10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For College Students That Deserve An A+

College students could always use a helping hand with thoughtful gifts that will make a difference

College can be a daunting place for many new students who aren’t used to being away from home. From living full-time on campus to attending long lectures on topics you may never have even heard of before, college students have a lot of adjustments to make if they wish to succeed. 

If you know any college students who could benefit from a pick-me-up, you should consider giving them a gift they can use to enjoy their college experience. There are many different ways you can make a positive influence in the lives of college students, and digital gifts from GiftYa are never a bad choice. As an online marketplace of virtual gift cards, GiftYa sells gifts for places like local businesses, restaurants, online stores, national retailers, subscription services, hotels, and much more. 

Browse an array of digital gifts that are bound to make any stressed-out college student’s day. Whether near or far, you can send a gift in a matter of moments through a simple text message to any students you know. Your recipients can immediately have access to the funds and use them at the merchant of their choice. Giving a gift with GiftYa is super simple and convenient for everyone involved, something that busy college students can definitely appreciate. 

1. Barnes & Noble 

Students Can Depend on This Popular Bookseller Every Time

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Barnes & Noble gift card

Books are a part of any college student’s life, and the cost of textbooks and other classroom reading materials can quickly add up when preparing for school. While there are many ways for studentsof students to find bargains on the books they need for class, some books may be hard to find. Students can use a major book retailer like Barnes & Noble to shop for thousands of book titles with ease. 

Barnes & Noble has retail locations across the country and a full-service online shop, making it super accessible for many college students. You can find all manner of fiction and non-fiction books, from textbooks and biographies to romance novels and poetry collections. Barnes & Noble also offers audiobooks and ebooks for individuals who prefer alternative reading styles. Students can also entertain themselves with board games, puzzles, stuffed animals, collectibles, cute stationery, and reading accessories available in every store. 

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2. Insomnia Cookies

Warm Cookies Are Always Welcome Company at College

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 Insomnia Cookies gift card

Sometimes late nights are unavoidable when you are a college student. Finals, midterms, massive projects that are worth a good chunk of your grade, and so much more can eat away at your sleep schedule before you know it. While it’s definitely important to get rest, if you have to be up working on your assignments you might as well snack on some delicious cookies to help you get through it. 

College students and Insomnia Cookies go hand-in-hand. Their menu is packed with a variety of warm, freshly baked cookies that show up right to your front door. Insomnia Cookies offers classic cookie flavors like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, deluxe cookies that are extra big, ice cream, brownies, cookie cakes, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and more sweet combinations. Students can order a few cookies to enjoy while they stay awake studying or packs of cookies to share for a fun time with friends. 

Don’t wait – send an Insomnia Cookies gift card to a college student you care about!

3. Lyft

Help College Students Get Where They Need To Go 

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Lyft gift card

A college campus is convenient for students because of how accessible everything is. Buildings are all within walking distance and there’s never a need to depend on cars to get you where you need to go. But when it comes to getting to destinations that are far away and off campus, it can be incredibly nice to have reliable access to a vehicle. That’s why a Lyft gift card can be a serious life saver when you need transportation in a pinch. 

With Lyft, students have the ability to request rides to nearby destinations whenever they need to. Take a break from arranging rides with friends or family members and forget about catching the bus when you can use a Lyft gift card to pay for your next ride. Early mornings and late nights are much more manageable as a college student when you have reliable transportation, which is something you can depend on when you use Lyft. 

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4. Office Depot

Purchase Quality Supplies For Classroom Success

Get an Office Depot gift card by following the link

Office Depot gift card

Any college student can tell you that school supplies aren’t exactly cheap. Having the tools to succeed in the classroom is important for any student, but they can take a decent bite out of your wallet. A gift card for a retailer like Office Depot is an excellent choice for college students who need essential supplies for their classes. 

Office Depot is an office supply store that provides an array of products designed to create an efficient workplace and boost productivity. Working professionals, college students, and many others can all find plenty of useful goods and services available at Office Depot. Some products you can purchase using an Office Depot gift card include label makers, home printers, education software, composition books, and school backpacks. Furniture is also available, which students can choose to decorate their dorm rooms or off campus apartments with. 

Give something good even at the last minute with an Office Depot gift card!

5. DoorDash

Hot Meals Delivered to Any Hungry Student’s Door

Buy a DoorDash gift card by following the link

DoorDash gift card

There are only so many spots to grab food on a college campus, and meals at the dining hall can get boring after a while. Since college students need to consider eating options that are convenient for their schedules, they can always benefit from using delivery services to have their favorite meals arrive at times that work for them. 

