thoughts about things unrelated to the play. A focused mind is the key to giving a great performance and you can help them achieve that before every performance simply by hooking them up with a gift card to Calm!

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2 - StubHub

Get Them Tickets to An Incredible Live Performance!

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Chances are if they are a performer that they also enjoy watching others perform. Any stage actor is a fan of the theater first and foremost. And I imagine most movie actors are big fans of films in the first place. Well to help you out, you can go to StubHub and choose from a whole myriad of different tickets for live events. They have everything from pro sports and stand-up comedy to live music and theater productions. But honestly I find it really difficult to buy somebody else tickets to a live event. Mostly because I just have no way of knowing if they will be free that particular day to go to the performance. And I would hate to get them a set of tickets that they couldn’t even use. 

But you can skip all the worry and hassle and just send them a digital gift card to StubHub and then they can choose the perfect tickets for themselves. And you don’t have to be worried that you got them tickets they won’t be able to use. It’s not like they would buy themselves tickets on a date they know they won’t be free. So if you want a worry and hassle free last minute gift for a performer then I would strongly advise that you go with this one!

It only takes a second to grab a digital StubHub gift card when you click the link!

3 - A Bouquet of Flowers

One of the All Time Classic Gifts to Give After A Performance

Coople holding Bouquet of Flowers
A bouquet of flowers makes for a timeless last minute gift for performers!

If you are looking for a gift that is intended to be given after you have gone and seen their performance then you can’t really go wrong with this all time classic. A bouquet of flowers is how actors and performers have been shown appreciation from the public for generations. So it’s not like you would be doing something out of the ordinary with this one. And hey, you can probably pick up a bouquet of flowers for pretty cheap around at some of the grocery stores in your town. So if you need a great last minute gift for performers and don’t want to break the bank on something extravagant, then I recommend going with this one. It’s low effort and low cost. Kinda the perfect combo for a last minute gift.

4 - Yankee Candle

Help Them Unwind After A Big Performance

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To be honest there’s a lot of energy and adrenaline pumping through your veins after a big performance. There’s something about the mix of stage fright, the cheering from the audience, and the energy of the room that just really gets your heart pumping. And while that is a pretty enjoyable “high” at the time, sometimes that sort of manic energy sticks around and you find yourself unable to wind down from it. Well that is exactly where I think some great 3-wick candles from Yankee Candle could come in and do the trick!

You or anybody else can grab a digital Yankee Candle gift card by following this link!

5 - Throat Coat Tea

An Absolute Essential for Anybody Who Performs Using Their Voice

Throat Coat Tea
Throat coat tea makes a fantastic last minute gift for performers. Image courtesy of

The fact of the matter is that if you perform by using your voice, such as singing, then you are going to be adding a lot of extra stress to your vocal chords. In order to prevent that extra stress from turning into damage it can be really helpful to drink a cup of throat coat tea before a big night of performing. It helps soothe and cover the vocal cords to protect them. So if you need a great last minute gift for performers that is quick, easy, and affordable then this is going to be my number one choice for you!

6 - ULTA Beauty

A Great Last Minute Gift for Stage Performers

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ULTA Beauty makes a great option as a last minute gift for performers for a couple reasons. FIrst of all, it is not at all unusual for performers to have to wear makeup when they are on stage. Being under the spotlights really washes all the humanity out of your face and makeup is used to help performers not look completely washed out while they are on stage performing. By sending them a gift card to ULTA Beauty you can really be doing them a solid because they were going to have to buy stage makeup at some point anyways. And the nice thing about ULTA is that they have all the brands. From the cheapest eyeliner up to the most high end lip gloss, you can find it all at ULTA Beauty

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7 - Guitar Center

Perfect Last Minute Gift for Performers Who Play Music

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If what they perform happens to be any type of music then a gift card to Guitar Center is going to make a pretty amazing last minute gift for performers. See, the nice thing about Guitar Center is that they are the leading music retail chain in the country. And although they are called Guitar Center, they didn’t become the most popular music chain in the country by only selling stuff for guitars. No, in addition to all the guitar gear they have for sale they also have everything you need if you play the drums, play the piano or keyboard, sing, DJ, or play a classical instrument. 

And listen, musicians can actually be pretty picky about the gear they use when they are playing. A little difference in weight or mass can really throw off your muscle memory. As a guitar player I personally am really picky about the kinds of picks and strings I use. It’s so bad that I can’t even really play with a standard pick these days. So if you are unsure of what gear they like to use, just send them a digital Guitar Center gift card and then they can choose exactly what they want for themselves.

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8 - Barnes & Noble

Get Them A Biography of a Famous Performer

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If they have a particular role model or performer that they idolize then you could really blow them away by finding an autobiography about the person’s life. I can tell you that as a musician I am always fascinated to read an autobiography from a famous musician that I like. I get so captivated by their story that I find myself unable to put the book down. It’s just such an enjoyable experience to get the inside story on a performer or musician that has really affected you. And I think Barnes and Noble is going to be your best bet to find a biography like that. They are the nation’s leading book retailer with around 600 stores around the country. But if you don’t have one close by you can always just shop online at Barnes & Noble’s website!

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9 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Items for the Perfect Last Minute Gift

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With over 12 million different items for sale, Amazon is truly the world’s largest online retailer. So no matter what kind of gift you think the performer in your life would like, you would almost certainly be able to find it on Amazon. And Amazon even offers overnight or 2-day shipping on the vast majority of the items they have for sale so you should even be able to grab a great last minute gift on Amazon. And you can even have it gift wrapped and delivered directly to the performers door. If you really can’t find them a great gift on Amazon (although I find that highly unlikely) you can always just give them a digital Amazon gift card. And then they can use the gift card to choose the perfect gift for themselves from those 12 million different options

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

A Custom Gift Card They Can Use Anywhere Makes A Great Last Minute Gift!

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If nothing else on the list stood out to you, get them one of these customizable Visa gift cards. You can send them with a custom message and even pick out a photo to make the front of the card if you decide to go with a real card and not just a digital one. And the nice thing about these cards is that they can be used to shop everywhere that accepts Visa card. So that means you can use them out and about at all kinds of small independent retailers, or online at giant megacorporations like Amazon. The nice thing about these cards is that they are even more versatile than cold hard cash in the year 2023!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for Performers

I hope something on the list worked as the perfect last minute gift for the performer in your life! But performers really encompass a pretty wide array of people so it’s impossible to get all the great last minute gifts for performers in on a list where I am only allowed 10 spots. So instead I tried to pick options that will probably be appreciated by a performer no matter what it is that they actually perform!

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