Last Minute Gifts for Book Lovers

The Best Gifts You Can Get Them to Help Them Enjoy Their Passion for Reading Even More

Book lovers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some book lovers love to get lost in a fantasy world or dive headfirst into a YA dystopian future. Others prefer to read biographies and historical text. Whereas others still climb through the countless classics of English, Russian, and French literature. So if there is a book lover in your life that you need to get a great last minute gift for, today I have just the thing for you because today’s post is going to be a list of the 10 best last minute gifts you can get for book lovers. And since you were Googling “last Minute gifts” I'll even hook you up with a link anytime one of the options on the list also happens to accept our convenient GiftYa gift cards.

If you haven’t used a GiftYa yet I’ll try to briefly explain them. They are essentially a gift card that has been totally redesigned for the modern world with a slick new digital format and everything. And while there are a bunch of great benefits to their modern digital format, I am gonna assume the benefit you are most interested in is the fact that you can instantly send them to the recipient. All you have to do is make a couple of clicks online and buy the card wirelessly. And then after the transaction is completed GiftYa will directly text the gift card to the recipient’s smartphone. They won’t just have it that day, they will have it that instant. Which is just one of the features that make GiftYas the perfect option when you need a gift at the last minute.

But I’m probably gonna go ahead and wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of the 10 best last minute gifts for book lovers that brought you here. And as always, thank you for clicking, and thank you even more for actually reading. Let’s get started!

1 - Barnes & Noble

The Nation’s Leading Book Retailer Makes A Great Last Minute Gift Option!

Grab yourself a Barnes & Noble gift card by following the link!

Barnes & Noble gift card

I mean this one should be obvious. Barnes & Noble is the largest book retail chain in the country with around 600 different locations. And the nice thing about them being the leading book retailer is that it means they really go all out when it comes to the pure selection of different books you can choose from at Barnes & Noble. I mean they have absolutely everything. You can get everything from Finnegan’s Wake to Green Eggs and Ham at Barnes & Noble so no matter what kind of books they love to read, you should be able to find them a great option.

But if you are really unsure of what they might like to read next, then you can always just send them a digital Barnes & Noble gift card. And then they can use the card in person or online to shop at Barnes & Noble for the perfect book to add to their collection or maybe check off their “must read” list. And you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting them a book they already have, or getting them a book they they won’t really like.

Anybody can get a digital Barnes & Noble gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - An Apple Gift Card

Let Them Choose From Countless E-Books

Get an Apple gift card instantly when you follow the link!

Apple gift card

For me personally as a book lover, there is simply no substitute for the feel of paper in your hand and the smell of a book. But I’m just kind of weird and old fashioned that way. The truth of the matter is that e-books are taking up more and more of the marketplace for literature in recent years. And that is obviously because many book lovers out there aren’t weird and compulsive like me and they don’t really care whether they read a carbon copy of a real book, or if they just get to enjoy it as an ebook on their tablet. So if the book lover you know is the kind of book lover who also happens to love e-books then you aren’t going to be able to go wrong by getting them a digital gift card to Apple. By buying through the Apple store you get access to all the ebooks and pdfs that are available through the Apple Books store.

It only takes a second to grab a digital Apple gift card when you click the link!

3 - A Set of Nice Bookmarks

Help Them Keep Track of Their Place in Their Books With Stylish Bookmarks

A Set of Nice Bookmarks
A nice set of bookmarks makes for an inexpensive last minute gift for book lovers! Image courtesy of

A problem that many book lovers run into is that they are often reading multiple books all at one time. And this is fine because it helps keep things varied and prevents you from burning through a series too fast. But one of the drawbacks to reading a bunch of different books is that you have to be able to keep track of where you were in the book when you left off last time. And while I’m sure some of you out there are just like “why don’t you just dogear the corner of the page” but that is not what real book lovers do. They try to keep their books in the most pristine condition possible. They love their books so they care for their books. 

But since they aren’t dog earring the pages, it’s easy for them to get lost when they are reading so many books at once. And this is exactly where you come in with a set of stylish bookmarks that they can use to keep their place across a whole bunch of different books at once. And this way they never have to worry about losing their place again. And as far as last minute gifts for book lovers go, you are going to be hard pressed to find one that is more affordable than bookmarks!

