10 Magical Last Minute Gifts for Hufflepuff 🦡

All the Gadgets, Gizmos, and Great Ideas for Last Minute Gifts for the Loyal and Hardworking Friend in Your Life

Hufflepuffs often get looked down upon by the other Hogwarts houses, but there’s no reason for that! Represented by the badger, these people are loyal, patient, hardworking, and have a strong sense of justice – making them wonderful friends to have.

If you have a Hufflepuff in your life that you need to get a last minute gift for, then not to worry! As Hufflepuff, they are probably pretty easy going, and they won’t be too upset about receiving a gift a little bit late. So there’s no need to pressure yourself because they are just going to be happy you thought of them. 

But regardless, these people should be prized – so we’ve gather some of the best last minute gifts for a Hufflepuff you can find anywhere on the internet.

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Just pick out the card you want and load the balance onto it, and then when you check-out, GiftYa will instantly text the gift card to your Hufflepuff’s phone. Almost as if by magic, they will have a great gift just appear in their pocket.

But that’s enough with the long winded explanation. I’ll get right to that list of the great last minute gift options for a Hufflepuff. And as always, thank you for taking the time to read!

1 - Barnes & Noble

Help Them Expand Their Knowledge of the Wizarding World Lore!

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Pretty much everybody out there is familiar with the seven main books of the Harry Potter series. I’m sure that if your friend identifies themselves as a Hufflepuff that they are more than familiar with the main series. But there are several other books set in the wizarding world after the main set of books that could make a good gift for your favorite Hufflepuff.

J.K. Rowling wrote a play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that you can get in book form. The play follows one of Harry’s sons as they start their first year at Hogwarts and get sorted into Slytherin house while still trying to somehow live up to their fathers heroic legacy. 

Apart from the play J.K. Rowling has also written two additional books that are a part of the wizarding world. One of them is called Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, and no, it really has nothing to do with the movie series. Instead it is written like it is supposed to be a textbook that the students at Hogwarts would have to read and it has all kinds of world building information about all the different magical creatures that exist in the Harry Potter universe. 

In addition to that book, Rowling has also released the Tales of Beedle the Bard, which is a story that features heavily in the 7th book of the main series. The Tales of Beedle the Bard tells the story of the Puverell brothers, their meeting with Death, and how they came to be in possession of the Deathly Hallows. 

And although it wasn’t written by Rowling herself, there is an additional book in the franchise called Quidditch Through the Ages that takes a look at the history of the famous wizarding sport.

No matter which of these books you decide to go with, I am sure your Hufflepuff friend will be thrilled to be expanding their magical horizons!

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2 - A Hufflepuff Weasley Sweater

This Is One Option Any Potter Fan Will Absolutely Love!

Every Potter fan wanted a Weasley Christmas sweater when they were growing up! Photo Courtesy of gearhumans.com

A Weasley Christmas sweater might be one of the most iconic pieces of merch from the entire Harry Potter franchise, and as such, any fan of the books or movies will be thrilled to finally get their hands on one. These iconic gifts are great anytime of year, but if you need to get your Hufflepuff a Christmas present, then this is like the perfect option for you! Just like Mrs. Weasley gives Harry a sweater to show him how important he is to her family, you can give one to your Hufflepuff to show how much they mean to you, too

3 - Etsy

Thousands of Harry Potter Themed Hand Crafted Options!

Etsy is a website that features all kinds of individuals and small businesses that create hand crafted merch, and as you might have guessed, plenty of those individuals have seen the money in creating unique Harry Potter merch. You can choose from a little bit of everything and get it Potter themed when you shop on Etsy. You can get all the classics like sweatshirts, shot glasses, and coffee mugs, as well as plenty of unique items like a wooden music box or a Hogwarts scented candle!

4 - A Harry Potter Themed Lego Set

There’s Tons of Sets to Choose From For the Hufflepuff In Your Life!

Any Hufflepuff would love a themed Lego set as a last minute gift! Image courtesy of Amazon.com

There are all sorts of Harry Potter themed Lego sets that span from simple and child friendly to incredibly complex sets for adults with over 10,000 different pieces. That means you will have plenty of great options to choose from, but we think the best one for a Hufflepuff is the set featured in the photo – that is, a Lego model of the Hufflepuff common room. It’s not overly complicated or expensive, making it a great gift option. And we’re sure they will have some fun with it!

