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These kitchen utensils and appliance will change how you bake your favorite foods forever

Whether you know a professional baker or a loved one that is constantly bringing their own creations in for you to try, it’s very cool to have someone who's talented and willing to bake you a bunch of delicious treats. And with the holiday season arriving, all of the bakers you know in your life are getting ready by planning out what they’re going to make, who they’re going to send it to, and how much to make. 

There’s a lot of equipment and supplies that go into baking, so if this year you want to get something that’ll make your loved one's day then you’ve come to the right place! These last minute gifts for bakers will really make their kitchen feel like they own their very own café- (and you know that whatever you buy will definitely be used to make tasty goodies in the future). Help make their passions flourish with all of these gift ideas.

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A Target Gift Card

Get those last minute groceries and other baking ingredients you need all in one place!

Buy A Target Gift Card

Picture this: you’ve got a new recipe you want to try out, you start getting all the necessary materials and ingredients out only to realize you don’t have chocolate chips. The recipe calls for half a cup and you don’t have any. Bakers will sometimes find themselves in this situation and the solution? 

Running to the store and getting chocolate chips.

And at Target you can get many different kinds of chocolate chips along with anything else you might need for your future recipes. They’ve got an entire grocery aisle full of everything you can think of along with extra baking supplies like muffins tins and liners, parchment paper, piping bags, and more. Find what you need at the last minute or go out shopping and restock the kitchen. 

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Target here!

These 15 Kitchen Gifts will really Bake Your Friends Day

There’s plenty of new and improved kitchen gadgets out there, take a look!

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Don’t do things the hard way! Get your loved one a gift that’ll make their day of baking easier.

There are a ton of new products out there that are on the rise for bakers everywhere. New state of the art of electric mixers and blenders, and new inventions from up and comers that will forever change the baking game. So let’s take a gander at a few things bakers love…

Don’t tire your arm out, use a mixer!

Stand Mixer’s can really change the game, they are perfect for any kind of baking and most recipes will mention using one while putting together your recipe. Here’s some of our picks:

  • Most Expensive: The KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is currently on sale for $349.95 at Amazon. You’ll find that this mixer is built to last forever, it’s metal construction and can withstand almost anything you throw at it. Comes with a removable 5 Quart Stainless Steel bowl that will be your new favorite bowl to use. And there’s 10 different speeds so whatever you need to make, this mixer can mix it!
  • Most Inexpensive: The Kitchen in the box Stand Mixer is also currently on sale for $59.49 on Amazon. Smaller in size, this compact mixer is only 7 pounds, so it’s easy to store in a kitchen cupboard and/or counter. This has 6 speeds and comes with a dough hook, flat beater, and stainless steel whisk.
  • Right down the Middle: The Cuisinart Stand Mixer is on sale for $199.95 also on Amazon and it’s a great middle ground for the two other choices. You’ll find this mixer comes with 12 speeds, a chef’s whisk, dough hook, flat mixing paddle, and splash guard with a pour spout for the particularly messy bakers. 
  • Stand mixer not their style? Try looking into the BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer on sale for $14.99 on Amazon. The same functionality as a stand mixer but instead you control the movements. This comes with two professional-style wire beaters, one whisk, and two dough hooks. And it has its own storage case for an easy clean up.

Little tech products to make your life easier

  • A kitchen scale is the secret weapon for bakers. With baking everything needs to be precise, whatever the recipe, or whatever you’re creating, you know that if it says you need 20 grams of something, you need exactly 20 grams of that something. So having a scale is crucial to making sure your baked goods come out perfect. And this Escali Primo Digital Food Scale on sale for $25.37 at Amazon has been voted “the best” by Wirecutter and many other reviewers. Measure your ingredients with precision on this easy to use scale.
  • Can’t go wrong with a kitchen timer! With baking and cooking loads of food and sweets you’ll find that managing multiple different timers on your microwave, stove, and phone can get…overwhelming. So how about a dedicated timer for all your baking needs with this TWO pack Kitchen Timer on sale for $5.97. Just like the scale, time how long you need to bake each item with precision. 
  • You might not think you need an oven thermometer but let us tell you, it’ll come in handy a lot more than you might think and this KT THERMO 3" Large Oven Thermometer on sale for $10.90 is perfect as it can hook on the wrack in your oven, then tell you the exact temperature and can closely monitor what you’re baking with the most accurate results.
  • So, this one might not be for every baker but it could be…The Jo Chef Kitchen Torch on sale for $39.85 are for those bakers looking to spice up their recipes and try new ones that might require a bit of toastiness on top. It’s great if you want the picture-perfect level of toasty because you are the one who will control the flames and how much you want your items to brown.

