Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Hard Working Parents

November 9, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Christmas is a really important gift giving season, and when it comes to parents, either yours or somebody else’s, you of course want to give them the best gift possible. Everyone loves that moment they get to see someone enjoy a gift they got for them. But even if you’ve known a couple for years, you might still be unsure of what to get them. Coming up with new and innovative gifts year after year can be tough, but it has to be done. That’s why we’ve laid out some excellent choices for you! 

Parents all over are hardworking, self sacrificing, and deserve so much. If you want to find a gift that suits the lifestyle of a parent in your life, keep reading for ideas that can be enjoyed by parents and sometimes their kids. We have everything on the list from snacks to cooking supplies and massagers. If it can make a parent’s life any easier, you can find it on this list. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that allows a parent to choose their perfect gift. 

Send parents a GiftYa gift card

 GiftYa Gift Card
This is the easiest way to make a gift card purchase. 

A gift card is one of the best gift cards you can get for parents on Christmas. GiftYa will allow you to buy a pair of parents a gift card from one of many popular and well-loved places. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that brings the gift card process online. You don’t have to stand in line at the grocery store for access to a small collection of gift cards. On GiftYa’s website, you can choose from hundreds of stores and choose what the gift card will look like. 

GiftYa will let you text or email a gift card straight to some parents in your life, and they can use it from their phone just as soon as you send it. You will have so many options, it's not likely you won’t find at least one place you like on the list. You can get gift cards for Applebee’s, DoorDash, Target, AMC, and many more amazing places that a couple can enjoy together. 

Send parents a GiftYa gift card

2. Back Massager

A massage that can be had anywhere in the house. 

Back Massager
Get a massage whenever you want one. Image courtesy of Amazon

Parents have to expend a lot of energy caring for their kids each day, and that’s something that takes a toll on the body. They have to cook, clean, shop, drive, and do everything else their kids need on a daily basis and could use some help themselves once in a while. Parents don’t have time to get a massage whenever they want, so give them a device that will allow them to get massaged at home. Parents can simply lean back against the electric massager in bed or on the couch, and enjoy the ride. 

This back and neck massager from Amazon will help parents relax with a massage when they really need it. It relieves muscle tension and soreness, and is designed to fit well against the body. It also has adjustable speeds and a heating function so users can get just the type of massage experience they like.

3. Slow Cooker

A really convenient way to cook for busy parents. 

Slow Cooker
It will feel as if your meal cooked itself. Image courtesy of Walmart

A slow cooker makes a great gift for parents because feeding kids is one of the biggest parts of the job. Parents have to keep their kids well fed each day, and that can be difficult to do on top of everything else they have to do in the day. With a slow cooker, a couple of parents you know can have an easier time cooking than before. 

When using a slow cooker, parents can throw ingredients right in and let the food cook for a few hours as they take care of anything else. After four, six, or eight hours, depending on the setting they choose, parents will have delicious food ready for the whole family. Slow cooking is a method that requires a stew of some kind to cook, and makes meals very flavorful. It’s amazing what a person can make by mixing up a few ingredients, pressing the ‘on’ button, and then going about their day. 

4. Alexa

Electronic assistant that makes everyday tasks easier.

Alexa digital personal assistant
Alexa can handle the simple things. Image courtesy of Amazon

The life of a parent is one that is filled with lots of daily duties, so you can get them a gift that will help out with that on some level. One gadget that can make some things a little easier around the house is the Alexa. Alexa is a digital personal assistant that can do many useful things. It can play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, play audiobooks, play the news, and more. Once parents use their voices to call out Alexa’s name, Alexa will answer and help them with whatever it is they need. 

With an Alexa on hand, parents can save some time doing mundane tasks. Sometimes parents have their hands full and Alexa will let a couple handle things like googling and changing the channel hands free. Busy days will be more convenient and lazy days will be a little bit more restful when you have less to do. And if any parent loses their phone, Alexa can call it for them! 

5. Portable Espresso Machine

Great coffee on the go. 

Portable Espresso Machine
Making coffee doesn’t have to take up too much time. Image courtesy of Amazon

For busy parents on the go, a portable coffee maker will make a really good gift. Parents have to be up early each day to get their kids ready, feed them, and take them where they need to go. With a portable espresso maker, your guy will never have to be late from making coffee again. He will have quality coffee that he can run right out of the door with on a daily basis. 

