The 10 Best Last Minute Gifts for Cat Lovers

The Perfect Gifts and the Purr-fect Places to Find Them

If you need a gift at the very last minute for a cat lover in your life then today I have just the thing for you because today’s article is going to be a list of the top 10 best gifts you can get for a cat lover at the last minute. And I’ll even throw you a link if you can use a convenient GiftYa gift card for any of the gifts on the list.

If you’ve never used a GiftYa, they are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format. And the nice thing about that format is that it means you can buy and send them with the speed of the modern world’s infrastructure. Just pick out the card you want and put a balance on it and boom you can text it directly to the recipient’s phone and they have it in just a couple seconds. Which makes them a really great option when you need a last minute gift!

But I’ll wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of 10 great last minute gifts you can get for cat lovers!

1 - Petco or PetSmart

The Nation’s Two Leading Pet Goods Retailers

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petro giftya

If you need to get a great last minute gift for the cat lover in your life then you aren’t really going to be able to go wrong with getting them a digital gift card to Petco or PetSmart. These are the two largest pet supply retailers in the country. Petco has over 1,400 locations around the country and PetSmart has over 1,500 locations around the country. And you can get pretty much everything that appears further down the list at these two locations. They really have a little bit of everything for every sort of pet owner, but they obviously have an extensive amount of products for dog and cat owners. So you should be able to find everything from automatic bowls to great cat toys and scratching posts while you are at either PetCo or PetSmart.

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2 - An Automatic Water Bowl

Helps Improve A Cat’s Health and Behavior

cat water fountain
An automatic water bowl makes a great last minute gift for cat lovers. Image courtesy of

I can say first hand that an automatic water bowl has made taking care of my cat a lot easier. Cat’s have a natural aversion to drinking from standing water that is in a normal water bowl. And it makes sense when you think about it because the cats that drank from standing water would have been more likely to get sick and be less likely to pass on their genes. So over thousands of years most house cats today don’t like to drink from a generic water bowl and will often run over to a dripping sink to lap up some water.

And this is really kind of an issue when you think about it. Most pet owners are just putting out a bowl of water, but for cat owners this is an issue because it means their cat isn’t drinking enough water to stay healthy and hydrated. And this can lead to everything from the cat misbehaving to the cat getting sick. So an automatic water dish that provides the cat with running water all the time will keep the cat healthier and more well behaved!

3 - An Automatic Food Bowl

Really Helps Cat Lovers Leave Their Cat At Home for A Few Days While They Travel

automatic cat feeder
An automatic food bowl is the perfect last minute gift for cat lovers! Image courtesy of

An automatic food bowl makes a great last minute gift for a cat lover because you can get these at just about any pet store and other major retail chains as well. And the nice thing about these feeders is that you can set them up to dispense a certain amount of dry cat kibble at certain times of the day. And this is helpful as a cat owner for two reasons. First of all, cats thrive on routine so having a robot that is handling their feeding for you ensures that they never miss out on their routine. And it also makes it a lot easier for a cat owner to travel for a couple days.

You fill the reservoir up with a whole bunch of dry food and it slowly dispenses it out to the cat. Which means that you don’t have to worry about filling it up everyday. In fact you might only have to fill it every two weeks depending on how much you have it dispensing each time. And this means that you can travel and leave the cat at home and know that they are still getting fed two or three times a day by the automatic feeder. Which takes a lot of the hassle out of what to do with your cat when you go on vacation in my opinion!

4 - Laser Pointers

A Fun and Inexpensive Last Minute Gift for Cat Lovers

rechargeable red laser pointer
Laser pointers are fun for both the cat and the cat lover as a last minute gift. Image courtesy of

Cats love to play with laser pointers. Or at least literally every cat that I personally have ever met loves to play with laser pointers. And so I recommend these as a gift for a couple reasons. First of all, cats love to play with them and you can get them in a variety of different colors to keep them interested. Additionally, you can have a pretty intense play session with your cat without having to do a ton of work yourself.

All you have to do is move the laser around with your hand and wrist, but the cat has to chase it all over the place. So it's a good way to make sure your cat is getting healthy exercise without having to do anything too strenuous on your end. And finally I think they make a great last minute gift for cat lovers because they are relatively cheap and you can get them at any major pet trailer.

