10 Last Minute Gifts for A Friend Who Loves Their Chevy

Chevy lovers will appreciate gifts that remind them of their favorite car.

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When you know someone who takes a lot of pride in their Chevy, it can be hard to figure out a gift for them since they seem to already have their favorite thing. But while your gift can’t compete with a Chevy, it can certainly represent your friend’s love of Chevys and they may love it about the same. Everything listed below is something a Chevy lover will be able to use and enjoy everyday and be reminded of the car that has become almost a part of them. And everything on the list can be sent over to you last minute shoppers within just a day or two!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Have a Chevy lover choose their own gift.

Send a GiftYa gift card

giftya digital gift card as a gift for a chevy lover
Text a gift card to a Chevy lover’s phone.

A GiftYa gift card is a gift that will work for many kinds of people, including hardcore Chevy lovers. With GiftYa, you can get a Chevy loving friend something that will allow them to get something for their car, or something totally unrelated. It will completely be their choice. And this is a gift that you can put together in just a few minutes.  

Visit GiftYa’s website and you will be able to text whatever gift card you put together to a friend’s phone. They give you many options to choose from, including ones that Chevy lovers will enjoy. Everything from local to national stores are on the list, and your friend can even change the store if they don’t like the one you picked. Think of getting your Chevy loving friend a gift card from Autozone, Jiffy Lube, or Ace Hardware.

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Chevy Hat

A hat that shows allegiance.

camo chevy hat
For a Chevy lover who likes light tones. Image courtesy of Amazon.

One gift that will allow a Chevy lover to show off their love is a hat. Fans of all kinds of places, activities, and things like to wear it on their heads, and there are many hats you can buy that represent the Chevrolet. You can get them a hat that’s their favorite color, or even one that represents Chevrolets plus another interest.

This Chevy work wear hat from Autozone is bright, peach, and will show off your friend’s love of Chevys. It is a high quality hat made to fit a wide range of people. It will look great paired with any outfit and will work to keep the sun out of your friend’s eyes.

A 3D bowtie tactical camo cap is perfect for a Chevrolet and hat lover with darker tastes. It is made with cotton and polyester, has a sweat wicking band, and an American flag stitched onto the side.

3. Chevy Garage Sign

A sign that makes a statement.

chevy only garage sign
This sign will let everyone know what car is in the garage. Image courtesy of Amazon.

For a friend with a Chevy in their garage, help them announce to everyone that their garage is for Chevys only. A funny sign can always make a great gift, and any guest will also have a laugh when they come over and see it. A Chevy garage sign can say a lot about your friend and make a great garage decoration.

This vintage garage tin sign from Amazon will add some character to your friend’s garage. It has a nostalgic vintage style that reminds you of a past era, is eco friendly, and has a timeless appeal. It was made in the USA with recyclable material, and will work both indoors and outdoors.

This Chevrolet only garage sign has the same message on it, but a different appearance to it. This one is a navy and white vintage sign with a logo that looks like it belongs on a t-shirt.

Or try this  Chevy only sign, which is a wall poster that looks like a street sign. It is printed with UV resistant ink that is water resistant and easy to clean. It also comes with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and can be hung anywhere, from the living room to the garage door.

4. Chevy Keychain

A tiny chevy on a chain.

chevy truck keychain
This Chevy can follow you anywhere. Image courtesy of Amazon.

A Chevy lover can have a good time carrying their love for Chevys on their keychain. People like carrying all kinds of fun trinkets on their keychains, and an image of their Chevy can be one of them. Anytime your friend looks down at their keys, they will be reminded of their Chevy, and most of the time will probably be on their way to it.

This Chevy Silverado keychain from Amazon is a medal keychain modeled after a Chevy. It is made of zinc alloy with raised metal details. It doesn’t weigh much and is waterproof and durable. A Chevy lover can carry it around for years to come.

And this  3D metal alloy keychain is modeled after the iconic Chevy symbol. It looks great, is made of high quality material, and will last a long time. This key chain will add style and color to your friend’s key ring.

5. Chevy T-Shirt

A bright t-shirt with the Chevy logo on the front.

red chevy shirt
This t-shirt is a fun representation of Chevys. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Everyone loves to show off their interests on a t-shirt, so get a Chevy lover a t-shirt that will show everyone just how much they love Cheys. A t-shirt with Chevy logos and images will let everyone know that your friend loves Chevys and wants to show it off. Make sure to get them a shirt with a style and color that they will love.

