Thoughtful Last Minute Gifts for the Mother of the Groom

November 2, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Planning a wedding can get really stressful, especially big weddings, there’s so many different moving parts and things to do that managing all those gears can get too overwhelming for the soon to be married couple. And that’s normally when you’d get outside help, like the mother of the groom, to help with certain aspects of the wedding. 

With their help, the wedding of your dreams will come true, and you as the groom, or your soon to be forever partner might want to show their thanks and appreciation for not just all the work they’ve done for the wedding, but also their endless support through gifts! There’s plenty of fun, thoughtful, and customizable last minute gifts for the mother of the groom that’ll make for a delightful surprise when the time for the wedding comes.

One delightful surprise you can get for not just the wedding season, but anytime of the year is a GiftYa virtual gift card. GiftYa is a website/mobile app that sells thousands of digital gift cards to locations all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, spas, local establishments, and online subscription services. You can pick a place that you think she might like and then choose up to $100 to load on the card then send it via email or text. It takes just a few minutes and will make for a great gift for her to use at her favorite store at any time.

See all the locations GiftYa has to offer and all the fun customizable options here!

An Airbnb Gift Card

Gift the gift of relaxation and to get away from everyday life for a little while!

Buy An Airbnb Gift Card

We’ve mentioned that weddings can be stressful and when the big day finally has come and gone you may be in the market for a vacation, so what could make for a great gift to get your mom/the mother of the groom is an Airbnb gift card. Airbnb is an online marketplace for vacation homes and condo rentals all over the world. 

You can find cabins, treehouses, historical homes, mansions, beachfront houses, and stays with the most gorgeous views. Get away from the chaos of everyday life for a while and go somewhere you’ve been talking about for ages. With Airbnb you can get privacy you can’t get from a hotel, so head online, choose a home, and enjoy that vacation life.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

13 Personalized Prints on Everyday Wears

Get a last minute gift for the mother of the groom that doesn’t feel so last minute…

Free Woman on Gray Cardigan Standing Near Table Doing Cheers Stock Photo
Personalizing something and adding it to a home can really make everyday a little more special.

Weddings are sentimental, they can have a bunch of traditions, there’s so many friends and family members around, and you’re sharing something very intimate with not just your partner, but with many others. And if you want your gift to your mom to be something just as special, then these next few customizable gifts might just be what you’ve been looking for…

All Things Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with a nice necklace, and there’s so many different ways you can make a necklace unique to her. You can choose to put the son’s initials on it, that way she will always have a little piece of him close to her heart, you can keep it simple and get a necklace with two interlocked hearts, a reminder of the special day and a possible conversation starter. Or you can look at what her style is and get a piece that reflects her own jewelry collection.

Now that she has all of that jewelry, wouldn’t it be great if she has somewhere special to put it all in…

Everyday Things Don’t Have to be Boring

Add a little spark to your everyday routine and smile at a few gifts that will be perfect fits to the home:

Photo Albums and Frames are the Real Keepsake

When there comes the time for a wedding, there comes the time for photos. So, so many photos, photos of the couple, photos of the family, photos with the groom and mom. And getting those photos framed or put into a custom album is a lovely gift to give.

8 More Gifts that She will Enjoy

An array of things that’ll definitely make for a delightful surprise

Free Portrait of Woman in White Top and Eyeglasses Stock Photo
Share in the joy from the wedding and give it back to those who’ve helped along the way.

Personalized and more sentimental gifts are great, but a few gifts that might be nice for just her and she will appreciate might make for a nice second present…

Care Packages for the Win

Can’t Go Wrong with a Card

Sometimes a “Thank You” card can really be the perfect present. Take time and write down all the things you're thankful for and show how much you appreciate your mom being there for you. And if you’re the groom's partner then it’ll be even more appreciated. Warm thoughts and caring words can go a long way.

Wine and Flowers

A Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

A gift card that she can spend on whatever she wants, wherever she wants!

Buy A Visa Gift Card

If you want a gift that can go well with another gift then a Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny will make for a perfect addition. You can spend it at any participating store in the country and you can customize it! Add a photo and message and choose to send it via snail mail or email. Load up to $500 on the card and add a greeting to it. There’s so many things you can do to make this small gift stand out.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Last minute gifts for the mother of the groom don’t need to be so last minute, and even if they are- (because let’s be honest, with all that wedding planning, some things are bound to slip your mind), all of these gifts are sure to surprise and delight.


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