5 - An Automatic Cat Box

There Is Hands Down No Other Gift A Cat Lover Will Appreciate More

cat stepping out of the robot self scooping litter box
An automatic cat box will be loved by any cat lovers out there! Image courtesy of

Listen, I know that this one is going to be quite a bit pricier than the other options on the list, but that is because they are worth the price tag. Every cat owner out there hates scooping the cat box. I mean there’s just nothing about it that isn’t a little bit demeaning. It stinks, it’s dirty, and you have to shovel it into a baggy. The whole process sucks. But you can take that entire horrible stinky chore out of the life of the cat lover you know by getting them a cat box that automatically scoops itself. The nice thing about these boxes is that they detect when the cat used the box, and after the cat leaves they scoop the litter right away. So there isn’t any time for things to linger and stink up your hallway. They are a little bit of a pricier option, but if you want a gift that the cat owner in your life will seriously love then you can’t go wrong with this one!

6 - Barnes & Noble

A Book On Caring for Cats Makes A Nice Last Minute Gift

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Another gift that might be nice for the cat lover in your life is getting them a book on how to care for and train a cat properly. A lot of people seem to really misunderstand cats and what they respond to. So just because they are a cat lover doesn’t necessarily mean that they are well informed on how to train their cat and take care of it. And even if they do have a pretty good understanding it never hurts to have a little extra knowledge on the subject. And overall I think this one is pretty easy to get considering the enormous amount of Barnes & Noble locations around the country. Not to mention their website where you can order any of their books

Grab a Barnes & Noble gift card

7 - A Set of Spray Bottles

An Easy and Cheap Last Minute Gift You Can Get for A Cat Lover That Is Actually A Really Great Gift

spray bottle set of 3
Make a perfect last minute gift for any cat lovers! Picture courtesy of Family Dollar.

And speaking of how to raise and train a cat, many cat owners have a hard time deciding on what to use to punish their cat to let them know they are being bad. I mean you can’t swat them on the butt like you can with a dog. A cat will just think you are being mean to them. A lot of people try loud noises like clapping or shaking a can of coins, but I found that after a while the surprise wore off for my cat and it no longer made him stop doing the bad thing he was doing. What I have found that works and works consistently over a long period of time is a simple set of water bottles with spray nozzles on top.

And that way anytime he’s being bad he gets squirted with a little bit of water and he hates it! I even added a little bit of lemon and orange scented oils to the water since cats don’t like citrus. And nowadays he rarely even gets sprayed. When he starts being bad we just shake the water bottle at him and that’s enough to let him know to stop.

These bottles work super well and they are really cheap to get so I think they make the perfect last minute gift for the cat lover in your life!

8 - A Cat Clicker

A Basic Tool for Training A Cat That Many Cat Lovers Don’t Know About

cat training clickers
An absolute essential for any cat lover out there that is an easy last minute gift. Image courtesy of

A cat clicker is a super inexpensive gift that you can get for a cat lover no problem. These little clickers allow a cat owner to reinforce positive behavior with the sound of the clicker. And this is what truly lets you begin to train your cat. It is step one on any attempt to seriously teach a cat to behave or learn new tricks. And the nice thing is that they are super cheap to get and they last forever. I still have the cheap one I got off of Amazon 2 years ago and it’s still in perfect working condition.

9 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Items to Find the Perfect Last Minute Gift

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amazon giftya

If you need a great gift for a cat lover in your life then you can always turn to Amazon. They have over 12 million different items for sale and offer next day or 2-day shipping on an awful lot of what they have for sale. So you can find your cat lover everything from cat toys and laser pointers to automatic feeders, spray bottles, automatic water bowls, and so much more. Including full on outfits and pajamas for cats to wear so you can have a lot of fun with gifts on Amazon. So as long as you have the two days to wait for the shipping you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to find something great on Amazon for the cat lover you know.

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10 - Visa

A Great Last Minute Gift for A Cat Lover When You Don’t Know What to Get

Build your own Visa gift card

visa gift card

If nothing else on the list today stood out to you, send them one of these customizable Visa gift cards. These cards are great because you can use them everywhere Visa is accepted. Which basically means you can use them at any store you go to in person, but more importantly, it also means that you can use them anytime you are shopping online. Which really makes these gift cards even better than cold hard cash in the modern world. You can’t buy anything online using cash. Plus you can pick out an image of their cat or one of them and their cat together to make the front of the card which I am sure they will love!

Build your own Visa gift card

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for Cat Lovers

Hopefully something on the list today worked for exactly what you were looking for. And until next time, thanks for reading!

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