Last Minute Gifts for Activists

Gifts That Will Help Them Stay Civically Engaged And Make Their Voice Heard!

Hello and welcome to my post on the best last minute gifts you can find for the activists that you know. And I am not going to make any value judgments on what they are activists for. There are so many different issues and problems in the modern world that I support somebody being civically involved and fighting for their beliefs, even if I don’t personally agree with those beliefs. I think there is nothing more important for a democracy than civic engagement. And that doesn’t just mean voting every 4 years for the president. 

Our country has so many different issues that can be solved if enough Americans were to stand up and make their voice heard. So in order to help make sure that as many Americans as possible are able to go out and make their voice heard, today I have a list of the best last minute gifts you can find for any type of activist you know!

And one of the nice things about this list is that you can get a digital GiftYa gift card to most of the options on the list. A GiftYa is essentially a gift card that exists only in a digital format. Which makes them a really great gift when you need one at the last minute. And that is because in order to send somebody a GiftYa as a gift all you have to do is pick out the card you want, load the balance onto the card, and then when you purchase the card, GiftYa will instantly text it directly to the recipient’s phone. Which means it just takes a couple clicks and a couple of seconds to send somebody a GiftYa. Which makes them the perfect option as a last minute gift!

But I’ll wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of great last minute gifts for activists that brought you here. And as always thank you for clicking, and thank you even more for actually reading!

1 - A Gift Card to Calm

Being An Activist Can Be Really Stressful, But You Can Help Them Fight Back

Grab yourself a Calm gift card by following the link!

Calm is an app/service that specializes in helping people manage their stress/anxiety, as well as helping them get a great night’s sleep. Calm does this by offering a variety of white noise, nature sounds, ambient music, and guided meditations. And there is almost nothing you can do for your anxiety that is going to be more effective than meditating for roughly 10 minutes everyday. But in particular I think this makes a good gift for activists because they can use it to get some peaceful meditation and calm their mind before they head out to the streets to protest and raise awareness. 

Going out and being politically engaged in public can be stressful for a lot of different reasons. Everything from being angrily confronted by other citizens who disagree with you to the danger of a riot breaking out and the riot police getting involved. Nobody wants to get arrested for going out and making their voice heard, but let’s face it, it definitely happens.

Calm also helps people get a better night’s sleep with their white noise and nature sounds, but it also offers guided meditations that help you fall asleep. So by sending them a digital gift card to Calm you can be doing a lot to support them getting a healthy amount of sleep. And there is nothing more important for your physical and mental health than getting a good night’s sleep. And this is especially true for an activist. They are going to want to be sharp and on their toes while they are out promoting their cause. And it’s easy for the nerves of the next day's protests to prevent you from getting a good night's sleep the night before. But Calm can help them, well, calm those nerves and get a great night’s sleep!

Anybody can get a digital Calm gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - Spotify

Help Them Set the Soundtrack to the Revolution

Get a Spotify gift card instantly when you follow the link!

Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world with over 100 million different tracks and songs. By getting your activist a gift card to Spotify you can help them set the soundtrack to the revolution they are hoping to inspire. While there’s lots of pop music out there that is meant to just be consumed and regurgitated in the form of chorus sing-alongs, there is also a long history of musicians bringing their political perspective into their music. (Do the names Bob Dylan, The Clash, Rage Against the Machine, or NWA ring a bell?) 

And a lot of activists out there find motivation to be civically engaged from the inspiration they get from the politically charged lyrics in some of their favorite music. And you can hook them up with unlimited streams of the songs they love for about $13 a month or around $99 a year. So I like this one as a last minute gift because it can fit an array of different price ranges depending on how nice of a gift you are trying to get for them at the last minute!

It only takes a second to grab a digital Spotify gift card when you click the link!

3 - Barnes & Noble

A Book Make A Great Last Minute Gift for an Activist

Grab a Barnes & Noble gift card by following this link!

Books and literature have long been the lifeblood of activists and political organizations. It’s important to be well read and versed on the topics that you are out protesting in favor of or protesting against. And there is no way to be more well versed in the language of the activist crowd than by doing the required reading. I’m not gonna list specific books here, because activists of different sorts will need completely different books from completely different authors. But I would Google the best books about whatever political policy they are passionate about. And then get them a book or two that are held up as the standards of the movement. 