One super popular delivery service among young adults and college students just so happens to be DoorDash. Repetitive cafeteria meals and mediocre dorm room dinners can step aside for fresh dishes delivered straight from local restaurants and dining chains. Browse the menus of restaurants in the area with DoorDash and order all kinds of cuisine, including American, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian, Korean, and so much more. DoorDash makes it incredibly easy to compare offerings from tons of restaurants in the neighborhood and to find delicious new foods that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

A DoorDash gift card for a college student is a gift that can’t go wrong!

6. Best Buy

Electronics That Students Can Use For Academic Success 

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Best Buy gift card

Adapting to a college environment can be tough for a lot of students, but having quality tech makes a huge difference. Most college students rely on contemporary electronics in order to take notes and retain information provided by their professors. Some still enjoy writing down notes the old fashioned way, but there’s no doubt that a laptop can be a major benefit in the classroom. 

Retailers like Best Buy that specialize in the sale of commercial electronics are a great resource for college students to have. Sooner or later, the tech they own will fall out of date and need to be replaced, and that is where a trip to Best Buy comes in. Best Buy sells all kinds of electronics that would be useful for a college student to have, including computers, cell phones, printers, monitors, cameras, tablets, and even home appliances. Best Buy has products that have the potential to transform any space into a domain of productivity, enabling students to be at their best while getting an education. 

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7. Target

Buy Anything For the Home at One Place 

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Target gift card

When college students go out shopping, they usually want to get all of the essential living products all in one place. Target is the perfect department store and supermarket destination for anyone who prioritizes convenience and value in a store. From low prices on a variety of groceries to great bargains on home decor and furniture, Target has tons of items for everyday living that will help any college student get by. 

Target’s has a wide array of apparel and footwear available in their clothing sections for women, men, and children. College students on a budget will find a nice selection of fashionable attire designed for modern consumers. Stylish and comfortable for the wearer, Target clothes are ideal for long hours spent listening to lectures and working on never-ending assignments for class. Target sells many accessories you can use to accentuate any outfit, including belts, handbags, gloves, sunglasses, and scarves. 

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8. Amazon

A Convenient Way For Students to Spend Less  

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Amazon gift card

College students do not have to rely on making trips to nearby stores when they can shop online for the essentials. There are all kinds of online retailers who will ship their products straight to your address, something that is super convenient for students with no means of transportation. An Amazon gift card is definitely helpful for the average college student when it comes to ordering what they need. 

Any student can make use of an Amazon gift card. Students can search for books for class, notebooks, electronics, personal care products, subscriptions, groceries, and so much more all in one place. Amazon can make life a lot easier when you rely on deliveries as your go-to shopping method, and with fast shipping times you always get your items in a matter of days. For college students who need quick deliveries, Amazon can ensure certain orders get to their destinations within one or two days. 

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9. Jimmy John’s 

Super Good Sandwiches That Quickly Satisfy 

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Jimmy John’s gift card

Give hungry college students the means to buy dinner off campus once in a while with a gift card to one of their favorite fast food chains. With a Jimmy John’s gift card, students can purchase from a menu of tasty subs and explore all kinds of flavor combinations. 

Jimmy John’s customers have the choice of getting their subs on French bread, wheat, or flour wraps. Protein options available at Jimmy John’s include roast beef, turkey, ham, salami, tuna, and bacon. With fresh ingredients and numerous items made each day and sliced in the store, Jimmy John’s is fantastic for when you want to fill up on savory cold cuts. 

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10. Visa

A Gift Card Students Can Use Almost Anywhere

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Visa gift card

Visa gift cards are an obvious choice when it comes to shopping for college students. Since funds on a Visa gift card can be used to purchase goods and services from a wide variety of merchants, you can guarantee that any student in need of extra cash will appreciate receiving one. 

Students can get almost anything they need for college life with a Visa gift card. Classroom supplies, books, laptops, tablets, groceries, and so much more can be purchased using a Visa gift card at any business that accepts them as payment. A gift card like this one is a major help for students in any field of study. 

Give a digital Visa gift card to a college student!

You can please any college students you know with these last minute gift card ideas. 

College students have a lot on their plates, and any gift that is able to help them with school or campus life is bound to make a difference. There is no one perfect gift fit for all college students out there, but our list contains some popular options that most students could use in their lives. Start giving to students who could use it with digital gift cards from GiftYa!

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