Bowls, spatulas, and cups all come together for the perfect recipe

  • Bowls are super important when it comes to baking, anyone who bakes will let you know that, anyone in the kitchen can let you know that. There’s so many different ingredients that need mixing and they can’t all be added into the same bowl right away, some need time to set and others need to be added at a later time. So having bowls that are good quality is another key aspect to baking and the Rosti Margrethe Nested Mixing Bowls have been the baker’s choice for over 60 years! What makes them so great? Their anti-slip ring, grippy handle, and spout for pouring makes it the perfect baking bowl. You can find the Rosti Food52 x Rosti Margrethe Nested Mixing Bowls for a range of $75 to $100 at Food52.
  • It’s time to pour your batter into the pan and that means getting your trusty spatula out to get all the last bits of batter in the tin and create a buttery smooth finish on top. Spatulas can be used for many different things in the kitchen and this set of Cooptop Silicone Spatulas for $7.99 will make your kitchen drawer complete.
  • We’ve already got the kitchen scale on the list, now it’s time for the real crown jewel of baking: measuring cups. Measuring cups allow you to, well, measure your ingredients for justtt the right amount each time you put it in your bowl. These stainless steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set on sale for $16.99 are perfect for any future baking or cooking you do.

Extra goodies that’ll make for wonderful additions to the kitchen

  • Working with icing can be a bit of a mess, especially if you don’t have the right tools to deal with it. Having a piping bag can change not just the way your desserts look, but it can also help keep the mess away from your counters. The Ateco 14-Piece Pastry Bag Decorating Kit on sale for $14.99 comes with a piping bag and 14 different tips that lead to different designs for your icing. Add your own design through icing as you make the best desserts.
  • You know when your rolling pin is just too big or not big enough? You can’t accurately roll out your dough and you have to start over too many times to count. Well get ready to get introduced to this 17.28" Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin Light Brown - Figmint™ for $15.00 on Target. Roll out any size dough and don’t worry about the size of your rolling pin ever again.
  • Great British Bake Off Star Benjamina Ebuehi wrote “A Good Day to Bake: Simple Baking Recipes for Every Mood” which you can get as a hardcover for $25.49. It gives you a range of delicious baking recipes that won’t cause too much trouble and the kitchen and taste like you’ve just gone to a 5 star restaurant.
  • Spruce up their old apron and get them something that’s not full of stains and that can be personalized with these Custom Embroidered Aprons by NacreBoutique on sale for $14.32+ on Etsy. You can add text at the top and choose a color that you think your friend will like best. A simple and thoughtful gift for the baker in your life.

A Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

A gift where they can treat themselves to whatever they’d like!

Buy A Custom Visa Gift Card

So as much as getting a baker baking gifts can be fun, you might want to get them something else too, something they can spend on themselves. Where they can get extra kitchen supplies or something entirely unrelated to baking like clothes, jewelry, or games. And a great gift to get them so they can get what they want this year is a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny.

Custom Visa Gift Cards are gift cards you can use at any participating store in the country. Meaning you can buy things from two different stores with the same gift card. No more limiting yourself to just one store. And at Gift Card Granny you can load up to $500, add a picture (maybe of their favorite baked goods), and get it delivered to them via snail mail or email.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

These last minute gifts for bakers can really make baking easier and more fun. There’s so many different products used for baking, but these ones we’ve highlighted are the ones that’ll be most beneficial in the kitchen. So go buy and bake away!

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