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4 - A Meal Delivery App

Help Them Stay Well Fed While They Are Out in the Streets

Grab yourself an UberEats gift card or DoorDash gift card by following these links!

A Meal Delivery App
Getting a meal delivered can really make the whole protest experience a lot more manageable for activists!

Another great last minute gift you can get for activists is to get them a gift card to a meal delivery service like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub. And that way whenever they are out protesting all day, they will be able to get a good meal delivered to them so they can recharge their batteries and stay powered up for a full day of civic engagement!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital UberEats gift card or a digital DoorDash gift card by following the links!

5 - Megaphone

An Essential Tool for Activists That Makes A Great Last Minute Gift

2 women screaming on megaphone
A megaphone can be an essential part of any activist's set of tools to help raise awareness!

I’m not even sure I need to explain this one. I’m sure you’ve seen a protest either in person or on tv and I’m sure you’ve noticed they often feature a megaphone. And that is because a megaphone can be a great way to get ears on the protest, but it’s also a useful tool to help keep the protest organized and moving together. It can be impossible to talk over any crowd, so a megaphone can make a great tool to help any activists stay organized!

6 - Office Supplies

They Might Need to Make Signs and Placards

Grab a Staples gift card or an Office Depot gift card by following the links!

Office Supplies
Office supplies are essential when it comes to making signs and raising awareness!

Raising awareness for any cause is an essential feature in turning it into a reality. So by getting your activist a gift card to a place to get plenty of office supplies, they can design and create their own signs and placards to hold at the protest. And then they can quickly convey a message to the public which definitely helps raise awareness for their cause!

You can grab a digital Staples gift card or a digital Office Depot gift card anytime by clicking the links!

7 - Under Armour

Help Them Stay Insulated Against the Elements

Get an Under Armour gift card by using the link!

Under Armour gift card

One of the roughest parts of being an activist is being out in the elements all day. And that is where an Under Armour gift card can come in handy. Under Armour is famous for their space age material that is designed to help keep you cool when it is hot out, and help keep you warm when the weather is cold. Which makes Under Armour a really great choice for a last minute gift for any activist out there!

Anybody can grab a digital Under Armour gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - Foot Locker

They’ll Be On Their Feet All Day Long

Grab a FootLocker gift card by following this link!

FootLocker gift card

Being an activist requires being out in the streets all day and raising awareness for your cause. So any activist out there is going to be in need of a great pair of shoes to help support their feet, joints, and back when they are out on the concrete all day. A gift card to Foot Locker can be a great last minute gift for an activist because you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting them a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. Idk why, but apparently American shoe sizes are never the same size brand to brand.

Get yourself a digital Foot Locker gift card in seconds by following the link!

9 - Amazon

Great Option for Last Minute Gifts

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following this link!

Amazon gift card

If you have 2 days to wait for shipping then Amazon is an amazing place to find a last minute gift. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with over 12 million different items for sale. So you can get your activist a new book, materials to make protest signs, a megaphone, or anything else you think they might need to have a successful protest right from Amazon.

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

A Great Last Minute Gift Option for Activist

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

I think these customizable Visa gift cards make a great last minute gift for an activist for two reasons. First of all, you can add a custom message and pick a custom photo to make the front of the gift card. But in addition to that, you can use them to shop anywhere that accepts Visa card. Which means the activists you know can use them to shop at all the independent and small businesses that they like to support with these gift cards!

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of Great Last Minute Gifts for Activists!

I hope something on the list looks like the perfect option for the activist in your life. There are so many different types of things that a person could be an activist for, so I tried to cast as wide of a net as possible and get options on the list that would be appreciated by any type of activist out there. But hey, I can’t get everything in on a list that only allows me 10 slots. So if you didn’t see exactly what you were hoping to on the list, check out all the national brands that have partnered with GiftYa, because you can text a gift card to any of them directly to the activist’s phone in just a couple of seconds. Which makes them a real lifesaver when you need a gift at the very last minute!

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