This portable espresso machine is compact, lightweight, and made to be taken anywhere. You don’t need any outlets or batteries and it is really simple to operate. All a parent has to do is add ground coffee to the filter basket, add hot water, and apply slight pressure to get it going. So whenever they have to run outside the door with their kids, they will still be able to make their morning coffee. 

6. Digital Photo Frame

Pictures worth thousands of words. 

Digital Photo Frame
This one frame can hold many memories. Image courtesy of Amazon

Something that parents love is sharing pictures of their kids, and you can get them a gift that allows them to do that easily. A digital picture frame will allow parents to display pictures of their kids in a whole new way. Pictures make a great way to commemorate happy moments together, and families have a lot of those that they want to keep track of. 

This digital picture frame from Amazon has everything that parents need to turn family pictures into a show. This picture frame, parents can import the photos they have on their social media pages and show them off in their living rooms. It even has a touchscreen panel and works without WiFi. It even allows you to save playlists, use cloud storage, and add video messages. Friends and family who go over to spend some time with them will get a kick out of seeing these images. Unlike with a regular picture frame where you only see one photo at a time, this one will rotate through as many photos that a family chooses!

7. Cookware Set 

The tools needed to make a variety of family meals.  

Cookware Set 
Everything you need for a meal each night is in this set. Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

For a couple who cooks together, a quality cookware set will make everything better. People who have children need to feed them time and time again, and a quality cookware set can make their cooking better and easier. Cooking can be a chore when you have to do it constantly, and doing it with a low quality cookware set can make it even worse. Bad cookware can make food easier to burn and harder to cook evenly. Getting small children to eat can be hard enough without adding bad food to the mix. 

This 11-piece cookware set from Williams-Sonoma is a classic set used in households across the country. This set is a Cuisinart Chef’s Classic that was inspired by professional French kitchens. Every piece was made for everyday use. They have an aluminum base with superior heat conductivity, leaving you with the best results when cooking. This set includes a saucepan, saute pan, stock pot, and more. Parents can make anything they need when they have all this around!

8. Picnic Basket

An untraditional picnic basket with a lot of perks. 

Picnic Basket
This bag has room for everything you need. Image courtesy of Amazon

One of the best and most underrated ways to spend time with family is to have a picnic. Picnics are a fun way to enjoy a light meal outdoors, and something that most families don’t do often enough. It can be really fun to spread out on the grass or even at a picnic table in the park and eat small finger foods like sandwiches. With the right picnic basket, you can hold onto what you need and keep it at the right temperature for hours. 

Nowadays, your options for a picnic carrier aren't only baskets. You can find all kinds of picnic bags and totes if you want to try something different. This picnic backpack from Amazon offers everything parents need to carry fresh food around in a convenient package. It can hold large amounts and has a cooler compartment to keep things cool. You can carry drinks, foods, and snacks of all kinds, and a parent just has to throw it on their back and head to their destination.

9. Movie Night Popcorn Kernels

The best movie night companion. 

Movie Night Popcorn Kernels
Spice up movie night with different popcorn flavors. Image courtesy of Amazon

Family movie night is always fun for everyone, and the next best part of movie night is the snacks. When parents have good snacks to enjoy with their kids, the kids are happy, which makes everyone happy. Everyone’s favorite movie snack is popcorn, and you can find ways to spice it up for a family! 

This movie night kernel set from Amazon is filled with different kinds of popcorn for the family to choose from and enjoy. Whatever someone likes, there is likely an option for them, in this box. There is fluffy white gold, crunchy ruby red, and sweet popcorn blend kernels, and on top of that, they have chili lime, spicy sriracha, and carmel corn flavor seasonings everyone can add to their popcorn. This will add some great snack variety to movie night!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card made for choosy parents. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for parents with lots of interests. With Gift Card Granny, you can make some parents a custom gift card that they will be able to use anywhere in just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card will let you add whatever you want to a gift card, from words to images and video messages. It will come out looking great with very little effort on your part. 

Gift Card Granny simplifies every step of building a gift card. All you will have to do to have a functional gift card send to some parents is to go to their website, choose whether you want to use a Visa or Mastercarr, add a personal photograph and/or message to either a Visa or a Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want to put on it, and then you’ll have everything you need to send it right on over for them to use. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Christmastime is a time for joy and cheer, and something that brings a lot of that is presents, so you want to make sure you get it right! It is not difficult to find the right gift for your parents when you have the right resources, and we hope that our list has helped you figure out what gift you want to get. All you have to do now is go out or get online and make the purchase!


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