A Chevy Camaro t-shirt shows off some of the coolest cars around. There are six different brightly colored Camaros on the shirt, and it makes it vibrant and fun. This shirt is 100 percent cotton and is preshrunk. Your friend will likely love this shirt, whatever type of Chevy they have.

This classic Chevy Camaro t-shirt is bright and made of 100 percent cotton. It is made in the USA and easily maintained. This shirt will last your Chevy loving friend for years to come.

6. Chevy Hoodie

A warm hoodie with a fun logo.  

chevrolet hoodie
This hoodie is a cool way to show off your favorite car. Image courtesy of Amazon.

After a loose t-shirt, a hoodie is the next best piece of clothing people like using to show off their favorite things. A hoodie is perfect for wearing your favorite brands on your chest whenever it is cold or even a little chilly. When summer is over and your friend can’t wear their Chevy t-shirt on display anymore, it will be time to pull out the Chevy hoodie and keep wearing the logo.

This pullover camo flag Heather hoodie from Amazon was made to last with a blend of cotton and polyester. It comes emblazoned with the Chevy symbol and a faded camo flag, and on high quality fabric. This hoodie is perfect for lounging or wearing on an outing.

Or check out this humorous pullover hoodie that is covered in the Chevy symbol and a silly and funny alternative name for it. This is a cool hoodie that will let people know exactly what your friend thinks about Chevy owners, and themselves.

7. Car Tire Mug

Tires meant to drink out of.

mug that looks like a stack of car tires
This roll of tires can hold onto any liquid. Image courtesy of Amazon.

For a friend who spends a lot of time thinking about their car, give them more opportunities to do that with a mug shaped like a car’s tires. Two things your friend will always need is their Chevy and a mug to drink from each day. With a mug shaped like a car’s tire, they’ll be reminded of their love for their car each time they have their morning coffee.

This 3 piece tire water bottle is cool and convenient. It is sturdy, easy to use, and comes with additional accessories. This water bottle comes with a novelty fork and a novelty spoon that are shaped like tools on the bottom. When this bottle is sealed shut, it will look like a row of five tires.

This ceramic black tire mug from Amazon will give your Chevy loving friend a good start to their morning each day. It is shaped like a stack of four tires, and is perfect for holding warm beverages. It will also last for quite some time.

8. Chevy Logo Wallet

A wallet covered with the name of the best car brand.

This wallet will last for years. Image courtesy of Amazon.

If you want to get your friend a small item they can show off their love for Chevy on, try getting them a wallet. A wallet with the Chevy logo on it makes a more subtle statement than a t-shirt, but it will make itself known each time your friend pulls out their wallet. Make sure to get a Chevy logo emblazoned wallet that can store all of their important cards as well as show off their favorite car.

The Buckle Down Chevrolet wallet from Amazon will let your friend carry their cash and cards in style. This wallet is officially licensed by General Motors, features 5 card slots, and a windowed ID holder. This wallet will look great even after years of use.

This Buckle Down retro bowtie wallet is covered in the Chevy logo in different colors and sizes. This wallet can fit all the basic cards your friend owns and last them a long time.

9. Check Engine Neon Light

Indoor neon lights that will brighten a room.

neon check engine sign for home or garage
This neon light will always bring the Chevy to mind. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Wherever your friend likes to hang out, a neon light will make the atmosphere more fun. And it will be even better if it is car themed. A car enthusiast of any kind would enjoy a car themed gift, and one that lights up a room will make it even better.

This check engine neon light from Amazon will illuminate any room, and plunge it into a comfier vibe. It glows bright red and turns on and off with a simple switch. This is an attention grabbing neon sign that will grab everyone’s attention and remind them of your friend’s love for their Chevy and for cars in general.

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A Chevy lover can choose their own gift with this gift card.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

visa gift card

A custom Visa gift card is the type of gift that can suit absolutely anyone, and will give your Chevy loving friend a chance to buy whatever they’d like, whether that is car supplies or food. And that is why you should get them a gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will let you build a custom gift card for a friend through a simple guided process. You will get to add anything you want, and that includes images, statements, and videos.

Gift Card Granny offers a simple way to create a custom Visa gift card. You will have to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, add an image to it, preferably the Chevy logo, add a message, and you’ll be ready to send the gift card to your Chevy loving friend.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Chevy lovers love their cars, and they will love merch that represents their cars nearly just as much. A Chevy lover is likely to appreciate any one of the gifts on this list, all you have to do is make the purchase, and each one will arrive within days!

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