10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors (They’ll Actually Be Excited About)

No more fruit cake or cookies wrapped in tinfoil! Here are some Christmas gifts your neighbors will be happy to unwrap

The Christmas lights are up, and the houses look like a row of gingerbread houses decked out in their finest. As the weather gets colder and Chrstmas gets closer, we find ourselves looking for ways to show the people in our community we care about them. Whether you just moved in or have lived alongside the same people for years, finding the perfect Christmas gift for your neighbors is like wrapping just a little more holiday joy into the season.

Giving gifts to your neighbors is a chance to spread good cheer and thank the people you can always rely on to help you dig up a stump in your yard or spot you some sugar when you run out mid cookie bake. Whether you go with an inside joke or something that’s just a downright nice gift, these Christmas gift ideas for neighbors are sure to be a hit.

Gift cards? Seriously? For Christmas??

Um, yes!! If you’re anything like the 54% of American adults who put gift cards at the very top of their list this year in a recent National Retail Association (NRA)  survey, you’ve probably got enough knickknacks. So instead of getting your neighbors some brick-a-brack that’ll eventually end up hogging attic space, get the a gift card that they’ll be thrilled to use on things like:

  • Tools that will come in handy as soon as the snow melts off
  • Candles and cozy homegoods to chase off the chill
  • Catching up on some winter reading

Get to Know GiftYa

Why bother braving the cold to hand your neighbor a physical gift over the fence? With GiftYa, you can simply text or email them one instead.

Take your pick of thousands of local and national brands. Then, customize your gift with a photo or short video clip – maybe that time their dog ran into your yard, or a silly picture from the last time they came over to catch the game? Finish the gift with a personalized message, then send it off to be delivered immediately or schedule it for any date and time you choose – Christmas morning, for instance.

But GiftYa isn’t just easy to send, it’s easy to use, too. Your neighbors can redeem their gift right from their phone like any other e-gift code, or they can link it to a card they carry with them everyday for easy use. When they make a purchase at the qualifying brand, their gift balance will automatically be applied until it’s gone. And if for any reason they don’t totally love the gift you send them (crazy, I know!) they can re-gift or exchange their balance for another brand in just a few clicks.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite options in the catalog for neighbors to get you started.

1 - ACE

The Place with the Helpful Hardware Folks 

Buy an ACE Hardware gift card

Neighbors are notorious tool borrowers. Even if you got your lawn mower and hedge trimmer and drill bits back, a gift card to ACE Hardware is a little tongue in cheek and a lot useful.

No matter what project your neighbor has lined up, they’ll find what they need to succeed at ACE. From painting the dining room before the in-laws come to visit to grabbing one last wreath for the outdoor decorations to planning ahead to ensure their lawn is the pride of the neighborhood this summer, ACE can get them across the finish line.

Buy an ACE Hardware gift card

2 - Yankee Candle

From Meager Beginnings to the Biggest Specialty Candle Store in the Country

Grab a Yankee Candle gift card

You’re probably familiar with Yankee Candle, but you might not be familiar with their backstory. It all began in 1969, when 16 year old Michael Kitterage didn’t have enough money to buy his mother a Christmas gift. His solution? Making her a candle using melted Crayons. And like any mother would, his loved the creation. Soon her friends wanted his candles, and then their friends, and demand continued to grow into a successful business.

Today, Yankee Candle is the largest specialty candle store in the nation. Your neighbor can of course get candles, but they can also stock up on room sprays, wall plug ins, and other kinds of home fragrance.

Grab a Yankee Candle gift card

3 - Xtreme Xperience

The Christmas Gift Your Neighbor Will Never Forget

Buy an Xtreme Xperience gift card

If you haven’t heard of extreme experience, let me fill you in – it’s a company with coast to coast locations where you (or your neighbor, in this case) can test drive the supercars of their dreams. That means they can get behind the wheel of a shiny red Ferrari296 GTB, a classic Porsche 911 GT3 (992), a Corvette Z51 Stingray, a Charger Hellcat, a Lamborghini Hurracan Spyder, or even try out the whole fleet.

If your neighbor has a need for speed, if they’re restoring a classic car or wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby, this one is a gift they will never forget.

Buy an Xtreme Xperience gift card

4 - REI: Recreational Equipment Incorporated

For Outdoor Adventurers Everywhere, of Every Level

Buy an REI gift card

Did you get to know your neighbor when you watched their dog while they went on a camping trip? Or maybe they needed a third for the waterskiing excursion? Then this would be the perfect Christmas gift idea for them. REI is pretty much the coolest, but if your neighbor is an outdoorsy person, they probably already know that.

