10 Last Minute Gifts for Your Mother in Law

Different Ways to Show Gratitude for an Important Woman in Your Life

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Mother-in-law. For some these three words cause dread, while for others they bring excitement. Whether you want to or not, you will be faced with seeing and having some form of a relationship with their significant other's mother. Something that many have to remind themselves is that without this woman standing in front of them,their significant other wouldn’t exist.

You have to consider gifts for the various occasions that come up each year ranging from their birthday, to mother’s day, anniversaries, andChristmas. The different occasions are endless. For some, you are able to plan ahead and know exactly what to gift her, yet for others you may find yourself looking at the calendar last minute and realizing that one of these occasions is coming up sooner than you anticipated.

If you find yourself in the latter of the two situations then this is the perfect piece for you. As you continue reading through you will learn about some of the best last minute gifts that you can gift your mother in law for times that you find yourself in this sudden pinch.

1. Gift Cards

With a number of choices to choose from there are endless possibilities!

Text or email a digital gift card

Several GiftYa gift cards for mother in law, including panera, target, and ultra beauty

Unlike many other services, by visiting GiftYa you will have an opportunity to scroll through a number of stores and determine which gift card you believe your mother in law will enjoy the most. All you need to do is visit the send tab to see what different cards are available. After selecting the card input the amount and add the recipient's phone number and email address that the card can be sent to. it is excellent for when you find yourself in a pinch and it's better than sending nothing. One of the other benefits of this gift is that it allows for your mother in law to go ahead and look at the different items available in the store and select something that she really wants. Another advantage to this gift is that it makes it so that it is available on her phone with the click of a button, making it so that losing the gift card isn’t a problem anymore!

Text or email a digital gift card

2. Flowers

We can’t think of one person who has been upset to receive flowers, can you?

custom flower arrangement for mother in law
With all the different colors and arrangements that you can choose from, it is hard to go wrong with a bouquet or basket arrangement of flowers. Image courtesy of Bloomnation.

We don’t know about you but flowers are one of our favorite last minute go to gifts for the women in our life. Now with this you can choose to go about it one of two ways. You can either select a bouquet of flowers for a one time delivery, or if you feel like spicing things up, sign your mother in law up for a monthly subscription for however long of a time period you desire. The fun thing about flowers is that there are so many different types out there as well as colors.

If you know your mother in law’s favorite flower, then send her a bouquet of those, if you don’t, consider the different places that you can picture her putting a vase of flowers within her home and go from there.

3. Edible Arrangements

Not only do these look good, but they taste good too!

Edible arrangement featuring chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple stars, melon balls, and grapesl
A tasty goto no matter what the occasion may be. Your mother in law is bound to love the sweet treat. Image courtesy of edible.

Now who out there doesn’t like fruit? There aren’t many people who would turn down fresh fruit, especially those set into creative arrangements. Edible arrangements tend to be bouquets put together to display fruit in a cool format. Not only are they fun to look at but also fun to eat. This is  a perfect gift if you want to do a bouquet of some sort but want something other than flowers. Your mother in law will be able to enjoy this gift herself or with her own significant other or friends. This is one gift that we recommend looking into further and consider gifting to her.

4. Tea

Whether herbal, fruited, caffeine or caffeine free tea is great and can be drank anytime that one feels like it.

Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Herbal Tea Sampler
No matter the season you can’t go wrong with the gift of tea.Image  courtesy of Walmart

Is your mother in law an avid tea drinker? Drinking at least one cup a day or multiple throughout the day? Does she always have a cup or mug of tea with her? If the answer is yes to a couple or perhaps even all of these questions then this is a great gift for you! By signing her up for a tea subscription it is like a surprise each month when a new box shows up. As a surprise subscription, your mother in law will receive each box without knowing what type of tea the box may contain making it even more of a treat! Plus who doesn’t like gifts or surprises? Now it's up to you to decide if you want to tell her that you signed up for a subscription, or if you rather wait to see if she is able to figure it out on her own.