4 - Yankee Candle

Help Them Relax With A Good Book and A Great Candle

Grab yourself a Yankee Candle gift card by following this link!

Yankee Candle gift card

One of the best things about a book is that it allows you to dip your senses into another world. But you really only get that effect from reading if you are deeply engrossed in the story and aren’t being bothered by things going on around you. So to help the book lover in your life get even more out of their reading experience I recommend getting them some nice 3-wick candles from Yankee Candle along with some relaxing herbal tea. Then next time they go to sit down with a good book they can put on a relaxing candle and enjoy their cup of stress relieving tea and before you know it they will be lost to this world as they will be totally engrossed and engaged with their book. Which is just the best when you are reading isn’t it?

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Yankee Candle gift card by following the link!

5 - Donate to A Literacy Charity in Their Name

Help Them Bring More of the Reading They Love Into the World

stack of book
Donating to a literacy charity can make for a really high class last minute gift for book lovers!

If you want to do something a little more high class as a last minute gift for the book lover in your life then you can always make a donation to a literacy charity in their name. It’s a nice way to honor them, as well as their passion for reading. Overall I’d say this is the most high class last minute gift for book lovers that you could find.

6 - A Spotify Gift Card

Help Them Set the Soundtrack to All Their Favorite Books

Grab a Spotify gift card by following the link!

Spotify Gift Card

One of the best ways to improve your experience while reading a book is to select the perfect soundtrack that fits the themes and tone of the book. And with a Spotify subscription you will have over 100 million different tracks and songs to choose from. Which will allow the book lover in your life to perfectly curate the soundtrack to all their favorite books.

You can grab a digital Spotify gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - Calm

Help Them Release Some Stress and Relax With A Good Book

Get a Calm gift card by using the link!

Calm gift card

The nice part about reading is that it is a very stress relieving activity. But sometimes you sit down to read and your mind is racing too much for you to be able to focus on the words on the page. When your mind gets all overwhelmed like this it is important to find a way to relax. And that is where you come in with a digital Calm gift card.

Calm is an app/service that provides all sorts of white noise, nature noise, ambient noise for meditation, guided meditations, and even meditations that guide you into a restful night’s sleep. But the reason this makes a great gift for book lovers is because they can set up sounds and noises that calm their mind. So they can get it to stop racing around at 100 miles an hour so they can settle in and relax with a good book!

Anybody can grab a digital Calm gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - A Meal Delivery Gift Card

Help Them Have A Cozy Night of Reading By Getting Dinner Delivered

Grab an Uber Eats gift card or a DoorDash gift card by following these links!

A Meal Delivery Gift Card
A meal delivery gift card can make for a nice last minute gift for book lovers!

If they are going for a cozy night where they just get to snuggle up on the couch with a book and not worry about anything else, then this one will really help out their plan. See it’s all nice in theory to snuggle up with a book all afternoon and evening, but the fact of the matter is that at some point you are gonna have to take a break to make dinner for yourself. And that kinda blows the whole snuggle up with a book plan out of the water. Except for in the case where you got them a gift card to Uber Eats or DoorDash and they can just order their favorite food right from the couch they are curled up on. And the only break they will have to take from their book is the short walk to the front step to pick up their freshly delivered  dinner!

Get yourself a digital UberEats gift card or a digital DoorDash gift card in seconds by following the links!

9 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Options for Last Minute Gifts

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following this link!

Amazon gift card

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with over 12 million unique items for sale on their platform. And what that means is that you will be able to choose from practically everything you can think of to find a great last minute gift for book lovers. You could get them actual books, a set of bookmarks, a scented candle, or whatever else you can think up of in the moment

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

A Custom Gift Card They Can Use At Independent Books Stores!

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

Visa gift card

If nothing else on the list looked right then get them one of these custom Visa gift cards. The great thing about these cards is that they can be used to shop anywhere that accepts Visa. Which means you can use them in person in the store, or also use them to buy something online. Which really makes them more versatile than something like cash these days. And since they can use it to shop wherever they want, the book lover in your life can use it to go out and get some books from the small independent book store that they love and stimulate the local economy.

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts for Book Lovers

I hope something on the list works perfect for the gift giving occasion you have coming up. I honestly had some fun putting together this list because I am such a big book lover myself that I really just had to think about the ways my own reading experience could be improved to come up with great ideas for this one!

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