Whether they’re a hiker, camper, snowboarder, biker, or mountain climber, they’ll find something useful at REI. Water bottles, tents, clothes, bindings, GPS trackers, they’ve got it.

REI also hosts a variety of classes, events, and adventures, which means your neighbor can learn their newest hobby and go do it somewhere cool. Kayaking to Orca Island and Sucia Island or hiking in Yosemite sounds pretty fun, right?

Buy an REI gift card

5 - Olive Garden

Treat Them to a Family Meal They Don’t Have to Cook

Buy an Olive Garden gift card

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – cooking turkey, stuffing, ham, the seven fishes, what have you – your neighbor might just need a break from the kitchen. That’s why a gift card to Olive Garden makes a great gift for your  neighbor, especially if you know they hosted this year.

They can indulge in all their favorite comfort food, like creamy chicken alfredo, saucy spaghetti and meatballs, or light and healthy Grilled Chicken Margherita. All thanks to you!

Buy an Olive Garden gift card

6 - AMC Theaters

Let Them Take Advantage of One of The Biggest Movie Seasons

Buy an AMC Theaters gift card

November and December are big months for movie releases – after all, with people home for the holidays and looking for things to do with family, the movies are a great option. Help your neighbor go see the next installment of their favorite franchise or maybe some early Oscar-worthy movies come early next year. Either way, this gift is a guaranteed good time that they’ll definitely be excited about!

Buy an AMC Theaters gift card

7 - Omaha Steaks

What Could Be Better Than Steak Delivery?

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

After the holidays, getting mail gets less exciting. The presents have all arrived and been unwrapped, so what’s left? Bills? Bah.

Not with an Omaha Steaks gift card though! Since they started selling meat from magazine ads in 1952, they’ve been shipping their wares from Omaha to all over the place. Considered to be America’s Butcher, Omaha Steaks carries everything your neighbor might need for a luxurious at home meal – cuts of beef like filet mignon, strip steak, sirloin, ribeye, t-bones, and more.

Not to mention, you can also get plenty of other delicious food like burgers and franks, chicken and more, other meats, seafood, sides, desserts, and even wine to complete the meal.

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

8 - Best Buy

For All Those Tech Gifts They Got This Year

Buy a Best Buy gift card

With end of year sales going strong, Christmas is a popular time for people to upgrade or buy new technology. Whether they’ve got a new smartphone that needs a case, a new console that needs a game, or just need a new printer because the old one went kaput, they can find it at Best Buy.

With everything they need for work or play tech, Best Buy is a great idea if your looking for a neighbor Christmas gift.  

Buy a Best Buy gift card

9 - Barnes & Noble

For Those Cozy Winter Reading Nights

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Does your neighbor always have a new book to tell you about? Or maybe you see them hauling a stack of tomes from the library into or out of the car each week? Then your neighbor is what we in the biz call a bookworm. 

But in all seriousness, glum winter weather makes staying inside to read sound more attractive than ever. Whether they use your gift card to get a Nook eReader or an audiobook, the latest best seller or a timeless classic, they’re sure to be excited to have a little extra spending money for Barnes & Noble

They have over 5 million books ready to ship as soon as they’re ordered, over 3.6 million eBooks, and over 300,000 audio books that they can download anytime. Plus with other toys and games, bookmarks, stationary, planners, sketchbooks, magazines, music, and movies available, they’ll definitely find something they want!

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

10 - Visa

The Gift That Basically Like Giving Cash

Create a custom Visa gift card

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, only way better looking. That means your neighbor can use it to finish up winter prep on their home before the big snow hits or take their kid to a baseball game. They can upgrade their baking trays to up their Christmas cookie production or reserve a tropical vacation to escape the winter weather. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a gift your neighbor will be super happy with in no time. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message – mabe a nice shot of their house all decked out for the holidays? 

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate secret santa gift in hand before you can even deck the halls.

Create a custom Visa gift card

That’s a wrap on our Christmas gift ideas for neighbors!

From cozy candles to family adventures, supercars and comfort food and technology, we’ve covered some gifts that we think any neighbor would be happy to get as a Christmas gift. And don’t forget that if none of these feel like quite the right thing, you can visit the full GiftYa catalog for more – from their favorite local shop to the national brand they can’t stay away from at the mall.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy shopping!

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