5. Massage Gun

Don’t want to pay for massages? Then wait no more!

massage gun for an athletic MIL
Why pay for a massage when you can gift a massage gun that can be used time and time again. Image courtesy of runners world.

Does your mother in law enjoy massages? Or find herself feeling tense around her shoulders, throughout her back or along other parts of her body? Then this is a great gift to get for her. Nothing feels better when you find yourself tense than to receive a massage, but with this gun she will have the ability to have one whenever she wants! One of the bonuses of the massage gun is the fact that you can choose from different settings for how intense you wish for your massage to be.

6. Personalized Item

Personalized items are especially special thanks to the unique touch it brings.

Mother In-Law gift Basket including, tea, mug and more
A personalized gift box is just one of the many different gift options that there are out there. It’s the thought of the gift that counts the most. Image courtesy of blue stone river.

Now the reason we leave the choice so vague is that there are a number of directions you can go when gifting your mother in law with a personalized item. From a personalized mug or jewelry, to perhaps a blanket or pillow the possibilities are endless. Ultimately it is up to you what direction you want to go with this gift idea. We recommend discussing this particular idea with your significant other for they are the ones who know their moms better than others.

7. Weighted Blanket

Who doesn’t like keeping warm on cold days???

gray fleece weighted blanket
A blanket is a comfy gift that one is able to use year round.Image courtesy of connecticut post mall.

On cold winter nights this gift can be one of the best things that your mother in law has been gifted. As we all know the further into old age we get, the faster we become cold because it’s hard for our blood to circulate as well as it once did.. The great thing about these blankets, along with the fact that they are weighted and will keep you warm, is the fact that they come in a variety of colors. It’s hard to go wrong with this blanket and your mother in law is sure to love it.

8. Family Portraits

Family is one of the best gifts there is!

Family portrait featuring smiling parents and a happy child
Family is everything, your mother in law is bound to love any family pictures that allow her to look at them when she misses you. Image courtesy of Today.

When it comes to this you can go either direction easily. Family tends to be one of the most important things in our lives. With this being said, a perfect last minute gift for your mother in law is a family portrait. You can  look through the various pictures you have on your phone or computer and go from there. After finding a cute family picture, you can upload it to a printing site and select the size you desire for the family portrait, as well as how you want it to look. Some places allow you to have images printed onto blankets or pillows, while others will let you have them printed on canvas or permit you to choose from a series of frames.

9. Wine Opener

Make the process even smoother!

wine opener gift
The perfect wine set for all of our wine lovers out there, also makes for a perfect gift for your mother-in-law. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Ivatione wine opener and stopper set. If your mother in law enjoys drinking that evening glass of wine with dinner or holding get-togethers with family and friends than this is a must get gift for them. Not only does this set come with an electric wine opener but it also contains a foil cutter, aerator, along with two wine stoppers. Everything you need to hold a wine night aside from the wine glasses of course!

10. A personalized visa gift card.

Make it personal!

visa gift card with a customized photo featuring a mother and child

Now when push comes to shove we know that it can be difficult to find time when life is busy to go out and shop for gifts, or you might find yourself in a pinch realizing that you need a gift for your mother in law ASAP. In cases like this Gift Card Granny can be a real lifesaver. On the site you can create personalized Visa gift cards as well as choose from a variety of stores for e gift cards. With the personalized Visa gift card all you need to do is upload a picture of your liking or you can choose from a number of pre-made designs that you think your mother in law may like. It is hard to go wrong with these as it allows you to show that you care, and allows your mother in law to go ahead and choose whatever she desires from a store of her choice.

We hope that the gift suggestions provided above have been able to help inspire you with some different gift ideas for your mother in law. If you enjoyed reading through the different ideas provided here, we recommend that you take a moment to check out Impressive Gifts for the In-Laws.

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