5 - Hogwarts Legacy

Let Them Immerse Themselves in the Hogwarts Experience

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Hogwarts Legacy is the newest Harry Potter game and has the most expansive world for fans to explore yet. Image courtesy Avalanche.

Avalanche Software released Hogwarts Legacy earlier this year to almost universal acclaim. The game is an action role-play game (RPG) that is set at Hogwarts during the 1800s. You create a character and pick a Hogwarts house for them (in this case Huffolepuff, obviously), and then you play through an experience at Hogwarts. 

But the game has much more to offer than just an academic year. 

The character you play just so happens to hold the key to a secret that could rip  the wizarding world apart. With its fantastic story, immersive gameplay, and breathtaking graphics, any Hufflepuff out there will be thrilled to have the chance to explore Hogwarts grounds for themselves. 

And Avalanche made sure to release the game on all three modern systems as well as PC, so I am sure they will be able to play it somehow!

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6 - A Harry Potter Board Game

There Are A Surprising Amount of Options to Choose From

A Harry Potter themed board game makes a great last minute gift for a Hufflepuff. Photo courtesy of Kohls.com

Harry Potter is such a hugely successful franchise that it has spawned a whole variety of different board games. There are plenty that are totally original games based on the lore of the books. 

In one of them you travel around Diagon Alley to collect all the supplies you’ll need for your year at Hogwarts and in others you collect clues to help you track and capture a wide variety of magical creatures. 

But there are also plenty of classic board games that are Harry Potter themed. You can get classics like Scrabble and Monopoly, and even some more risque games like a Harry Potter themed Cards Against Humanity!

Since the main character of the Fantastic Beasts franchise Newt Scemander is a Hufflepuff himself, this Magical Beasts Board Game should appeal to the Hufflepuff in your life, too.

7 - Target

Lots of Affordable Last Minute Gifts Available Here

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There's probably a good chance that you have a Target somewhere nearby where you can snag a last minute gift to go along with a gift card. There are nearly 2,000 stores around the country, so the chances of that are pretty good. 

Target has a little bit of everything – from clothing and groceries to sporting equipment and home electronics. So somewhere in all of that you should be able to find a Harry Potter book, Blu-Ray, or video game that your Hufflepuff will surely love!

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8 - Calm

Help Your Hufflepuff Clear Their Mind and Destress

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Hufflepuffs are normally pretty easy-going and reserved by nature, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t struggle with feelings of stress and anxiety like the rest of us. So if you want to help your Hufflepuff ease their mind be sure to send them a gift card to Calm. 

Calm is an app/service that provides all kinds of white noise, nature sounds, and guided meditations to help you combat anxiety and stress in your day to day life. And since it works as an app, you can take your peace of mind everywhere you go since it’ll always be right there on your phone!

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9 - Amazon

Millions of Last Minute Gift Options to Choose From

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Amazon has over 12 million different items for sale and you can even get overnight or 2-day shipping on most of what they sell which makes them a pretty good option when you need to find a gift at the last minute. And they have all sorts of great wizarding gifts. You can get the Harry Potter books or movies, a collectible quidditch set, a Harry Potter coloring book, and even Harry Potter themed board games. And with so many options I am sure you can find a great last minute gift for your Hufflepuff on AMazon!

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10 - Visa

Send Them A Hufflepuff Themed Gift Card

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If nothing else on the list looked good to you then consider sending them one of these customizable Visa gift cards. Since these gift cards are Visa they are basically accepted by every business big and small. 

But what really makes them a great gift for a Hufflepuff is the fact that you can pick out a custom photo and attach a personal message to the card as well. So you can pick out a great Hufflepuff themed photo (maybe one of the Hogwarts greenhouses) and make that the front of the card. Then, you can find a quote from a famous Hufflepuff and use that as the custom message you send along with the card.

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for A Hufflepuff!

I hope something on the list was the perfect fit for the last minute gift that you need. We tried to get some good variety on the list and feature some things that any Hufflepuff out there would like, as well as some gifts that any Potter fan in general should like. 

But no matter what gift you end up going with, I am sure your Hufflepuff friend will just be happy that you thought of them!

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